Saturday, July 30, 2016

San Diego police unsure if fatal cop shooting was deliberate attack We Can Analytically Bring That Answer!

San Diego police unsure if fatal cop
shooting was deliberate attack
We Can Analytically Bring That Answer!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There is so much information surrounding an incident or event, you scratch your head and rear-end wonder where the heck to start and stop.

Police work is a science and gut feelings that honed officers have amassed over their careers.  That can never be changed, nor should it.  What can be added is crime analytics, mapping, social media monitoring and predictive analysis.  

I know, many of you have not got time for that crap and believe that street smarts are all that is required.  Let us show you from an inner perspective of knowing law enforcement and having a foot in both camps of crime and computer analytics.

CommSmart Global Group's team is comprised of ex British Metropolitan Police Officers and Dutch Cyber Analysts, in fact they are all cross trained and understand the logic of both sides of the fence.

CommSmart Global Group is a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner having access to billions and billions of public data.  Our collective solutions take law enforcement to a new high and realm of crime solving and predictive capabilities, never experienced before.  

We are far from just the 'New Kids on the Block', DoD and law enforcement globally are already using our solutions, some for nearly twenty years.

If you think we are going to go into the solutions capability, you're wrong.  That is for a discuss between us and agencies.  I do mean a discussion, not just a marketing sales pitch.  CommSmart Global Group respect sales and marketing, but that's not what we are all about.

It is the logical realization of how law enforcement works and the combined technology that is normally beyond those that have never delved into the digital world beyond their own computer and Smartphone.

If we have peaked your interest, please call us or email, so we can verify that you a law enforcement agency and we shall set up a discussion and demonstration.  Expect at least an hour and some phone calls prior to this to establish your internal systems and how you would like to improve.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Who the Heck is Fat Leonard and Why Should You Care?

Who the Heck is Fat Leonard and Why Should You Care?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO. CommSmart Global Group

Do you know who is talking to your employees, asking questions, supplying the drinks, entertainment, and the recreational drugs?

What inside information is now on the outside?

Leonard Glenn Francis (aka “Fat Leonard”) is the“man who seduced the Seventh Fleet.” For years, the Singapore-based businessman showered Navy officers with gifts, fed them magnificent dinners, procured escorts for them, and gave them cash bribes. His goal: gain intelligence about Naval operations so he could cheat the Navy on contracts to refuel and resupply its ships.

Brian White serves as the chief operating officer of RedOwl, wrote n excellent article on 'Fat Leonard'.

Let Brian explain:

It has been called the worst national security breach in the Navy since the Cold War. In return for his largesse, Fat Leonard had access to classified information about U.S. warship and submarine movements – information that, had he been minded to, would have been of great value to China.

Fat Leonard also got confidential contracting information and files about active law enforcement investigations into his company. To date, 14 naval officers have been arrested and charged with crimes, including three just last month.

Fat Leonard himself was lured to the U.S., arrested in a sting operation, and has pleaded guilty. He is cooperating with the government and awaits sentencing.

How could this happen? How could so many Naval officers be compromised? And of even greater importance, how could the Navy be unaware? The failure is a cautionary tale about how not to approach the problem of insider threats.

The problem is not just confined the Navy. Recently, John Carlin, assistant attorney general for national security, noted:

“We still do the traditional spy cases. But a lot of the cases now are not traditional espionage, insofar as they’re not necessarily a trained member of the other country’s spy service. Instead, they’re getting the information by cyber-enabled means or stealing it by bribing an insider.”

The insider threat is not just a cybersecurity problem or a data analytics issue; it’s a human risk problem that can only be solved by understanding how people think and behave. There are certain signals that, with context, can pinpoint an insider threat before they strike. For example, the Fat Leonard case can be identified with one type of threat -- the bribed insider.

Here is how we would describe this threat: This Type A employee quickly made captain (or vice president in a private sector company) and reached a senior, well-respected position across the enterprise. One day at a conference, he was approached by an individual (in this case Fat Leonard) from another country, who struck up a conversation. They began socializing on a fairly regular basis.

With your employee’s help, this foreigner got inside information about the enterprise's operations and plans. The employee’s activities are reflected in frequent communications with external contacts, clear monetary motivation and a willingness to skirt the rules to get ahea

The realm of the insider risk is broad, reaching beyond the classic bribed insider example. Consider the following five additional personas of individuals who represent insider threat risks within companies and organizations:

The Saboteur

This employee may be introverted and extremely detail oriented. They may feel underappreciated and overlooked by management, causing them to become frustrated and careless about their work. You might notice them openly searching for a new job during work hours.

As a result, they may have a huge fight with their boss and quit, leaving a “time bomb” program that will go off months after their departure, wiping important HR records.

The Intellectual Property Thief

Focused on climbing the corporate ladder, this leader has little time for those beneath their position, yet typically feels undervalued. They’re often calculated when they resign, planning to go to a key competitor, taking valuable intellectual property with them.

Unfortunately, these employees are often senior team members with a high level of access to sensitive information like client information, studies, strategies and business plans.

The Entitled Individual

This is your heavy hitter. They’ve been with your company for years, have significantly grown the business, and are primarily motivated by money -- and little else.

Courted by your biggest rival with a sweet deal, she wipes her work devices. She feels like she deserves it after years of work, taking your client roster, product ideas, pitch materials and more. She’ll spend the weeks before her departure gathering as much information as she can take.

The Blackmailed Contractor

Your contractor may be targeted by an organized crime network because of his technical position of trust on LinkedIn. The blackmailer may pose as a technical recruiter and convince him to steal sensitive personally identifiable information that can be sold through the black market.

After he finds vulnerable information to exploit, he will become more confident and aggressive about stealing this information. Eventually, he will become sloppy and prepares his resignation to avoid being caught.

The Media Leaker

This insider will become privy to some internal communications of corporate executives about compensation. Chats and emails about helicopter rides and extravagant dinners on the company dime, whether to fire mid-level managers who didn’t seem smart enough and even disparaging and sexist remarks about a female admin assistant.

This employee gets frustrated and decides she’s had enough. She shifts her hours so she can surreptitiously document these conversations over a period of weeks or months. When she is ready to quit, she takes her dirt and sends it straight to her friend at a national media publication.

Any one of these employees could seriously damage your organization. The recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report revealed 77 percent of breaches were a result of insiders and notes that insider risks are some of the hardest to detect, as seen in the Fat Leonard case.

Understanding behaviors and human nature is the only way to truly help organizations understand when an insider could transform from an ally to an enemy. Keeping an eye out for the above personas that exemplify insider risk is the best place to start.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Diabolic murder stepped into a new realm yesterday in Normandy, France. The senseless killing of a Catholic priest by a 17-year-old in the name of Islamic terrorism is so sordid and shocking, that the majority of sane people have no words.  The tears and the shaking of the head do not even reveal the understanding of such an act.

The killer was already within the criminal system and was wearing a monitoring device, an electronic surveillance tag, which was temporarily turned off under his probation conditions. Proving therefore of a concern.  What is even more concerning is he was allowed to roam freely each day for so many hours and go where he pleased.  This is the time period that he used to murder the priest and attack the church in the name of Islamic terror.

In conversations with our European office throughout the day, with them describing that the French have a problem in restrictive actions on criminals and the sheer volume of monitoring and criminal court cases has become overwhelming.

There is no point amassing public and criminal information on people, corporations, and organizations if you are not going to act positively on these matters. 

Immigration concerns and the lack of information is more than a threat as we have just witnessed over the last few weeks and months. 

From a legal, government and law enforcement perspective, CommSmart Global Group has the proven capability to collect billions of data records daily, both public and law enforcement RMS/CAD wise.  

Through our CommSmart Global Crime Analytics Solutions having the abilities to analyze, report, predict crime and events. Our Social Monitoring has an additional aspect in our unsocial world, which proves we can gain even more access on those that communicate with their 'thumbs'. 

Every single region, state, county, city, town, village, and country have a major issue staring them right between the eyes.  You are missing so much of the impending doom, like a deer trapped in the headlights of an on-coming car. Frozen and stuck to the ground as the impact hammers you and all of our society.

Time is of the essence and the proverbial clock is loudly ticking...

Communities must understand that law enforcement cannot work without them. People are the Police and the Police are the People.  

The Nine Peelian Principles stand firm today!

It is a two-way street, information must flow both ways and if You See Something, Say Something!

CommSmart Global Group's team are Major Change Agents, dare I say, experts in understanding the issues and implementing the demanded solutions. Our directness is second to none and our actionable message is clear and precise.

Our communications skills have been honed over decades of 'real world experience'.  Working in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, cybercrime and street smart actions.

Our team is real, passionate and dedicated to resolving the issues with logical reasoning. You, provide us with the answers to our in-depth questions and interviews and CommSmart Global Group's team, will resolve!

We are more than just problem and issues solvers, it is the incessant digging that transpires.  CommSmart Global Group is labeled as  'true archaeologists' on all fronts.

If you wish for our services, either as guest speakers, seminar solutions or a full analytical overview/demonstration, please contact us with your agency telephone number and email account.  This information is not for those are not within government or law enforcement agencies.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WHY? Pourquoi, warum, どうして, waarom, zergatik, لماذا, hvorfor, Зачем, 为什么, kwa nini...

Pourquoi,  warum, どうして, waarom, zergatik, 
لماذا,  hvorfor, Зачем, 为什么, kwa nini...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

As soon as we started to discuss the attack in Tokyo and the slaughter of residents at 'care center', the question Why? was asked and heads were shaken.

The BBC reported:

Nineteen residents have been killed in a knife attack at a care center for people with mental disabilities in the Japanese city of Sagamihara.

Such attacks are extremely rare in Japan - the incident is the worst mass killing in decades.

Police have arrested a local man, said to be a former employee of the center, who went to a nearby police station and allegedly admitted to the attack.

He reportedly said he wanted people with disabilities to "disappear"

Now, this morning, an incident in Normandy, France, and two kidnappers shot dead.  The has just started...

It is being reported with this headline:

Priest, 86, is 'beheaded' by two 'Islamic knifemen' after taking nuns and worshippers hostage at French church before police shoot them both dead and search building for explosives

It is more than a daily killing spree in various countries, whether it is terrorism of just a heinous crime, people are killing people like never before.

It is as if life itself does not matter anymore.

Society globally has taken an 180-degree turn and the understanding of WHY is on everyone's minds.

The introduction of laws was the protection of all, it was moved from the King issues sentences, to the 'head' of the County Shire, which in turn became the Sheriff in the 1100's. 

Principles of running a police force did not happen until 1829 when Sir Robert Peel introduced his Nine Peelian Principles, which stand today and is the Policeman's Bible.

We are nothing unless we have information, the facts, the data and access to this collection for analytics purpose.

That is WHY at CommSmart Global Group we insist that data analytics is KING!

Our capabilities which are already in use with nearly 1,000 law enforcement agencies and the Department of Defense have proven our methodical and simplistic approach to solving crime, mapping and predictive analysis.

With the 30 billion data files that are added daily globally for access by local law enforcement and their own RMS/CAD data enables a secure capability to have all the information on individuals.  

Not only criminal but importantly, every public record.  This includes licenses, applications, rejections, building code approvals and issues, yes, everything!

It is not only a crime law that will secure the arrest of gang-banger, a pedophile or a porn hoarder, it is something as simple as building code violation which can gain access to a residence or business to brings other factors into view.

It is time to discuss with us how we change our nation and secure the issues. Placing this information in the palm of law enforcement officer and their ability to set up their own dashboards of their beats themselves.  

Pure street smart logic at their fingertips!

It is also time to show the community that they are vitally important to inform law enforcement of situations and issues.  

It is about bringing back TRUST & RESPECT!

Through our Community Policing Portal which residents can review the crime problems and have emails sent directly to them.  The ability to post a Crime Tip and do their part!

Let us become part of your community solution!

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Monday, July 25, 2016

More Than a Blu Monday Morning... Teen Night Erupts in Gun Fire In Florida

More Than a Blu Monday Morning...
Teen Night Erupts in Gun Fire In Florida
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group LLC

Not a day seems to go by without gunfire, death, and mayhem globally.  Most always jump to the conclusion that it is terrorist related.  

They are not!  

Though it might have been driven by global actions and amplified by social media and the news inciting individuals, we have other domestic issues.

Car bombs globally are just everyday occurrences.  Not wishing the trivialize the deaths and destruction they cause. 

A suicide bomber has been at it again in a small town in Germany yesterday with varying stories of why. This follows the senseless killing by a 17-year-old who targeted youth, enticed to a location with the promise of free food at a MacDonalds.  It seems 'Bullying' played a major role in this event.

Early hours Monday morning a shooting in a club parking lot in Fort Myers Florida is now the center of attention to us all.

When we start to analyze the issues of each day and how violence is now a common thread, we immediately start to judge what the incident was all about. The first thought, as most have been conditioned to think this way, is terror related.  Terror is an inflicted feeling with a 'FEAR FACTOR' kicking-in.  

Since 9/11 in New York or London's 7/7 and other similar events in recent years and months, you understand that society has gone to hell in a hand basket!

The latest incident happened a night club that advertises itself in several ways, as a night club and a restaurant/bar.  

Its Facebook page is certainly not directed to a teen audience!

Looking at data on the facility, it has a DJ who plays predominantly  'RAP' music and attracts a certain 'gang related' element.  Many feel that 'RAP' is a generator of hate and there are many comments regarding this in the Fort Myers area.

The shooting happened on a 'Teen Night' with children as young as 12 years old, who by the way was one that was shot!

The area in which this club is located has a reputation of gang issues.

CommSmart Global Group knows that proactive gathering of information is key. It is not just collecting the information, it is the ability understand what you have and act upon it.

Collecting billions of pieces of data daily and intertwining the local RMS information of departments and neighboring agencies, including the each officer's narrative is the key! 

That is what we do!

It is the most proactive, cost effect means of protecting our communities and businesses.

Crime Mapping, Analytics and Predictive Analysis tied to Social Media Monitoring and scrubbing the information, is an action that will enhance the stability of our nation.

We also have the Community Police Portal which resides on your website, with a crime reporting tips ability.

For more direct information call and discuss how you bring about the Change Now!

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