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The 241st Celebration of Losers Day on July 4th… 'Tis The Reason To Be Cheerful or Not?

The 241st Celebration of Losers Day On July 4th… 
'Tis The Reason To Be Cheerful Or Not?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Yes, to Americans, Happy Fourth of July! 

To us British, Happy Losers Day!

In 1776 on that fateful day so the story goes, George III did nothing to speak about, drank some port wine, ate bread and cheese, red meat and washed it all down with some local ale and then burped, extremely loudly. 

It is said, which I do not believe he wrote in his diary, Nothing of Importance Occurred Today.”  

It did! 

With the communications of the day, he would not have heard about it for at least a week or two.

George III was not a well man, healthwise and really did not care less about the Land of the Not So Free.

It was so taxing to him and in fact, a good cup of tea gave him more pleasure than seeing his Redcoats being shot at by the then, terroristic colonialists.

Nope, no one sent him a Tweet or did he read his Facebook pages from the colonies.  Alexander Graham Bell was not even born yet, so there was no ringing sound in the hallway of the Palace.  AOL did not say, "You've Got Mail"!  The Royal corridors were silent...

George III may have thumbed his nose to the colonies, but he sure didn't thumb out a message and possibly do a pathetic “Colbert”!

So July 4th is both a happy and a sad day, depending which side of the pond you are.  America was born and Great Britain lost a whole continent and its then ongoing problems. 

What has happened in these last 241 years?  Certainly not stability of government or the people in either country.  

America today teeters on the edge of liberal anarchy.  Twitter has risen to Presidential levels and both sides of the US elected government cannot agree on the protection and health of the citizens.

Through the use of instant communications and technology you would have thought we would be in a happier place, sadly we are not! 

The We, the People, are not as We as We think.  

241 years ago the message was sent out via horseback and took weeks to filter across the land.  Word of mouth told the tale of the change and a small population had exciting news that they had slipped the reins of the British.  

One thing that was the same back then was the simple fact that the disagreement was over taxes! 

Today, information may be speeding from our fingers and thumbs around the world, but who is listening?  Who really cares about what goes on in the backrooms of meeting houses or even on the street corners?  We should, as this is where governments are overthrown and the people might not get want they ideally wanted but they have a purpose, a fight if you like. 

Revolutions are created by a minority and the majority wonder what has happened.  Ask the Forefathers how and where they planned their release from the Motherland of Great Britain?

So with those facts in mind and what the Chatter of the Streets is really telling us, have a Happy Fourth of July!

Stuff you faces with strange meats, stale chemical bread, weak ale and conversation with folks within your family, which thank goodness, you only have to spend a few days with a year.  

Next, it is Thanksgiving and that weird green jello!

Cheers and I raise my glass of craft (Iowa) beer or a cup of British tea, to a future, an unknown future. One that can be bright...

P.S.  We are joining in the celebrations and will be drinking what Americans call American beer, which is like making love in a row boat if you get my drift!


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Collective Communications - Breaking The Gathering Barrier

Collective Communications - Breaking The Gathering Barrier
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, Commsmart Global Group

No, we are not going to be discussing in computer terms of collective communication and synchronization points, that is too simple!

It is all point to point communications which once upon a time was impossible because of 'line of sight' or distance.

The table is the 'gathering point' no matter where it is placed.  Like in the kitchen when you have friends over and you are preparing the meal, they come and stand by you or near you, striking up conversation.

The table is like a barrier, once you sit around the table, there is something in-between all of you, it breaks down or increases our social fears.  

When you are leading an unruly group, you need to take every advantage to maintain the control. The shape of your meeting table can help or really hinder you!

A Round Table Hampers Open Decisions

King Arthur’s round table was created to signify that all sitting at the table were equal. Equality is always a center point in a debate environment.  The equality is broken by the ability of the speaker, not the content or subject matter.

Students at law schools are often told of a jury room that had a round table installed for the first time. The story says that this room produced more hung juries than ever before. When the round table was replaced by a more traditional rectangular table, the story says that the juries using the room began to reach verdicts, although it took a little longer in the decision making.

With a round table, like King Arthur’s, it appears that no one is in charge. With all members appearing equal, it is hard to come to a decision, in spite of the fact that a leader or foreperson has been named.

A Long, Thin Table Encourages Cliques and Face-to-Face at a Distance, Encourages Rudeness.

The fact is when we seat ourselves for discussion, most of the opinions have been formed in today's world of 'Fingers & Thumbs'.  The Internet of Things has given us more opportunities to research or as some say, 'Google' subjects.

Believe it or not, most personal information like facts about where to shop, what to buy or how good a restaurant or hotel is, comes form social media interaction.

The likes of 'Twitter', 'Facebook' or 'Instagram', the thoughts and opinions of 'friends and connections' sways much more than the global search engine of Google.

Let it be known, that the Digital Gathering Place is in the 'palm of your hands'!  The Smartphone is more than a phone, it is your direct access tool as a 'collective communications' device.  

Don't Leave Home Without It!

Ah, the table has been replaced and miniaturized for us all to gather around, no matter where we are in world!

Social is Local is Social... 

In the true sense of the word and collectively, we must gather more often with an extremely direct device, which is in the palm of your hand.  Information and decision making is closer than you think!

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Are We Not One Nation?

Are We Not One Nation?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Group

The media and the water cooler are surrounded with discussion on who said what and why.  

Some, will never express their personal views and only think them within, agreeing on the comments, but hiding their true emotions as they feel it is not politically correct to do so.  

That is Bovine Slurry in its worst form!

As a nation, the United States must act as one.  Protection of well-being in all manners is demanded.  Security of our borders, who we let in to live among us and the protection all we do in daily lives.  That includes all information regarding us and our families, friends and importantly our business and livelihoods. 

Radical Islamic Terrorist, Hackers, Phishers and Man in Middle Brutal Attackers have overtaken burglaries, scammers and street level drugs in some cases.

The Internet of Things or Tragedy is ruining our lives.  Unprotected sex leads to STD's, pregnancy and even worse afflictions.  Unprotected Internet connections, using limited security measures or worse, none at all, is causing us all to be susceptible to harm in very personal ways.  

The more devices that are now being created to use the Internet without security measures in place, are causing the meltdown of cyber security.

Those corporations who have your personal and financial information, which you have entrusted are failing daily in cyber protection.  In fact, they are failing to notify you when they are hacked and leaving you in the dark regarding your vulnerability.

The issue of Terrorism is a major and Radical Terrorists are using private networks to communication which are encrypted with no back door to be checked by government for our safety.

I do believe in the corporate world, backdoors are not required as it is still an opening that can be undone and opened.

Our Red Tagged (E3) End2End Encryption utilizes an encrypted secure, invisible connection for all data in motion, including VoIP.  This is a military grade RSA 4096 bit encryption and way beyond the banking standards of RSA 256 bit encryption.  

A proven solution in place for the last ten years in Europe.  Now available worldwide. Acceptable by all world governments as a secure method of transmitting information and communications.

Even more acceptable, (E3) works on all platforms and devices.  You have no need to purchase special devices, Smartphones, Tablets etc.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is now totally acceptable and secure.

Contact us for more details.

If we go back to John Locke and his 2nd Treatise of Government, chapter 9, it makes interesting reading and makes points regarding security in life. (read more below)

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John Locke, Second Treatise of Government, §§ 95--99

Written 1689

95. Men being, as has been said, by Nature, all free, equal and independent, no one can be put out of this Estate, and subjected to the Political Power of another, without his own Consent. The only way whereby any one devests himself of his Natural Liberty, and puts on the bonds of Civil Society is by agreeing with other Men to joyn and unite into a Community, for their comfortable, safe, and peaceable living one amongst another, in a secure Enjoyment of their Properties, and a greater Security against any that are not of it. This any number of Men may do, because it injures not the Freedom of the rest; they are left as they were in the Liberty of the State of Nature. When any number of Men have so consented to make one Community or Government, they are thereby presently incorporated, and make one Body Politick, wherein the Majority have a Right to act and conclude the rest.

96. For when any number of Men have, by the consent of every individual, made a Community, they have thereby made that Community one Body, with a Power to Act as one Body, which is only by the will and determination of the majority. For that which acts any Community, being only the consent of the individuals of it, and it being necessary to that which is one body to move one way; it is necessary the Body should move that way whither the greater force carries it, which is the consent of the majority: or else it is impossible it should act or continue one Body, one Community, which the consent of every individual that united into it, agreed that it should; and so every one is bound by that consent to be concluded by the majority. And therefore we see that in Assemblies impowered to act by positive Laws where no number is set by that positive Law which impowers them, the act of the Majority passes for the act of the whole, and of course determines, as having by the Law of Nature and Reason, the power of the whole.

97. And thus every Man, by consenting with others to make one Body Politick under one Government, puts himself under an Obligation to every one of that Society, to submit to the determination of the majority, and to be concluded by it; or else this original Compact, whereby he with others incorporates into one Society, would signifie nothing, and be no Compact, if he be left free, and under no other ties, than he was in before in the state of Nature. For what appearance would there be of any Compact? What new Engagement if he were no farther tied by any Decrees of the Society, than he himself thought fit, and did actually consent to? This would be still as great a liberty, as he himself had before his Compact, or any one else in the State of Nature hath, who may submit himself and consent to any acts of it if he thinks fit.

98. For if the consent of the majority shall not in reason, be received, as the act of the whole, and conclude every individual; nothing but the consent of every individual can make any thing to be the act of the whole: But such a consent is next impossible ever to be had, if we consider the Infirmities of Health, and Avocations of Business, which in a number, though much less than that of a Common-wealth, will necessarily keep many away from the publick Assembly. To which if we add the variety of Opinions, and contrariety of Interests, which unavoidably happen in all Collections of Men, the coming into Society upon such terms, would be only like Cato's coming into the Theatre, only to go out again. Such a Constitution as this would make the mighty Leviathan of a shorter duration, than the feeblest Creatures; and not let it outlast the day it was born in: which cannot be suppos'd till we can think, that Rational Creatures should desire and constitute Societies only to be dissolved. For where the majority cannot conclude the rest, there they cannot act as one Body, and consequently will be immediately dissolved again.

99. Whosoever therefore out of a state of Nature unite into a Community, must be understood to give up all the power, necessary to the ends for which they unite into Society, to the majority of the Community, unless they expressly agreed in any number greater than the majority. And this is done by barely agreeing to unite into one Political Society, which is all the Compact that is, or needs be, between the Individuals, that enter into, or make up a Common-wealth. And thus that, which begins and actually constitutes any Political Society, is nothing but the consent of any number of Freemen capable of a majority to unite and incorporate into such a Society. And this is that, and that only, which did, or could give beginning to any lawful Government in the World.

Budget Cuts & Shortfalls, it does not have to be!

Tax fraud, failure to register businesses and identity theft are growing leaps and bounds. Budget failures are now commonplace and all too unnecessary.  All are causing budget shortfalls!

It does not have too!

States, counties and municipalities issue citations, fines and ordinance violations every single day and are expected to receive the monies they are owed. 

They do not! 

Scoffers ignore the penalties and think; they can rightfully fail in their infraction obligation.

The failure to follow up and collect what is lawfully owed is an inherent problem worldwide, especially with parking, code enforcement fines, building permits and sales tax non-payment.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are literally laying on the streets waiting for collection.  Even when unfounded discounts are offered, the law scoffers turn their backs, walk away and still fail to pay.  An abject situation that financially places all concerned in an extremely bad light of failure.  The failure affects services that have to be cut, which in turn angers the paying citizens.

The government is having a difficult job in the collection of mass amounts of owed and entitled revenue.  Is it because the public treats the demands as we treat junk mail?  Is it because it is the political and elected officials who have no wish to upset the electorate?  Alternatively, is it the closeness of the city employees in the collection procedures?

Never ration the passion. 

recoupeit will complete the enforcement and recovery task with compliance, you will see the power of change from our proven analytical straight talking approach.

recoupeit is your positive solution with worldwide experience in collection, resolution and recovery management.  Using digital analytic public data and street-level technology solutions, with online collections and enforcement, we have proved our success with the service results you deserve.  No municipality or commercial entity should be denied what is rightfully theirs.  When infraction notifications are issued, payment of the fine is demanded satisfaction, the collection is necessary. 

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW… is not just a byline of our successful abilities, CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner have this effective strategic partnership, which has been proven globally over and over again!

recoupeit commits to undertaking less bureaucratic applications, spending more time on the core problems which are inherent across all municipalities.
Absolutely and unreservedly, winning over the public and city by increasing the recovery of overdue debts/funds that are rightfully yours. The approach that we adhere to, shows that this is not just possible, but an undisputed reality.
As your contracted agency, recoupeit is at arm’s length on your behalf and fulfills the contractual obligations under the law.  

Our honest contracted approach goes beyond just management.  Our management team and founders understand the total picture of issuance, enforcement, and recovery.  This is a high-level quality service to your state/counties/municipal clients, the taxpayers, and citizens.
Revenue is required to pay the states/counties/municipalities obligations and promises to all and recoupeit, will honor that demand.

Our services include the means to issue payment methods and recovery.  This is a fee-based service on all issued citations and collections and will be adjusted for your municipality requirements, once agreed upon.

recoupeit, at its core, has street smart competency in all professional attributes, in the ability to deal with government, commerce and for want of a better description, the man on the street. 

Our collective experiences range from law enforcement, counter-terrorism, computer criteria accuracy, digital input, databases, tracking, crime analytics, next event predictability, public data, social media interaction/monitoring, recovery of warrant/fines/sundry debt/taxation and parking enforcement. 

Customer service and satisfaction have been our priority as the leader of the largest bailiff (debt collection) recovery companies in Europe, allowing for a wealth of satisfaction in servicing your clients as you know, they need to be served.

recoupeit, is tenacious and tireless in completing a contract, by blending our honest hands-on approach, with focused goal orientation.  We see this needed service as a means for a municipality and commerce to achieve the ultimate resolution for all parties, both government, and citizens, who deserve the services required for a quality of life that is expected for all.  It is about reuniting revenues and distributing services that have been promised to and by all parties.
recoupeit :
  • Immediate resource capability
  • Excellent value for money, it is a pay as you go solution
  • Consequently, we have formulated a plan that focuses on delivering value honestly to both municipalities, the public, and commerce, with a transparency for all to see

True transference of governance as a cohesive solution for all.

recoupeit, part of CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner is a professionally established service that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the satisfactory functionality of a built environment that integrates people, places, processes, emerging and disruptive technology and workplace enhancements.

Our business plans and solutions are specifically designed to assist municipalities and commerce in achieving sustainable management goals. Our strategies are aligned for sustainable detailed examination of sustainability considerations, goals and objectives, and ways to communicate with an effective program.

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The Gathering Place…

The Gathering Place…
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group - Digital Dialogue

Where people gather, for whatever reason, to converse about things and how times have changed.  This dialogue allows the flow of ideas, concerns, opinions, passionate heartfelt feelings and strong convictions that we all feel can change the world for all mankind.  

This is the Gathering Place!

Yesterday I was at an art festival in Des Moines, Iowa, it was a Saturday and I had arranged a series of meetings with some clients and to shoot some additional video for the documentary on social community gatherings, knowing that the art form has always been at the forefront of attention.  Whether it be in a gallery, someone’s house, a magazine, museum or during the summer months where all and sundry bring out their created wares and share their passions for you to participate in within their world, purchase, then allowing the artist to continue his or her dream with your financial reward.

I was privileged to meet a man, Chaden Halfhill, who built the VIP center for the art festival and in fact I interviewed him.  It was the architecture and design that interested me, having been to some of the most famous VIP centers of the sports world, Wimbledon, US & British Open Golf tournament, America’s Cup (sailing), Formula One Grand Prix (racing) and the list goes on. All ‘gathering places’ with individuals who have some sort of influence on their fellow man and womankind.

It turned into more than that!  It was during the interview that we both realized we had the same objective of the ‘Gathering Place’, he was solidly grounded as for the building for the sponsors of the art festival to gather, eat, drink, merriness and importantly meet each other and converse.  

That is what we do with Digital Dialogue, with a slight difference, we are not confined to a building or VIP center, and we are socially local and global with digital social media interaction!  People can join in and share their opinions, likes and dislikes and reach millions and billions with their passions and ideas. 

This is a creative proven marketing tool of the NOW!

The one centric commonality is simply this, ‘SOCIAL IS LOCAL’.

Importantly the Art Festival VIP Center contained the one center piece each and every one has a table. 

Look at the passionate discussions that occur each holiday season with our wonderful families during harmonious gatherings!

We all search for answers and today those answers are in the palm of our hand!  The Smartphone connects us to people, even standing next to us and we converse with our minds, fingers, and thumbs.

The Google search engine does diddly squat for real information we trust, it is the posting of friends and connections on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that we trust more dearly and use for local experiences.  If ‘Betty’ says it is good then you will try the builder or a construction company, shop at a particular store or stay at a hotel that they recommend and have used before.


The Gathering Place is any place where people are able to congregate. Gathering places may be public; for example, city streets, town squares, and parks; or private; churches, coffee shops, stadiums, and theaters. That is how it use to be when we actually verbally spoke to each other eye to eye, and face to face. 

Gathering of one or more has changed, supposedly we have improved from the days of our cave dwellers with their famous ‘grunts and groans’ or Native Americans with the ever visible ‘smoke signals’. Have we though?

Go to any restaurant and what do we see? Two people or more sitting opposite each other and on their Smartphones, talking with their ‘Fingers & Thumbs’! I wonder if we turned off the blaring ‘background music’ if there would be absolute silence?

The Gathering Place is now the world itself, with interconnections in milliseconds for news, views, and opinions to arrive in the palm of our hand. 

Mardling was another name for sitting and chatting, each village in the United Kingdom had a village Mardling Seat where the locals would gather during the day, exchanging opinions via gossiping or telling a good old yarn.

With the speed in which change is occurring, we must not get lost in focusing our thoughts, ideas, and passion for each other to involve ourselves in. Time is of the essence to interact and guide others for all our sakes for who we must cohesively change for the betterment of!

It is productivity perfection, all personified!


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