Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Removing the Moped/Bike Gangs Using Existing Laws on the Books

Removing the Moped/Bike/Bicycle Gangs
Using Existing Laws on the Books

It takes simple common sense that the moped/motorbike/bicycle gangs issue is out of control and has been made worse by not using the demanded  'Stop & Search' law.

It is not about someone's political rights, skin color, religion, social structure or political correctness.  

It is about lawlessness, plain and simple!

Firstly, within policing globally, leadership is petrified of actually making a decision!  Doing the right thing and not being frightened to be the one who made the difference.  What is it with this 'Fear Factor'?  

Oh, I forgot, 'FEAR' is how you manage your staff, you know, it is 'them and us', do it 'my way or the highway' attitude.  

So wrong and the deep cause of the societal issues of today!

Let us take a look and absorb what is required and demanded to resolve this festering potential globally spreading murderous street issue.

These gangs are roaming the streets of our cities, striking hard in a threatening manner to individuals, stealing property, harming people who resist and escaping through the known roads.  They move at speed to another location and strike again.

They are riding the streets on their or stolen vehicles under a simple law, The Highway Traffic Act, specifically Section 163 which has been updated but is exactly what we require to break up and arrest these individuals, without using 'Stop & Search'.

You have the right to stop them in their tracks and under the act, demand information.

Police will form 'Moped/Bike Gang Wolf Packs' which roam the streets of cities and through predictive analysis will set-up instant vehicle stops of all vehicles and especially moped/motorbikes/bicycles.  They ask for ownership identification, license and insurance, which under the act the police have every legal right to do so.  

Bear in mind, all those documents most probably are false and fake with these individuals, which is an infraction in itself and is an arrestable offense.

If the individuals cannot produce, you have probable cause to go deeper on this individual as there is suspicion.

Using technology, which CommSmart Global Group have, can then use 'True Facial Recognition' and biometrics (instant field fingerprint identification devices) to prove or disprove identity.

If proven the moped/motorbike/bicycle is confiscated.  I know the naysayers have already stated they can steal another form of transportation and they will until the message starts to sink in.  

We must attack these criminals with the same tactics they are using and overpowering their tactics and lack of intelligence.

This is not rocket science by any means and the Standard Operating Procedures we have in place with every legal sentence analyzed for proceeding to a courtroom.  Even advising prosecutors on the verbiage and laws to be used.

The  'Moped/Bike Gang Wolf Packs' move to the next undisclosed location using the element of surprise and repeat.

We are simply using laws on the books which have been in place and we are not targeting the individual, but the vehicle, which is agnostic to color, class or creed!

Telephone: USA (515) 200-7068  U.K. 0207 1019247

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Millennials, Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex & Cardboard Boxes

Millennials, Amazon, eBay, Wayfair,
UPS, USPS Fed-Ex & Cardboard Boxes

Sure, door to door delivery is fantastic and so convenient for us all, even us old farts!

The companies pack our wants and needs so carefully in cardboard boxes to ensure a safe delivery.  The euphoria of opening those well-sealed containers is amazing like every day is either a birthday or Christmas day all over again.

Once the happiness stops you have to discard the containers.  Sadly most just cart them out to the dumpster of the apartment complex and throw them away, in their original shape, taking up that 'green space' Millennials support and challenge non-treehuggers.  

Millennials have no earthly idea that you must break these boxes down so the dumpster takes everyone's boxes, not just their own!  

In my opinion, they are the laziest named group that want it all now and don't have to lift a finger to accommodate their fellow man or women.  Just serve it on a plate to me as I am incapable of being part of the whole of society, only in my own little world counts for only me is their banner!

Oh yes, we have more than some in our building in 'downtown Des Moines'!

They don't understand 'real life', just the Millennial Bubble they float in!

Well, that bubble is bursting and popping, as individuals, neighbors and companies are giving up on you, right, left and center!

Even Applebees got rid of the Millennial menu as it was becoming too much trouble dealing with you all. They are not the only ones, grocery stores are following suit as well.  

You are nothing special!  As soon as you understand that the better!  

Over salaried individuals with degrees and MBA's have no 'life experience' which counts so much more.  

Your social skills basically suck in so many areas of communication!

Even our cat understands the rules of life and knows how to fold boxes.

Yes, it takes time to break them down, I know because I have done it all my life and I understand that we must save space when filling dumpsters.  

It is not like your parent's endless supposed money tree!

This is a life lesson on so many aspects of daily life that you need to understand.  Parents did better than this in training you for the 'real world', or did they just give up on you?

Here is what is outside the apartment building.  

The dumpster is full and below those folded boxes are full unbroken boxes taking up space and causing the overflow situation and annoyance to us all.  

Change, as this is not the only thing you suck at, attitudes of 'I want it all now' is not only getting old, so are you.  It is time to grow up and understand you are not the only ones on the planet!

It is about time, someone voiced the truth about you and stating what others are thinking but dare not say.  You might not like what is being said and think I am just a curmudgeon with nothing better to, wrong!

Success comes with issues and it is how you handle what life throws at you, you can't continue running to Mummy and Daddy, the 'Money Tree' doesn't live forever!

Nicholas Ashton
CEO, CommSmart Global Group