Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Collective Communications - Breaking The Gathering Barrier

Collective Communications - Breaking The Gathering Barrier
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, Commsmart Global Group

No, we are not going to be discussing in computer terms of collective communication and synchronization points, that is too simple!

It is all point to point communications which once upon a time was impossible because of 'line of sight' or distance.

The table is the 'gathering point' no matter where it is placed.  Like in the kitchen when you have friends over and you are preparing the meal, they come and stand by you or near you, striking up conversation.

The table is like a barrier, once you sit around the table, there is something in-between all of you, it breaks down or increases our social fears.  

When you are leading an unruly group, you need to take every advantage to maintain the control. The shape of your meeting table can help or really hinder you!

A Round Table Hampers Open Decisions

King Arthur’s round table was created to signify that all sitting at the table were equal. Equality is always a center point in a debate environment.  The equality is broken by the ability of the speaker, not the content or subject matter.

Students at law schools are often told of a jury room that had a round table installed for the first time. The story says that this room produced more hung juries than ever before. When the round table was replaced by a more traditional rectangular table, the story says that the juries using the room began to reach verdicts, although it took a little longer in the decision making.

With a round table, like King Arthur’s, it appears that no one is in charge. With all members appearing equal, it is hard to come to a decision, in spite of the fact that a leader or foreperson has been named.

A Long, Thin Table Encourages Cliques and Face-to-Face at a Distance, Encourages Rudeness.

The fact is when we seat ourselves for discussion, most of the opinions have been formed in today's world of 'Fingers & Thumbs'.  The Internet of Things has given us more opportunities to research or as some say, 'Google' subjects.

Believe it or not, most personal information like facts about where to shop, what to buy or how good a restaurant or hotel is, comes form social media interaction.

The likes of 'Twitter', 'Facebook' or 'Instagram', the thoughts and opinions of 'friends and connections' sways much more than the global search engine of Google.

Let it be known, that the Digital Gathering Place is in the 'palm of your hands'!  The Smartphone is more than a phone, it is your direct access tool as a 'collective communications' device.  

Don't Leave Home Without It!

Ah, the table has been replaced and miniaturized for us all to gather around, no matter where we are in world!

Social is Local is Social... 

In the true sense of the word and collectively, we must gather more often with an extremely direct device, which is in the palm of your hand.  Information and decision making is closer than you think!

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