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Management does not know it all!  Nor does the employee!

The issue though is a top heavy problem, insomuch, that C-Level and Board members are only peering down on the worker bees.  This distance of understanding causes the issues in the first place.  You have to be at ground level to view and understand every facet of your company.  Peering through binoculars or a telescope only gives you a certain view, it is not the whole outlook or landscape.

Then you wonder why staff are resistant to your methodology and implementation of so called changes that have not been discussed, planned or even show that you have a working knowledge of the day to day operation.

One of the most perplexing and wayward of the problems which business executives face each and every day is the employee resistance to change

Over the last forty years such confrontation takes a number of practices:
  • persistent reduction in output 
  • increase in the number of “quits” 
  • requests for transfer 
  • chronic quarrels 
  • sullen hostility 
  • wildcat or slowdown strikes
  • expression of a lot of pseudo logical reasons why the change will not work 
Even the more petty forms of this resistance can be troublesome.

All too often when executives encounter resistance to change, they “explain” it by quoting the clich√© that people resist change and never look any further. Yet changes must continually occur in commerce and industry for us to be effective, profitable and ahead of our competition. 

This applies with particular force to the all-important “little” changes that constantly take place, changes in work methods, routine office procedures, the location of a machine or a desk, input of information, reports, data security, personnel assignments and to some, job titles.

Not one of these changes makes the banner headlines in the corporate blog, but in total they account for much of our increase in productivity. They are not the spectacular once-in-a-lifetime technological revolutions that involve massive layoffs or the obsolescence of traditional skills, but they are vital to day to day business progress.  They are the Sum of it All!

Does it follow, therefore, that business management is forever saddled with the onerous job of “forcing” change down the throats of resistant people? 

The answer is a resounding NO! 

When the word NO is stated, many take that as a negative and the formidable road block.  If you turn your back and run away you will not hear the rest of the sentence.  

In the first place, every corporation is a team and just like a a dray being pulled by six horses in unison, they will reach their destination on time and in perfect harmony.  It is not just the travel from A - B, it is all the steps in-between that are just as important, including who mucks out the stable.

Believe you me, you have to smell, rake and shovel good old horse droppings to understand that life itself is in one end and out the other. My Grandfather use to chase after the horses and carts, collecting the droppings and could careless what people thought of what he was doing. You see, it was about his rose garden and the goodness that those droppings did for his prize winning roses. 

That's what counted!

So do not run away from Change, discuss, seek out information, methods and listen to others.  Collectively they know more than you and will teach you how to have the best rose garden you have every seen.

Internally you cannot see the wood for the trees as you are too close and miss the right opportunities.  It is far better to have someone looking from the outside looking in and with those fresh eyes, gather a far more concise picture and be able to sketch, draw and paint a whole new vista.  In fact, a new frame that will be placed in view of everyone at the conclusion.

There is a masterpiece in us all, it just takes the right tools, vision and conversion, that is us, CommSmart Global.

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