Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WHY? Pourquoi, warum, どうして, waarom, zergatik, لماذا, hvorfor, Зачем, 为什么, kwa nini...

Pourquoi,  warum, どうして, waarom, zergatik, 
لماذا,  hvorfor, Зачем, 为什么, kwa nini...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

As soon as we started to discuss the attack in Tokyo and the slaughter of residents at 'care center', the question Why? was asked and heads were shaken.

The BBC reported:

Nineteen residents have been killed in a knife attack at a care center for people with mental disabilities in the Japanese city of Sagamihara.

Such attacks are extremely rare in Japan - the incident is the worst mass killing in decades.

Police have arrested a local man, said to be a former employee of the center, who went to a nearby police station and allegedly admitted to the attack.

He reportedly said he wanted people with disabilities to "disappear"

Now, this morning, an incident in Normandy, France, and two kidnappers shot dead.  The has just started...

It is being reported with this headline:

Priest, 86, is 'beheaded' by two 'Islamic knifemen' after taking nuns and worshippers hostage at French church before police shoot them both dead and search building for explosives

It is more than a daily killing spree in various countries, whether it is terrorism of just a heinous crime, people are killing people like never before.

It is as if life itself does not matter anymore.

Society globally has taken an 180-degree turn and the understanding of WHY is on everyone's minds.

The introduction of laws was the protection of all, it was moved from the King issues sentences, to the 'head' of the County Shire, which in turn became the Sheriff in the 1100's. 

Principles of running a police force did not happen until 1829 when Sir Robert Peel introduced his Nine Peelian Principles, which stand today and is the Policeman's Bible.

We are nothing unless we have information, the facts, the data and access to this collection for analytics purpose.

That is WHY at CommSmart Global Group we insist that data analytics is KING!

Our capabilities which are already in use with nearly 1,000 law enforcement agencies and the Department of Defense have proven our methodical and simplistic approach to solving crime, mapping and predictive analysis.

With the 30 billion data files that are added daily globally for access by local law enforcement and their own RMS/CAD data enables a secure capability to have all the information on individuals.  

Not only criminal but importantly, every public record.  This includes licenses, applications, rejections, building code approvals and issues, yes, everything!

It is not only a crime law that will secure the arrest of gang-banger, a pedophile or a porn hoarder, it is something as simple as building code violation which can gain access to a residence or business to brings other factors into view.

It is time to discuss with us how we change our nation and secure the issues. Placing this information in the palm of law enforcement officer and their ability to set up their own dashboards of their beats themselves.  

Pure street smart logic at their fingertips!

It is also time to show the community that they are vitally important to inform law enforcement of situations and issues.  

It is about bringing back TRUST & RESPECT!

Through our Community Policing Portal which residents can review the crime problems and have emails sent directly to them.  The ability to post a Crime Tip and do their part!

Let us become part of your community solution!

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