Thursday, November 2, 2017


by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Global

Ho, Ho, Ho happiness for a retailer is the sound of the electronic cash/debit/credit cash register.

Reach out to all that come close to your store and enter within.

Proximity Marketing Beacons are here, available and the successful means of reaching Smartphones that are within 300 feet of your store or business.  Give them so much great information right in the palm of their hand!

PROXCOMM can set up your needs now and have the success you deserve this Christmas season!

Inexpensive, can you not invest as little as 41 cents a day to reach out to everyone?

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Corruption Begets, Corruption... Houses of Cards Are Tumbling...

Corruption Begets, Corruption
Houses of Cards Are Tumbling...
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group Global

Is it me, or is there a sudden surge of corrupt situations, which when they start explaining, dig a deeper hole for us to bury them in?  

I will not mention the Clintons... as they are digging their own hole, deeper and deeper...

The US Government is being exposed on three major fronts and even more, are being uncovered at every turn.  The British are about to be headline news with a government scandal regarding sexual abuse and fudging the numbers.  The French, well it is the same old same old, taxes and more taxes.  Now Belgium, with Brussels being the seat of the European Parliament has so many House of Cards that even a small breeze will cause them all to come tumbling down. 

The media is scrambling to be first with all the latest dirt-dishing, since one of their own was a target and any dig of criminal connections is a winning headline. 

Poor so-called sexual abusers... 

Corporately, a business must understand that you don’t have the luxury of a cover-up strategy as politicians do, even the ones in the Big House.  Nor should you think that way!

Success, profit, and harmony are the perfect way to conduct business.  Employing the right people and achieving a relationship that has longevity has been striving for since time began.  Unfortunately, humans and greed got in the way!  The path to success and harmony with a little profit thrown in is still here and CommSmart Global Group will bring you to that point.

It is about hiring the right people in the first place saves you money and increases productivity.  Teaching those within your company a skill set of Leadership and Communications, further enhances your success.

Having the right information at your fingertips is the real essence of enhanced success.  That is why we are in the analytical side of life, with a dash of street-level expertise.  With our years of learning, which, by the way, never stops and is the crux of the opportunity. 

Public Safety Departments worldwide, as corporations, rely on information and the ability to understand how to utilize the vast information flow and not be overwhelmed. CommSmart Global group has with its partners and innovators, harnessed the solutions.  Through our daily work and internal training methods, we now have expanded these decade-old techniques are brought them to Corporate America.  Especially in our Proximity Social Marketing Beacons.

Nothing has changed, except our ability to bring the solutions to those that wish to succeed.

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