Monday, July 3, 2017

Forgetfulness is Costing You In The Back Pocket!

Forgetfulness is Costing You
In The Back Pocket!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Money, it is costing you buckets of money, not just a penny here or dollar there, real money!

It is hard enough to earn, why are you wasting so much, from leaving lights on, dripping water faucets, taps to us British, drafty windows in winter for heat loss, etc. The list goes on and on, it all adds up or does it?

Take light bulbs, boy have those changed!  Gone is the time and money spent by Edison and Telsa in developing the light bulb which we now take totally for granted. The filament is gone, all that time that Edison grew bamboo and other plants trying to work out what strand could conductive electricity. 

Now a wacky shaped light bulb that certain costs more because of the European Union.  Yes, a political lighting change demanded by a bunch of people sitting in Belgium with nothing better to do that try and rule the world. Good choice Great Britain, on your exit from power hungry political has-beens. 

Yes, people leave the lights on and not just at Motel 6. if you are using the newer bulbs it is peanuts to use some say, but a sackful of peanuts takes up space. 

A friend was curious if there was a lightbulb or a way that he could get a lightbulb/light to shut off within a certain amount of time. Not too short, not too long. Maybe a good hour or so would be ideal. It was his roommates that continually left the lights I told him there is so many Internet of Things (IoT) switches and gizmos which would cost more than the savings.  

Why not teach frugalness?

The new fangled bulbs are best, a 13w (cfl) or compact fluorescent lamp left on for 300 hours in a month will cost somewhere between 25 and 40 cents. Split that three ways with the roommates, you're fighting over a dime.

Although come to think of it, the price of using electricity has skyrocketed from my days as a child. My mother installed an electric coin box which took British florins, two bob back in the day.  

The meter was in the cellar, down a rickety staircase, so when the lights went out due to lack of coinage, you had to take your life in your hands into a dark adventure into the darkness.  Placing the money, which she left on top of the meter in the slots. That is if she had remembered to leave money there!  If not darkness until she got home!

So is forgetfulness dangerous?  Sure it is all of us brothers certainly slipped and fell into the then coal cellar of iniquity or the pit as we called it!

Just a penny-pinching thought whilst watching the downtown lights of Des Monies, Iowa and thinking what is the city paying for lighting up the streets. While security is one important factor, it does have an air about a lite street with shadows of trees move in the wind. 

But Des Moines has nothing on Sin City, I mean from an electric usage point of view!

Just a Monday morning thought.  Excuse me while continuing on a power guzzling computer, listening to all electric/digital news and weather.

Just another Monday...

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