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State of the Art 2015 Body Worn Camera, Secure Download Manager & Evidentiary Court Presentation Solution

State of the Art 2015 Body Worn Camera, Secure Download manager & Evidentiary Court presentation Solution

Since 1993, the inception of the Body Worn Camera, (Robocam patented in 2001), CommSmart US and Global Focus have led the way in design and manufacture, perfection, expertise and experience with Evidentiary Visual Capture.  Ensuring that the captured visual evidence is always secure and stipulating a chain of custody for this eyewitness information.  

Uses KeyTalk Device DNA to secure data transference.  For the success for both parties in a situation, the evidence is solidly secured and stored.  Then, it is reviewed within our court preparation software and is competently ready for court presentation. 

Full Certified Training for Officers and Prosecutors.

Experience, Not Excuses! CommSmart US brings you the most qualified Evidentiary Capture and Dissemination Solution.


The Full State of the Art 2015 Body Worn Camera, Accessories & Download Management/Evidentiary Secure Solution. The Inventors in 1993. Patented first, in 2001.

From Headcam to Bodycam, to the final presentation in the courtroom. 

Do Not Get ZAPPED or have a camera whose battery is not going to last a shift.

More experience with your needs that all others put together!

The Most Experienced Solution Worldwide.

Not Excuses!

Law Enforcement, First Responders, Parking Officers, Private Security Guards, Taxi/Limo Security, Entertainment/Night Club/Sports Security, OSHA Compliance, Garage Maintenance.

CommSmart US has the affordable, proven, patented, proprietary solutions and will discuss how we can solve and assist in all facets of your data in motion information security.

Be Smart, with CommSmart US…

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