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Gentlemen, Do You Dress to the Right or Left? More seem to dress to the left, has nothing to do politically. No idea, does it move around like a windsock...

Gentlemen, Do You Dress to the Right or Left?
More seem to dress to the left, has nothing to do politically.
No idea, does it move around like a windsock...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Maybe you have never been asked that question...

It is as important, important as the question each woman should be answering about the fitting and size of her bra.

When one has a dress suit or a pair of dress pants made for you, by a 'bespoke tailor', that is the important question, as he has taken your inside leg measurement.  You know the one where the tip of his brass ended tape, misses the family jewels.

You see, if you have ill-fitting trousers they pinch your testicles and are extremely annoying.  Discomfort really does not describe the feeling and making a 'public adjustment' is not done by a gentlemen.

Ladies, you fully understand that one when your bra pinches and misplaces your assets.

You may be wondering what is my point or where this is leading to.

Simple, societal issues have gone way beyond a discomfort stage, especially completing one's daily employment.  Having a job description is one thing, being allowed to fulfil those challenged tasks is quite another.

Inner corporate forces that you must listen to each day drive you to despair. 

The bullying supervisor, or in law enforcement, the overweight desk sergeant or patrol leader, who purely makes your life hell in their forceful manner.  Telling you, no demanding, how you will do your job or your life will be a misery, which it already is.  This is happening in all walks of life where you as a decision maker have been compromised in doing the right thing.

Oh it is greater than dressing right or left, or wearing an ill-fitting bra.  It is about how you react with the community and what life-changing actions will be enacted today.  

Discomfort can be masked and forgotten about.  Underneath you have no idea what is driving you to make the wrong decisions.  Depending on your employment, they can and will be life-threatening.

Doctor, surgeon, lawyer, judge, CEO, police officer, teacher, aircraft mechanic and parent, all have various decisions each and every day.

As a corporate leader what influence do you have and on whom?  Does it just affect their employment or does it trickle down to their family life?

Do you really know who you work with?  Is HR being used correctly in your decision making?  I know not... only you can answer that question.  

I believe though the answer is a resounding NO!

Life is made up of rules, I know, you say that 'rules can be broken', what though is the long term effect of rule breaking?  Vast and after an event, the look-back will prove how wrong you were.  You cannot afford to be wrong, you must have all the facts at hand to be a decision maker, a confident decision maker.

It is all about principles, whether written five minutes ago, decades or centuries, they were created with a purpose.  Holding grudges, wanting to get back at someone or pure 'one upmanship' has no place in society, but will always be their, causing catastrophic problems.

It is all about CHANGE, following principles and not being a 'know-it-all'.

Bringing Back TRUST & RESPECT in All Your Daily Life!

Corporately, make sure you have all the facts at hand.  Use your Human Resources department and make them sit on your board.  They have lot more knowledge than you think they have, especially about the passion and competencies of employees and your future roadmap.

In law enforcement, know your Peelian Principles, if you do not, get to know them real quickly and how they are more relevant than ever, they are your Policeman's Bible.

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