Monday, July 25, 2016

More Than a Blu Monday Morning... Teen Night Erupts in Gun Fire In Florida

More Than a Blu Monday Morning...
Teen Night Erupts in Gun Fire In Florida
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group LLC

Not a day seems to go by without gunfire, death, and mayhem globally.  Most always jump to the conclusion that it is terrorist related.  

They are not!  

Though it might have been driven by global actions and amplified by social media and the news inciting individuals, we have other domestic issues.

Car bombs globally are just everyday occurrences.  Not wishing the trivialize the deaths and destruction they cause. 

A suicide bomber has been at it again in a small town in Germany yesterday with varying stories of why. This follows the senseless killing by a 17-year-old who targeted youth, enticed to a location with the promise of free food at a MacDonalds.  It seems 'Bullying' played a major role in this event.

Early hours Monday morning a shooting in a club parking lot in Fort Myers Florida is now the center of attention to us all.

When we start to analyze the issues of each day and how violence is now a common thread, we immediately start to judge what the incident was all about. The first thought, as most have been conditioned to think this way, is terror related.  Terror is an inflicted feeling with a 'FEAR FACTOR' kicking-in.  

Since 9/11 in New York or London's 7/7 and other similar events in recent years and months, you understand that society has gone to hell in a hand basket!

The latest incident happened a night club that advertises itself in several ways, as a night club and a restaurant/bar.  

Its Facebook page is certainly not directed to a teen audience!

Looking at data on the facility, it has a DJ who plays predominantly  'RAP' music and attracts a certain 'gang related' element.  Many feel that 'RAP' is a generator of hate and there are many comments regarding this in the Fort Myers area.

The shooting happened on a 'Teen Night' with children as young as 12 years old, who by the way was one that was shot!

The area in which this club is located has a reputation of gang issues.

CommSmart Global Group knows that proactive gathering of information is key. It is not just collecting the information, it is the ability understand what you have and act upon it.

Collecting billions of pieces of data daily and intertwining the local RMS information of departments and neighboring agencies, including the each officer's narrative is the key! 

That is what we do!

It is the most proactive, cost effect means of protecting our communities and businesses.

Crime Mapping, Analytics and Predictive Analysis tied to Social Media Monitoring and scrubbing the information, is an action that will enhance the stability of our nation.

We also have the Community Police Portal which resides on your website, with a crime reporting tips ability.

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