Friday, November 17, 2017

What Are The Factors to the 'Wholy Than Thou' Social Changes?

What Are The Factors to the
'Wholy Than Thou' Social Changes, 
Smear Campaigns, Moral Outrage & Focus?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Moral Honesty didn't just wake up and kick us all in the ass!  The sadistic core of society has not changed, it has surfaced as a so-called distraction for what?

Oh, it is wrong for men to dominate women in the most depraved sexual and dominant ways.  It is though locked in the male DNA and was introduced when the world and life began.  Do not look for the answer among man, it is a far higher Godly power.  Not just one God, all Gods, and religions participated and continue to do so.

The political and entertainment society have always been corrupt and I am not talking about the last fifty years, it has been this way forever.  It is only now we have unlocked more on our inner sordid society with so-called social communication change of openness. 

As individuals we do not have the answers, we can only run the daily occurrences through our minds, watch the media spin the stories in such a fashion it covers up the reality of our social demise.  

In reality, our world has changed all at once.  North Korea, China, Russia, Brexit, European Union, Political Truths, Sexual Misconduct and Innocence. 

What are the factors?  We do not know, as we are only along for the prepaid ride.  The control is out of our hands unless we wake-up re-evaluates and be honest, brutally honest with ourselves, even then it might be too late.

It is all about ‘agency’, our willingness to change, to change everything…

The next lines cannot be written by me, it is in your hands…

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Discredit, Lie & Disrupt! Weapon of Choice of Those Who Wish To Distract From Real Issues

Discredit, Lie & Disrupt!
Weapon of Choice of Those Who Wish To Distract From Real Issues
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Solutions, resolutions and strong lines of communications are needed to be clear and precise at all times.  Challenges in regard to personal issues are of concern, but not when they are only allegations, unproven or ratified by the accused as truth.

There are 'scum buckets' on all sides in various positions of power and even in the public.  The human race is polluted with many sordid catastrophes of sexual attacks on others, including within the 'human trafficking' trails, which zig-zag across the USA and connected vile trafficking outlets.

Those with money and power at all levels with evil traits have been here since time began and have proliferated without being uncovered.  Of course, others have known but choose to be silent and turn a blind eye and ear.

There is not a sudden outpouring of morality!  It is being used as a morality weapon of 'mass destruction' by the so-called underprivileged.  These people are haters of anyone that makes financially more than they or have been supported by conservatives to attain office.  

Yes, it is a politically motivated aggressive behavior that must be listened too, analyzed, filed and examined as it is those that spew this so-called news breaking information that we should absolutely concerned with.

Will there be truths told about people?  Yes!  There are 'sick sexually addicted nutjobs' out there and they will be exposed.  Like the so-called abused, those that deny it ever happened and proven it did, will 'fall on their swords'! 

Allegations are being spread like dog poop on a shoe, smearing all that is touched and the smell lingers.  No likes cleaning it up, but we must!