Friday, January 25, 2019

Where Have We Gone Wrong In Controlling Our Society & The Streets?

 We Have the Best and Advanced Crime-Fighting Technology      Available and Collectively Fail On the Simplest Problems
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group


Because of complacency and managerial misunderstandings.  

No, it is not across the board, it is pockets of missing links and those that have no clue in the use of Digital Policing technology and today’s social pitfalls.  data is under-reported which means it is gone forever.  It does not have to be!

Public Safety is the most difficult job you can ever think of, whether you get in right or wrong, you are damned by the public and the media.  

Listen to any police officer or attorney/prosecutor press conference and you know what I mean.  Questions that the 'press' has been told cannot be answered due to the nature of the case.  Questions regarding the evidence in the case, that they know full well cannot and will not be discussed outside of the courtroom.

CommSmart Global Group has a full quiver of Digital Policing solutions including the full understanding of the LENSS (Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution) with every aspect of public safety covered.

Expertise is second to none and moreover, down to earth in its understanding. 

Yes, we have technology that is understandable by all, if the only hierarchy would stop trying to re-invent the digital wheel, listen, review solutions that are supporting law enforcement agencies globally successfully.
As the leader in Circle of Fire of StreetSmart Technology, through our down to earth knowledge and experience focus on situations through our analytical minds and services.   

Bath salts as a Zombie drug and the dangerous outcome for the users and the department that stumbles across these incidents and how they are handled.  They are even sold on!

Even the departments who have spent the time to examine the problem are still not addressing it with the caution and safety factors that are required.

Then there is the Opioid Crisis, which is far worse than you can imagine.

The CommSmart Global Group brings the solutions and also offers our Circle of Fireteam to address your public safety departments in one and two-day seminars.  We instill the information and bring back the inner Trust, Respect, and Pride to the departments through knowledge, which is taken back to the streets and communities.  

Our Pied Piper Road Show is ready for you, contact us and see how we can positively assist you and your communities.

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