Friday, February 5, 2016


The Corporate Mirror is Cracked

Reflections of ourselves are only for the vain.     It is the inner overall reflection that paints the picture and can be a priceless masterpiece.

It is our ability to reflect, create, understand, plan, action and change the corporate portrait, which will only increase the value of all.

It is the people within a corporation that make or break the company.  Knowing who those people are and how they fit within the productive framework is vital to winning the Key Battlefields that are being fought and those that are still ahead of us.

It is all about hiring the right people to begin with.  Ensuring your investment is assured.  It is knowing their passions, competencies and sub conscious that will be the crux of your corporate future.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Human Resources is Misfiring on Some Cylinders

Human Resources is Misfiring on Some Cylinders
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Propelling a company forward takes drive, power and understanding.  Take your car, if you do not have the key to control or put fuel to make it run, there is an issue.  Oh, greasing this pistons or making sure the oil level is correct, the right viscosity and it is clean and not old, is vital as well.

If the engine is not running smoothly, say not on all cylinders, you take it to your mechanic to have it checked.  How do you know to do this?  You listen, you have a feeling something is not right, it is the vibrations and you do something about.  This is your transportation and you cannot afford not to get from A to B.

Within corporations you too have an engine room and if the valves and pistons are not in sync, you have an issue!  Human resources is such a department that has those types of concerns and just like a clogged fuel line, the information and understanding is not getting through or they have been adequately informed.

It is time for that overdue overhaul to bring back the drive and understanding that all can be smooth running with an excellent team in all departments.

H.R. has to change! 

Yes, Change, especially when everything informational is in the open. Nowadays most are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  It is a social media age and not always to the benefit of all.

Before Human Resources, it started out as personnel, the personnel department was set up to protect employees during the industrial revolutions. 

The personnel department was created to look into workers’ wages, welfare and other work related issues like record maintenance, housing and healthcare. Many workers where needed to keep up with this new Industrial revolution of information and since then, nothing in the Personnel Department has changed dramatically, whilst the world around them has!

It is the Internet of Things which when just relied on, is a tragedy informationally. 

When the Personnel Department changed into HR management, the HR department became also responsible for selecting and hiring the best skilled people, motivating the employees using motivational benefits.  

The HR department became responsible for a salary framework and appraisals.  This was a radical change without a handbook and down to earth training.

Companies are built by employees and not the other way around.  The superiority of a company therefore, is directly related to its people.  The better motivated they are, the faster and better the company will successfully grow. 

This applies also for the public safety and emergency management, like law enforcement, fire departments, medical services, etc.

Joining a company and or a force, you need to have basic skills to begin with, or you start out as a trainee. 

HR departments today are not prepared to think outside the box, to look at the soft skills that today become more important than the hard skills. 

Hard skills can be trained, soft skills are more difficult to define and read. Yes, Hard skills can be taught, Soft skills are hidden in the character of the employee and is very difficult to change or retrain afterwards.

Today, HR should be all about developing the company for the future, being aware of the changes around you and fully understanding how to adapt. 

If you are dealing with people, you need to have exceptional people skills.  
If you deal with machinery you need to know exactly what the risks are, especially if you have never been trained!

Companies are ever changing and therefore your skillsets are changing too. HR departments need to understand and are required to have the mandate to act accordingly on how to keep up or even be ahead of the companies, or entities development. 

Knowing the individual's skillsets, passion, competencies and subconscious.

Companies that are changing from bricks and mortar to digital web on-line companies will not survive without updating their skillsets. 

Law Enforcement or Emergency Management need to understand that crime that is not detected at the earliest stage is impossible to fight. 

It is all about being proactive and not reactive! 

Information is key, gathering street or floor level information is demanded to blend into your employees, or in the case of law enforcement, the community.  It is imperative to have a foot in both camps so to speak.  

You must be part of the community and not above the community.  In the case of policing, just because they are wearing a uniform does not make them different and that is part of the Peelian Principles. 

When part of a community, information will reach you much faster than when you are acting just for yourself. 

CEO’s and Boards have the same issues, they are unreachable and therefore filtered information reaches them only some of the time.  They are making decision without full knowledge and this affects the corporation, customers and the shareholders. 

It’s time to change and it starts assessing your employees today, where are you on the soft and the hard skill scale?  Do we know what people we really need and what the future skillset has to be?
It is having knowledge at your fingertips of all that are within your organization.

Yes, your Human Capital…
The HR Revolution has begun…
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