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The Price Tag of Doing Nothing – Paper vs. Digital The Old Occurrence Book Has Been Digitized! Digital Policing Works Alongside You, Does Not Replace YOU!

The Price Tag of Doing Nothing – Paper vs. Digital
The Old Occurrence Book Has Been Digitized!
Digital Policing Works Alongside You, Does Not Replace YOU!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Don’t have to be a pencil pusher to know that there is a cost to anything you change.

Digital transformation are two buzzwords that concern even people who have no idea what the hell it is! 

Council or Commission members scratch their rear-ends or balding heads in wonderment, lean back in their creaking chairs, passing gas and coughing at the same to hide their flatulence.

Progress and efficiency certainly go hand in hand, as do costs rising.  Human nature always wants ‘more for less’.  It this case I am speaking of policing and the societal change, which is showing up in every newspaper, television news and Internet social or unsocial posting.

Technology, when harnessed, is brilliant.  Certain opportunities in policing, from paperwork, analyzing data/reports expeditiously, reducing research time through historical data, predictive analysis, all whilst reduced budgets and staffing levels are causing major headaches.

The U.K. police agencies are the perfect example of attempting to invent a solution themselves with money they don’t have or have wasted in the millions already.

Someone has already succeeded in the Digital Policing realm, not last week, but twenty-one years ago and keeps ahead of the curve of society which is changing every five seconds or so. 

Police agencies are already using, solving the crimes and being more productive in crime fighting.  This also improves and brings back the Trust, Respect, and Pride to the community.  Something that has been failing and ignored for too long.

It is the linking of digital and service strategies that has been approached by CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, with an understanding of the streets, information and actions demanded to more proficient in the actions required for true public safety.

Of course we waste time, money and effort, after all, it is a human trait.  We do not have to and we have proved the point of change over and over again.

We have understood the processes that government globally have enacted.  Sustainability and Transformation Plans have been discussed, implemented, changed, dropped and chewed over and over again and always from within, never allowing the commercial enterprise to be allowed through the door.

It has ceased!  Police agencies have been listening, implementing and succeeding in changing the community policing landscape alongside the experienced street smart officers.

The question is, have you turned a ‘Blind Eye’ on the creator of modern of policing, Sir Robert Peel!

I do not want to hear the statements that Peel never wrote the Nine Peelian Principles and it is all old, cobwebbed and 188 years ago.  They are still with us, concise and logical after all these years and they work, even today!  You should either revisit or read for the first time.

The Nine Peelian Principles with an added 10th, which embraces technology (Digital Policing), whilst utilizing the other existing nine, is tantamount to the successful cost-effective transformation of policing globally.

We must reiterate the commitment of Police officers to respect the rights and fundamental freedoms of the public (the people) while discharging their policing mandate. This, coupled with the ever-changing social, economic and political environment, has made it imperative for the Police officers to operate with decorum to endear themselves to the public they serve.

Today we must embrace and utilize all social communications skills.  That is why we have emphasized Social Media Analytics & Interaction as the key to understanding those who scoff the law.

The usage of social media or the criminals 'fingers & thumbs' is absolutely tantamount to successful proactive policing and solving crimes.  We all know used to be some spoken words in a pub, bar, restaurant or overheard the conversation. That has now changed to silent finger & thumb action.

This a priority aspect of policing and when tied into crime analytics and especially predictive analysis, you have a finite toolset in the protection of communities and the solid fight against crime and criminals.

As an ex-member of London’s Metropolitan Police, who created a computer/software/hardware corporation in 1976, and today am a part of an extraordinary talented worldwide team that has solidly developed a proven cost-effective crime-fighting toolset:
  • Community Crime Mapping
  • Crime Analytics
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics & Interaction
  • Data Access with all databases
  • Facial Recognition for Stop, Interview, Process (SIP)
  • Implementation via Hard/Soft Skill Sets
  • Full Professional Services For Coaching/Mentoring

The ease of operation for the street level police officer usage starts with a changeable Dashboard, which brings all the prior crime data to a single screen on a Smartphone, tablet or computer screen.  Knowing your historical events before the shift briefing maximizes efficiency for all.  These dashboards can be updated and change as you personally wish and you have over 50 of them to effective police all crime instances.

For a safety factor, the access to all data/information by a single name or address is right in the palm of your hand.  No more ‘Go Fish’ for information with phone calls and faxed information.  It is productivity personified!

21 years ago our entrance into Digital Policing started!  Progressed with our law enforcement capabilities and developed analytics tools that grasped the eye of law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Department of Defense with our unique ‘predictive analytical tools’.  Which was purchased by DoD and used in Iraq & Afghanistan for predicting roadside IEDs.  Working with British & American troops, saving an extraordinary amount of lives. This working environment allowed us to hone our skills which had to be, no demanded to be, precise, as lives were at stake.

All within in the team are ex-law enforcement from differing divisions and security cleared analytic staff, we have an overall perspective of crime today and the methods being used to control the ever-growing issues.  This also includes a remarkable ‘Red Tagged Team' of computer engineers who know so much regarding the Dark Web and White and Black Hat Hacking.

You may hear or see from our keystrokes we have major concerns. We are not angry on how budget reductions, overworked staff, and government, who have failed to listen and understand policing. Politics is causing a festering on the policing vine as each day that goes by, as the procrastination continues, it is another blockage to solving the issues with proven technology and street smart policing. 

It is a deep passionate concern that you see and hear.

Why are we so confident that we will achieve what no other seems to be able to implement?

Simple, we already have completed these actions daily in over 1,000 agencies!
Conversing with CommSmart Global Group, either face to face or electronically will show you in one fell swoop of our proven capabilities and success. What is so important is, we do not know it all and nor do you, we have something in common already, concerns

Together, we will achieve the targets, goals, and aspirations to succeed for the betterment of the agency and importantly, the community.

LexisNexis, our Risk Solutions Partner is no small company, part of the RELX Group which is a world-leading provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries.

Helping scientists make new discoveries, lawyers win cases, doctors save lives and insurance companies offer customers lower prices. We save taxpayers and consumers money by preventing fraud and help executives forge commercial relationships with their clients.

Our goal is to help our customers make better decisions, get better results and be more productive. We do this by leveraging a deep understanding of our customers to create innovative solutions which combine content and data with analytics and technology in global platforms. These solutions often account for about 1% of our customers’ total cost base but can have a significant and positive impact on the economics of the remaining 99%.

The Group serves customers in more than 180 countries and has offices in about 40 countries. It employs approximately 30,000 people of whom half are in North America.

CommSmart Global Group was chosen as a partner to serve law enforcement globally because of our full understanding of world events and law enforcement procedures, failures and demanded changes in a major transformational time.
Really, we are conversational pussycats with extremely long claws, who are straight talkers and never commit to something we know is impossible.
Transformation of Policing is actionable NOW!

That is if you are willing to take a deep breath and exchange conversation with us.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Unsociable Thumbing Kills…

Unsociable Thumbing Kills…

The last incident in Germany of a young man, with diabolical issues, shows us that social media and bullying will lead to extreme outcomes.

In the last few months, we have seen political organizations take to the Twitter-Sphere, Facebook Frenzy, and Likeable Linkedin.  Throwing as much mud against the wall with truly unsocial media tools, hoping some will stick.

It is only going to get worse!  You must believe at first read all that is stated by others on the Internet.

Traditional Social Media is a "hit or miss" conduit and attracts a barrage of unsociable replies by haters and so-called "clever dicks".  It is not the direct connection you think it is.

Direct connections for candidates is vital, you get one shot and one shot only in this fast-paced unsociable world.

The next Ten Year Social Media Plan is well on its way to being finished.  It is based on the usage since inception and goes back to the first type of email solution in 1982 with Commercial Data Banks and Washington DC.  Instant messaging took ten years to gain a footing before it became popular with AOL.  Now every other week a new form of social or unsocial connecting is being released, used and disused.  Focused on trending fashion and failure, everyone is trying to grab a piece of the invasive communication saga.

As the former President of Commercial Data Banks back then, I had no idea this keyboard and 300 baud modem Texas Instrument device would take us.  We have come a long way from politicians having boxes with messages stored in them to a very unsociable interactive communication service that does more harm than good in some innocent cases.

If you think that investing in Facebook or Twitter is cool, do so, but people are leaving in their droves and young people are not joining.
Let us look at what drove the use of communicating in a different way.  It was the simplicity of not having to use a telephone and being able to type to your friends on a screen in the privacy of your own home.  Then some bright spark said, we can send pictures now and the sexual revolution was born if only we had not we would not have been Weinerized!  Then came video and even more reasons to go back the land-line telephone!

The social and unsocial networks are helpful in many ways but sadly the criminal and bullying element has taken over.  It breeds corruption and leads to the denigration of society.  Insurgents and gang members worldwide are using this means of communicating under the radar more than you think.  That is until now!

It is the hundreds of social networks that are trafficking drugs, humans, child pornography, child abuse and insurgent and gang activity.  We have our beady eyes and ears focused on their activity and enable this diabolical slither of society to be spotlighted and apprehended by their own words and actions.

CommSmart Global has within its toolset, stable solutions to know exactly what these individuals are up to.  Their whole world to us is an open book of connections, friends, and criminal morons. 

Social Medium Intelligence Gathering (SMIG) is in use 24/7 365 days a year and in your neighborhood.  If you have a reason to have law enforcement to have you in their sights, then you will be targeted and the next knock on the door or traffic stop might be your last.

This Black Box (noire boîte) is the vehicle to oversee your crime element, corporate vulnerabilities, insecurities, failures and loose ends before they ever occur.

We have always been told that to be successful you must think outside of the box and from the outside looking in.  Noire Boîte is that vehicle that is always one step ahead, running the defense, so we know what is happening before it can and will occur.

It starts with leadership and core communications, simply because without first-class understanding and a conduit for information, nothing else matters.
Your priority is to run a business and place all effort in that success.  Anything that is a distraction is draining resources that you can ill afford, that is why you have noire boîte.

Internal monitoring should be an everyday occurrence within all companies, organizations and importantly, society.  No one knows the internal workings better than you, your own staff and the community, so we all think.

Familiarity, though, breeds contempt and complacency it is the downfall of all.  Two very worrying events that plague all of the society that is rampant within.

Looking at these from this direction and as a controlling mechanism is one thing, understanding the possible events that are always on the edge regarding policing the status quo, is totally another.  It is your Duty of Care and responsibility for all that is within your corporate walls and boundaries, which are regional and global in reach.

In today’s world, nothing is ever on time.  In the case of an alarm system for protection, it might be triggered by a burglar and the alarm company receives the information that an occurrence has taken place.  It is then, they inform law enforcement, who in turn responds, which is not instantaneous and allows the culprit a further window of timed opportunity.

Our difference is simple, we are gathering information through Atmospheric Noise Collection, chatter if you wish and social medium intelligence.  This is collected, placed within the analytics process in real time and reported to the overseeing principle to be actioned.  It keeps us and legal society ahead of the curve.

Everyone holds some sort of information that is wanted by others and they do not care how they collect it.  Our proven capabilities were honed on the battlefields of conflict and saved thousands of lives.  Information is useless when stored in data silos and brought into the light of day when an incident is reported or suspected.  Time is of the essence in everyday life.

CommSmart Global never lets it get to that level.  It is a cohesive team that works together, that protects all.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

Worldwide Call: +1 (330) 366.6860

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Urgent & Quick Care - First Hand Experience

Urgent & Quick Care - First Hand Experience

So, my hacking cough was annoying those around me and the concoction of Severe Cold & Flu Syrup with Fisherman's Friends Lozenges was not improving my cold or what now, I thought could be bronchitis.

Urgent care was recommended and like any man, it took a few hours to say yes!

Hyvee, the local supermarket has one of those urgent/quick care facilities right in the store, tucked away in the back. You never really notice that they are there, I am glad we did! 

The door was open and Linette was working on her computer as I entered the room.  She told to sit on down and tell her what my issues where.  Her manner was so simple as a listener, she did not know me from Adam.

So describing my symptoms, remember, we know us, better than anyone.  She felt that it was not necessary for full examination and if she touched me, I would have to pay!  Great customer service I thought!

Linette felt that over the counter medication could help me right now, but to keep my eye on me.   It was a cold/cough, most probably a low-grade virus that could be fixed. 

Her recommendation was accepted at no charge whatsoever, only the cost of the pills.  This was a customer experience like no other!

I must tell you that 12 hours later, I am feeling better, far from fixed, but on the mend.

Mercy Clinics has these throughout Iowa and I certainly recommend to anyone.  I rarely go to the doctors but Linette, a Nurse Practioner was more than excellent, thank you Hyvee, mercy Clinics and you Linette!

Telephone: (515) 200-7068

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The Art of Conversation, But Are You Listening?

The Art of Conversation 

"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness or abilities that I can show to any fellow-creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." William Penn

Death is guaranteed, what happens between your birth and that final event is in your parents and ultimately your hands, through your own actions.  In life, there are some folks who will never make into their teens, let alone midlife.  The statistics are stacked against them.  Stats, analytics, facts, people, computers, digital assistants and daily events are in my life and I work hard at it to make good by the end of the day. 

When your day starts at 4 a.m. and before your first cup of coffee, you are absorbing the events that occurred whilst you lightly slept, with a set of rules to have the information in your mind, ears, and eyes, and allows you to be on top of it all.  I love facts, how they affect us all and what we can do when we armed with the right and useful information.  This is my life, my love and is my station in life.  The Passion of the moment to make change for the betterment of all.

Sure, we have a successful business that is the results of a hard disciplined working regimen and experience, like our Pied Piper Project, which is the result of wanting to make a change because of what is going on right in front of our eyes.  This has been built, proven and enhanced to save communities and those that reside within.

This of course os CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner in social media monitoring (knowing what the bad guys are up to in detail, pictures and video and their connections), crime analytics, community crime mapping, and predictive analysis.

Our social and community goal is a simple one; we are transforming our nation, one community at a time. Neighborhoods once were the social center of our worlds.  The place we came home to, had pride in how it looked.  Behind those doors was us, how we live, and the collection of our lives, our family and the preparation for our futures.

Some of us are here to fan the peaceful flames and stir up the special gift within us and lead others to do the same. We are a group of companies that is a catalyst for positive change by sharing both our knowledge in business and community activism; bottom line, we want to get back to the basic fundamentals of truth, respect, and pride to society.

Developing a culture based on honesty. The means to do this is simple, there is zero tolerance for those who repeatedly break the rules and scoff the laws.  Identifying these individuals are giving the down-home truths from their families, law enforcement and with an intervention that gives them one more chance before the book is thrown at them and the door, locked firmly behind their sorry rear ends.

We are in the business of creating a culture based on man and woman's humanity to our fellow citizens; no matter what color, class or creed, doing what is right. Creating a paradigm shift with the people in a community to think and in a deservedly different and productive manner. Replacing violence with peaceful measures to raise self-esteem and give the local citizen a chance to gain skills in a positive environment.  Time is the worst enemy when you have nothing positive to complete on a daily basis.  Like a sheepdog who is brought into a home to live, you must give it tasks to accomplish or it will do a little destruction, which, to the sheepdog, only plays and passing the time.

I am not one to quote the Bible, the line, “they know not what they do” from King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) 

“Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.”

The youth seem to think that the “money tree’ is real!  They give the impression that people (government) must pay me for doing nothing, letting me sit on my rear end and be at my beck and call.  Right?  WRONG! This entitlement attitude is going nowhere and so are those that state this foolish message and believe it.

Respecting one’s self, each other and the societal environment by the means of re-training, social skills, employment opportunities and someone taking an interest directly and not just giving political lip service.

It is organizations who are working with, assisting with these organizations/facilities, not changing its social structure but adding positively and merely improving on it, in order to instill in the local people that have the ability to utilize it, improving their chances to earn a living, be someone and earn respect for doing the right thing in their lives.

How; by providing training, creating jobs, forming a local inner business to aide both the residents within the community and the focal facility. There is no crime in making money and creating jobs by a positive social means. The only crime is to continue the business, as usual, a turn of the blind eye on what is really going on. That is, adults and children relying on their next meal or check from the government, stealing, dealing drugs, and the violence which accompanies this deluded culture. You have been fighting the good fight for which we applaud but more must be done in a cohesive manner for radical positive change or, as fast we ignore the situation, it will collapse and rescue will never occur.

So how can we assist and who do we need to look upon:
  • Leadership, innovation, and management 
  • Retired Mentors and VETS who will provide both wisdom expertise and skills training
  • Utilizing assets already at facilities that are not being used 
  • Partnering with local business to form a working coalition 
  • Partnering with local law enforcement to form a network of accountability and communication on both sides
  • Working with government on a local, city, and state level to make all viable resources available without dependency, in fact moving to full self-sufficiency as quickly as possible is essential

I could go on; I believe in what both organizations are doing and doing to the best of your ability as of today and well done. Sadly, it is far from enough, we must not fool each other that it is working to the success for all at this time.  It is a moving target and being stationery will miss the opportunity and the results that are demanded.

Let's not stop, though, let's work together and go where our higher power leads us; some may say, THE PROMISE LAND. We, as a company and our passionate team nationwide, are willing to walk beside you in this journey; importantly, are you willing to allow us?

I do not want to say, NEXT, and move on and watch the continuing thunderous decline of society, the death of young people that had a chance to change and make that difference that they want and we know we can genuinely assist with for them to achieve.  I do not want their blood on my hands!

CommSmart Global Group has a proven business model for growth and success; remember the parable when HE gave 3 equal shares of silver, one spent his, one buried his and one invested and prospered. Whom did he say "Well done my good and faithful son?"

Being Stewards of Faith, your work is never ever done.  All things on earth can be improved upon. We will be rewarded and have true rest in our eternal resting place; Heaven.  No matter what faith you are, there is but one God, who is looking to us to make the change, it is how we handle the adversity in our lives and we all know how much there is and why we have to make the efforts now!  It is the Power of Faith and Works.

Our intent is not to create a power play; with anyone, there is enough conflict without starting our own.  We are looking to partner with a positive entity to do well, it is that plain, simple and the facts.  Stop looking at this as someone wants to take over what we are doing, we do not.  This a hand reaching out to extend what you already have in place and improving on the environment, without changing the message or leadership.

We are more than willing to work beside you in a quest to build families, develop self-worth, and create commerce and jobs within your own community.  The merry go round of alcoholism, drug addiction, wife and child abuse (domestic violence) and severe violent crimes must and will be reduced and come to an end. We provide solutions to help deter this activity.  It is approaching from a different, positive and proven direction that will and does make the difference.  No one can do this alone and nor should they!

Attending a Town Hall meeting 2/20/2013 at the Eastern Star Church in the 46218 zip code, the most crime-ridden violent zip code in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme of the event was providing solutions. I spoke and the people listened and responded. We passed out 46 of the 50 business cards that were brought for distribution. Over half of those that were given cards reached out the next day via email or phone calls, in regard to coming alongside with us and their organization to create positive and needed change. 

The pure bottom line, we see the potential you have, the foundation is in place, now let’s build a mansion of results driven by mentors, local business, and local government.

We merely want to direct and come along for the quality ride, learn and create a model of success to grow and develop this community in this city, state, and nation. 

It all starts with Trust, Respect, and Pride.

We have the means and know how to take this desperately needed change with your organizations to the next level and beyond for the good of the communities in need.

WE are in the NOW and 
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

Call: +1 (330) 366.6860

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Balls, Boots & Bribes - How Does Your Company Give Under The Table Bonus To Your Clients?

Balls, Boots & Bribes
How Does Your Company Give
Under The Table Bonus To Your Clients?

What do you mean, you don't?

Come on, the media is full of stories of people being paid off, extra under the table payments to seal the deal!  You would think that dishonesty does pay off and you have to be a commercial hoodlum to do business in this world.

Who would have thought that FIFA would have been involved in this sort of business?  It seems many people, who turned a blind eye to the deals that the Football organizations us to do business.  Blatter, the president for last two decades is in the criminal spotlight, yet again.  Like any human trait, getting away with it once or twice then becomes an illicit lifestyle!

Under the table bribes or using what was termed as a "Slush Fund" is the Western way.  Worldwide it is happening every single minute of the day... it seems it is acceptable until those using it are caught.

  slush fund
: an amount of money that is kept secretly for illegal or dishonest purposes
1:  a fund for bribing public officials or carrying on corruptive propaganda

2: an unregulated fund often used for illicit purposes
It may seem advantageous at the time, the ramifications when caught, are never ending to all concerns, both sides of the bribe.
It is not just money, it is trips, dinners, the bar tab, sex, sports tickets and I hear some of you sniggling right now.  Yes, those things you do and take for granted.  There is no excuse for the phrase: "but, how else am I going to do business, it is expected of me".
How can it be illegal, everyone is doing it!  Just because others are doing it, does not make it legal.

Make your company the best by gaining business honestly, if not, shut the doors or keep going until you are caught, prosecuted and you lose everything.
There is a way to come clean, do tremendous business, make great profits and be able to sleep at night.  How is that I hear you ask?
Simple, get our assessment and be shown how to be #1 in sales...

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