Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cluedo, Clueless & Criminal - It Was the Mayor and Governor With the Lead Pipes

Cluedo, Clueless & Criminal
It Was the Mayor and Governor With the Lead Pipes
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTo, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Never has there been a prime example of Failure of Duty of Care and Corporate Governance under all of our noses and in the spotlight of a changed media!

Flint, Michigan shows the insanity and criminal act of government against its people.  Including the governor of the state! 

The criminal act is simple, knowingly poisoning your citizenry and doing harm. One person dies due to this act, it is murder.

A day after NBC News reported that none of the corroded lead pipes at the core of the Flint water crisis have been removed, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder admitted he has no immediate plans to replace them.  That in itself is a further criminal act.

But he said that removing the pipes — which experts have told NBC News is the only permanent solution to the lead problem — isn't on his "short-term" agenda.

"It's a lot of work to take out pipes, to redo all of the infrastructure, that's a whole planning process," Snyder said at a press conference.

Governor Snyder, the elected mayor and council acted in a dangerous manner in changing the water supply to save money without expert advice.  You sir, have joined their pathetic act and are as guilty as they are.

There are up to 25,000 service lines containing lead that run between water mains and homes in Flint. Starting in April 2014, water from the Flint River corroded the pipes, leaching toxins into the tap water.

The city is no longer using the river water, but the damaged pipes are still a threat and the entire city is relying on bottled and filtered water for drinking, cooking and even bathing in some cases.

The water company is still billing the  residents for water which they cannot and should not use!

This is a typical example of a Failed Duty of Care and is a lesson to the corporate world.  In fact if this was a corporation and not a city/state issue, the leadership would have been arrested.

It is is not just Flint, Michigan and the state's governor who need cleaning up, it is corporations in general.  They have been skirting their Corporate Governance for far too long!

How do you really fair in being honest to your customers, clients and shareholders?

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