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Change, You Owe It To The Shareholders, Customers and Clients!

Change, You Owe It To The Shareholders, Customers and Clients!

People don't want CHANGE! 

In order to get change, you need senior management to push it and they only want their stock options to become worth something. 

Besides, for most of them, it's the next guys problem. 

People also do not want responsibility and accountability for their data. They have no clue about how to properly manage and protect data nor do they care. 

But ask them about IT and they are now all experts because they have PC/MAC’s, Smart Mobile Phones and Tablets and can barely use Excel!

It is your Corporate Governance and Duty of Care to the Shareholders, Board of Directors, Clients and Customers to Make Change!

Success and Failure Is In Your Hands and Personal Thoughts Go By The Wayside.

Make It Your Resolution, 
Ensure 2015 Is YOUR Change Year!

With A Little Help...

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014




Management does not know it all!  Nor does the employee!

The issue though is a top heavy problem, insomuch, that C-Level and Board members are only peering down on the worker bees.  This distance of understanding causes the issues in the first place.  You have to be at ground level to view and understand every facet of your company.  Peering through binoculars or a telescope only gives you a certain view, it is not the whole outlook or landscape.

Then you wonder why staff are resistant to your methodology and implementation of so called changes that have not been discussed, planned or even show that you have a working knowledge of the day to day operation.

One of the most perplexing and wayward of the problems which business executives face each and every day is the employee resistance to change

Over the last forty years such confrontation takes a number of practices:
  • persistent reduction in output 
  • increase in the number of “quits” 
  • requests for transfer 
  • chronic quarrels 
  • sullen hostility 
  • wildcat or slowdown strikes
  • expression of a lot of pseudo logical reasons why the change will not work 
Even the more petty forms of this resistance can be troublesome.

All too often when executives encounter resistance to change, they “explain” it by quoting the cliché that people resist change and never look any further. Yet changes must continually occur in commerce and industry for us to be effective, profitable and ahead of our competition. 

This applies with particular force to the all-important “little” changes that constantly take place, changes in work methods, routine office procedures, the location of a machine or a desk, input of information, reports, data security, personnel assignments and to some, job titles.

Not one of these changes makes the banner headlines in the corporate blog, but in total they account for much of our increase in productivity. They are not the spectacular once-in-a-lifetime technological revolutions that involve massive layoffs or the obsolescence of traditional skills, but they are vital to day to day business progress.  They are the Sum of it All!

Does it follow, therefore, that business management is forever saddled with the onerous job of “forcing” change down the throats of resistant people? 

The answer is a resounding NO! 

When the word NO is stated, many take that as a negative and the formidable road block.  If you turn your back and run away you will not hear the rest of the sentence.  

In the first place, every corporation is a team and just like a a dray being pulled by six horses in unison, they will reach their destination on time and in perfect harmony.  It is not just the travel from A - B, it is all the steps in-between that are just as important, including who mucks out the stable.

Believe you me, you have to smell, rake and shovel good old horse droppings to understand that life itself is in one end and out the other. My Grandfather use to chase after the horses and carts, collecting the droppings and could careless what people thought of what he was doing. You see, it was about his rose garden and the goodness that those droppings did for his prize winning roses. 

That's what counted!

So do not run away from Change, discuss, seek out information, methods and listen to others.  Collectively they know more than you and will teach you how to have the best rose garden you have every seen.

Internally you cannot see the wood for the trees as you are too close and miss the right opportunities.  It is far better to have someone looking from the outside looking in and with those fresh eyes, gather a far more concise picture and be able to sketch, draw and paint a whole new vista.  In fact, a new frame that will be placed in view of everyone at the conclusion.

There is a masterpiece in us all, it just takes the right tools, vision and conversion, that is us, CommSmart Global.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Change Management - This Has Never Been More Relevant!

This Has Never Been More Relevant!

Assertive/Responsive Comparison
In Your Work and Play Will Enable CHANGE.

Our lack of communication has never been so evident as it is today. The media reports and social media our ears and eyes on society. Sure, there is bias in all news organizations and we must choose who we wish to follow and trust. It is the same as members in our immediate and connected families, we make choices with them all.

Destructive communication skills are hacking into our personal and work ethic and must be addressed!  It is causing deep stress in all that we do, it is pressuring relationships and ruining corporation’s abilities to perform as they should.

It is about CHANGE, and over the next weeks and months we shall address this. 

Not just attitude change, it is about understanding all the inner workings of your company, its failures, successes and knowledge that will protect what you have, how to improve and keep what is rightfully yours.

Fact is, there are leaders and managers who should never have been placed in that position in the first place.  It is like a flesh eating bacteria worming its way through a company, leaving all in disarray.

Companies are teams and people and members come and go.  They each have an effect on all that are associated.  The wrong mixture or a single person can disrupt the team, corporation and end the flow of success.

It is communication, hiring/firing attitudes and leadership that are in dire need of modification

Public Safety departments which include, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Homeland Security and the Alphabet Soup Agencies are a perfect example of inner failure.  Just like a corporation, issues boil to the surface and cause ineffective decision making, which is far reaching, costly and includes inefficiency.  

With the fluidity of world economics, its ups and downs, the need for Change Management has never been so important.  Sadly it takes fresh eyes to see the real picture and be decisive in the actions required to bring the corporation back on track.  This is not necessarily in the same direction or inner work team, as the saying, "you cannot teach old dogs new tricks" is an issue.

One area of Change Management that is a priority, Internet usage and understanding.  Every company has data in motion, which must be guarded, protected and fully understood from the bottom up.

C-Level executives and Board members must have a full working understanding of all aspects of the computerization of the company.  It is not good enough to think that your IT managers know it all.  The laws of secured data are more vital than ever.  It is about Duty of Care and Corporate Governance! 

Stay tuned for the announcement from CommSmart Global and the Communication Outreach Solutions, which are part of our overall Circle of Change!  

We Make the Difference From Our Worldwide Presence and Expertise.

In our everyday lives whether work or play, we have traits, both good and bad.  Our home life is supposed to be more relaxed and going about doing things we enjoy. This is not always the case as or social make-up has radically altered since the 1970’s.  It is all about communications and how, by using a firmer communication protocol, life will have improved.  Has it?

Our working side of life is a different matter, we must now confine ourselves to a fixed schedule and protocols.  Some find this restrictive and it reduces the creativity of the relaxed character that is the real us and changes our attitudes. Remember, we might not be the same person that was hired on in the first place.  It is not that we do not want to be, it is one of those bad habits we all adopt over time.  Everyone of us is influenced by others and not always in the right direction.

Let us just look at two aspects that are in the direction for CHANGE:

Assertiveness is the forcefulness people use to communicate their thoughts, opinions or desires to others.
  • Dominant and Expressive patterns are naturally assertive.
  • Analytical and Amiable patterns are lower assertive in nature. They are naturally detail oriented and attentive listeners.
Responsiveness is the readiness with which a person communicates emotion and develops relationships.
  • Expressive and Amiable patterns are naturally responsive.
  • Dominant and Analytical patterns are lower responsive in nature.  They are naturally time conscious and task oriented.
It is just these two areas we can modify our behaviors and see a vast difference in both our social and work environments.

Then again the following list may shed some light on areas you know you need modification:
  • Taking more risks
  • Extroversion
  • Balancing focus between people and tasks
  • Putting others at ease
  • Adjustability
  • Resilience
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Being fast paced
  • Carefulness
  • Being emotionally reserved
  • Being unabashed
  • Being assertive
  • Pessimism
  • Verifying data before taking action
  • Initiating action
  • Being compassionate
  • Seeking immediate results
  • Enjoying working in various locations
  • Sympathy
  • Being instinctive
  • Resourcefulness
  • Living by the clock
  • Discernment
  • Self-assuredness
  • Building camaraderie
  • Self sufficiency
  • Providing directives with skill
  • Maintaining a flexible schedule on the clock
  • Efficiency
  • Not conforming
  • Being an assertive leader
  • Being emotionally responsive
  • Employee Coaching Tool
Just some thoughts on how we can and should improve.

Stay tuned for more insight to improve your communication skills with the CommSmart Global, as we bring CHANGE Analytics that can be used for changing your your daily business and social life.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bonnie & Clyde Are Dead!

Bonnie & Clyde Are Dead!

The day of the Gangster and his Moll shooting up and robbing a bank are over! 

Or are they?

Banks are not just repositories for our money, they have behind their doors so much information on YOU!  

Naturally facts about your wealth or lack of it, payment patterns, buying habits and your social actions.  Very sellable items for the retail trade and other dubious characters to want and buy.

How secure is your money and information?  In the year 2014, the information is more vulnerable than your money.  The majority of your payments are not even in green stuff, (cash), it is all electronic.  The bank notes rarely see the light of day anymore.

Teams of hackers sit in their PJ’s,shorts and thongs working on bank information and how they are going to steal those valuable zeroes and ones (01000011000). They are a society that are so successful and located all around the world plying their lowlife craft.

Some do venture out into the world and hang in pockets within cities, hotels and corporate hangouts.  The Hotspot Hackers Club is located in Any City, worldwide waiting like the Big Bad Wolf to pounce on your data as you connect to the office and get that free ride as a hitchhiker and steal goodness knows what in digital valuables.

We are surrounded by data and the cyber terrorists wants and sees you as easy pickings.  

Why?  We are humans and so clumsy in things we do.  Listen, you know that people want your information, business secrets, the inner workings of your sales, the make-up of your products and services, financial data and not just business, your personal banking and social movements as well.  I know, a mouthful and all valuable to them and to you.

Why do we allow people to see our so secret pin number?  Why do we use four digits and a magnetic stripe be the key to our lives?  There must be a far better way in this techno world!

There is!

Trusted Remedy has the answer to our ATM withdrawals and shopping security.  Oh, you want to know?  Sorry, it’s a secret and protected with more than a password!  Now, for a legitimate arrangement, we will share.

Over the weekend I watched in awe the new F1 Grand Prix and my goodness how the car has changed from my day knowing Colin Chapman and his innovation at Lotus Cars.  The information through Telemetry that is being sent from the cars to the pit is only described as, EXTREME!  It is also subject to hacking as well!  

Think, how many billions of dollars’ worth of technology is being transmitted during a race.  One car in one race has more information than the Space Station has in a year!  

Cyber terrorist, or shall we call them what they are, Thieves, see major value, not only to the competitors, but also the automotive manufacturers.  

Time to secure the data folks!

I know we repeat what Trusted Remedy is all about, it is not that we like the sound of our own voice or reading it over and over again. 

It is simpler than that,  Trusted Remedy is that GOOD!

So, by using a username and password opens the door for the uninvited to access your data, interfere with your transactions and or take over your identity.

Nobody seems to understand that using your log-in human credentials, like username and password, those two factors and or biometric authentication, you are the total opposite of secure!  Your data, transactions and or your Identity is at major risk to be stolen by hackers, phishers and man in the middle brutal attackers.

Trusted Remedy, fully understands that by using your log-in credentials they should prove who you are, but this is no guarantee. Phishers and hackers are challenging us to share these credentials, harassing us with fake emails, telephone marketing calls and other clever idea’s to get your very personal log-in details. Once collecting these details cyber-criminals will use and sell them and make your life extremely miserable.

Trusted Remedy recognized this dangerous vulnerability and developed a bullet resistant solution which is proprietary software and patented globally.

When using Trusted Remedy, if they steal your log-in credentials and attempt to gain access, they will not get authentication!  Your data, transactions and or identity is totally secure. In other words, your log-in and password are no longer important and therefore not critical anymore.

Trusted Remedy takes security to a whole different sphere and out of those human hands into the workings of our Desktop PC/Mac’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Mobile Phones. Trusted Remedy takes a combination of your devices components as they then become a unique DNA to identify the device first, before being authenticated and gaining access to your data, transactions and or enterprise. With the device recognized, the bullet resistant connection is built between client and server. It is likened to a secure tube, which is solid and impenetrable.  Only after the connection is verified, than the transaction will occur.

The connection is built for a predefined period of time, seconds to hours, the Encrypted Keys for this transaction are totaled deleted afterwards. For any separate access a new dedicated and new encrypted key will be made available automatically. This way, the encrypted keys are not existing anymore and therefore not available for others with wrong defined criminal intentions.

No matter where you are, regardless of what type Internet connection or hot-spots you are using, hotel or public hotspot, Trusted Remedy builds that bullet resistant tunnel between your device and the target server, bypassing all hardware obstacles like routers, bridges and firewalls to give a secure freeway to your data, transaction and or the connection.

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