Monday, November 11, 2019

Heavy Mental Jacket...

Heavy Mental Jacket... 
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global Group

Someone Knew Something & Did Nothing!

President Trump states that the government will be looking after our war heroes the way they should always be treated. 

The issues are many, varied, and many die each day at their own hands.  They feel lost forgotten and as if they are not respected.  They are!

Mental health is a significant part of the concerns.

Yesterday it was a sword, tomorrow whatever is at hand to end life will be used. 

Will you call to ban those items too?

Discussions on such diverse subjects as gun control and mental illness do go hand in hand.  It is the assumption that banning something will make it be removed from the face of the earth and never cause a problem again.  


Allowing someone who is mentally diminished to own, use, or play with a gun is more than foolish.  The VA (Veterans Administration bans veterans of diminished responsibility to own or have access to a weapon, in fact, they cannot own new property either, that, though, is another story.

Look back at prohibition and what happened with alcohol availability and consumption.  Booze was still available and consumed by the gallon, as it was the "forbidden fruit," so to speak.

300 million + guns are owned and available in the USA, 18,000 people committed suicide with a firearm as the ultimate silencer, 8,000 people were murdered by someone using a gun as the instrument of death.  

A lot of guns and a lot of information, which statistically proves what?  Guns are out there, and no matter what, people will use them.  If they were banned, people would still have died by some other means or method.

Mental health laws are also being called over the coals as well, anti-social behavior is not listed as a treatable disorder.  

Sadly, if we look at the streets of "Any Town, USA," you will find individuals who are homeless and live wherever they can sleep, storing their stuff safely.  

Shelters are full to the brim, and many try to assist these people.  Homeless Shelters are far from safe and constitute a significant part of the problem.  Some are run by ex-criminals and drug dealers, who, take advantage of the social down and outs.  The fox is in charge of the hen house, and this is accepted by local city councils and law enforcement.

Most homeless do not want your help in any way, shape, or form.  The comprehension of their actions and living standards are lost on them.  They know not what they do and how it is affecting us all.

The straight jack of a ban will not work on guns.  The recognizing of mental health issues as a significant problem that needs solving is a priority.  Which will receive the most attention?

Watch your headlines, listen to the commentators, and see politicians flip/flop on the subject of guns.  No disrespect, but Former President Obama stated he will do all in the power of his office to make a change in the event of the school killings. Extreme well-chosen words that were and are empty in the ability for him and his former office to make a change.  It is Washington politicians that have the ultimate control of what happens in this nation, not a President.  Even we do not count!

President Trump is a Second Amendment Supporter and will be looking for gun laws in his administration.

Individuals who come across as weirdos and strange to society are people to be concerned about.  Why do we not voice our concerns about these people? 

Simple, if the person has not broken any laws, there is nothing that can be done. It is not illegal to stand in a corner and stare at people or talk to one's self.  

Wackos are among us, and we only see some of them for a few seconds and make our judgment.  Family members, co-workers, and neighbors see even more, and it is their concern that needs reporting, if they feel vulnerable, then the action is required.

Gossip is part of this problem, social media is a sad section of today's society and fuels the other side of the problem.  Miss-statements, rumors, and pure wrong information make this situation even worse. Followed by the media grasping at all information being stated, airing it before it has been confirmed and adding to the confusion.

It is the time to stand firm and help us all regarding strange individuals in the workplace, on the streets and even in our own homes.  

You may not be around to regret your missed action, and only others will talk about what you should have done and why you ignored the facts.


WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Reminder of Our Collective Duty The Beat Cop & the Nine Peelian Principles The Policeman's Bible

A Reminder of Our Collective Duty
The Beat Cop & the Nine Peelian Principles
Policeman's Bible

The Job of a Police Officer

Whether you are in London, Manchester, Cardiff or Aberdeen or New York, Des Moines, Nashville, Oklahoma, Chicago, Cleveland, Austin, San Diego, Miami, or anywhere else in the world, what makes the job of a police officer remarkable? Is that like any other, the responsibility not only engages the one walking the beat but can only be accomplished with the full support of the family he or she comes home and to the communities he or she patrols?  It is after all the beat cop, the cop who walks the streets and patrols the neighborhoods who answers the calls that ultimately keeps order and restores peace in our socially challenged society. 

He or she is the heart of policing and the heart of every city because, without that presence, we would not be able to be gathered together in peace on any day or evening.

It is the old-fashioned gleaning of street information which is documented, stored, analyzed, and brings the collective knowledge to apprehend and stop criminal acts through crime and predictive analytics.

Hopefully, each community strives for that and uses the Policeman’s Bible and its Nine Peelian Principles, which are the reminder of our collective duty.

Entrical Believes in the Peelian Principles

The Nine Peelian Principles

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Remember, Remember Gunpowder, Treason & Plot...

Remember, Remember
Gunpowder, Treason & Plot...
by Nicholas Ashton, EVP, Entrical

What has changed from 1605 to today in 2019?

Nothing in the fact that people protest in similar ways, especially in the use of explosives. The difference is the speed and methods we receive the information.  
In this case, it is was a failed attempt to blow up the House of Lords in London, with barrels of gunpowder in the basement. It had significant religious connections with the Catholic Church and the potential assassination of King James I.

The U.K. celebrates Guy Fawkes each November 5th, with massive bonfires and burning the effigy of Guy Fawkes on its top. Then fireworks display to boot!

As you see, the world has not changed with our daily sordid events.

How we receive information is just as dangerous as the gunpowder plot itself.

The explosive content is the information stored on Data Silos and Servers around the global, Guy Fawkes has been replaced by Hackers, Phishers, and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.  Even the Guy Fawkes likeness has been hijacked as the logo of the Hackers.

The Internet is worse than a smelly, damp basement, it is a sewer of miscreants, no, cyber terrorists, who want what you have and not pay for it. 

Cyber thievery is rampant, and YOU are doing NOTHING about it!

The Daily Hack Attacks are becoming so matter of the fact that you have stopped being concerned.  Complacency has set in!  If it was you, they got this time, you think you have missed the cyber bullet!


YOU are on the list, and they will find you and ply their cyber trade, messing up your life and financial stability.  Whether personally or corporately, it will do harm!

As a corporation, can you afford the same problems as Target, the retail store?
Significant loss of revenue, a mistrusted BRAND, customer rejection, and now closing more stores across the USA?  Of course you can't!

Then why are you so arrogant in not solving the cyber issues?

We do not want to be your friend, we want to secure your business and not let what happened to Target, and thousands of other companies be destroyed because they thought they knew it all.

Entrical, @ the Speed of Life...



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Wednesday, September 11, 2019


By Nicholas Ashton,
EVP Strategic Development - Entrical Suite of Solutions

I will never forget the morning of September 11th, 2001, as the very personal attack of terrorists took place on American soil.  The fear that gripped the faces as they ran from the clouds of the debris of the collapsing towers, not knowing if it was their last hopeless steps.

We were asked to come to New York to assist in the terroristic concerns and work with NYPD and the US government.  We as a team drove through the night to reach this challenging situation.  Working there over a period and understanding what had happened was daunting, but necessary.

This was not the first attack at the World Trade that I had responded to. 1993, the first failed attack.

To see the fear of those fleeing, the running invigorates the body and brings on all sorts of emotions and triggers the senses within.  The Good, Bad and the Ugly surface and take over our emotions as they did, that awful day.

The sense of fear has never left many and is triggered by other acts and events that occur around us on a daily basis.  If you let terrorism be one of those triggers, the insane morons have won.  Easy for me to say I know, believe it or not, I do have a heart, emotion, triggers too and control.

I was watching a segment on BBC television regarding the killing of the soldier and two eminent professors making some simple statements that I have always have rolling around in my head.  To some, they are stock answers on terrorist attacks and the feelings of people.

A simple one is:

You are much more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist.  (Might need to ask golfer, Lee Trevino that question)

The jihadist is wanting and succeeding to instill fear by a dreadful attack on the human race and by any means that brings the attention of groups, individuals and importantly, the media.

Making the front page of the local rag and #1 story of the local evening news on television is the goal.  We humans, bow to their wishes, each and every time.

fear factor

Main Entry: fear factor 

Part of Speech: n
Definition: the extent to which a person's fear keeps them from doing something; any feeling of fear that prevents an action 

In November 2001, I completed a series of How to Reduce the Fear Factor and Increase the Comfort Zone lectures and seminars in the United States.  Massively successful and addressed many audiences of Public Safety and Corporate America.  Never had we addressed this issue before, as no one believed it could ever happen in their lifetime.

All security has, and rightfully so, concentrated on the explosive and the gun as the weapon of choice of the jihadist.  Technology and sophistication of bomb-making and being able to beat the system of detection devices, from the simplest, the canine nose to the extreme of technology, electronic sniffers and x-ray devices.

The killing has come full circle once more.  The knife, a simple piece of steel that is so cold in the killing of another human being.  They say history repeats itself and we never learn from our mistakes.  Complacency is always the underlying factor and we are extremely good at letting down our guard in times of need.

The CommSmart Global Group, now with Entrical Suite of Solutions is embarking on a new series of seminars next year to bring to Public Safety departments and Corporate America, the need to be communicating from within and setting higher standards for leadership and understanding.  It is a combined Duty of Care for you all to understand our responsibility to all.

We must never forget those that have laid down their lives for us to live today.  We must remove the fear factor and increase our comfort zones, one and all.

Reports over the years have told us: 

In the years after the 9/11 attacks in America and the 2005 London bombings, there was fevered speculation that Al Qaeda might soon belabor the West with biological or even nuclear weapons.

Our forefathers who braved two World Wars and the Cold War would be bewildered and, I think, dismayed that such an action could generate such turmoil.

The specter of an ‘enemy within’ is bound to be more disturbing than any foreign threat.

While most Muslims wholeheartedly condemn the killers, we know from bleak experience that a significant minority will tell opinion pollsters they actually endorse what was done.

We must nonetheless sustain a sense of perspective. Racially aggravated murders, claiming victims of all races, have been taking place for many years.”

It will go on unless we increase our comfort zones and stop the madness…
We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

This Is Digital Policing In The NOW!

This Is Digital Policing In The NOW!

For more information on LENSS (Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution).


The Total Data Sharing Force Multiplier, which is a historical event chain in Real-Time for Street-Level Officers, Detectives & Management. Plus, the Global Currency Tracking/Money Laundering Solution for ‘Drug Buys, Organized Crime & White-Collar Issues.

Information sharing across agencies and jurisdictions statewide not only “levels the playing field” among agencies, but it also strengthens law enforcement throughout the state as criminals who are known by local law enforcement in one part of the state, travels through and possibly commits crimes in other parts of the state regularly.

LENSS, (The Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution,) is the only available real-time, non-siloed solution that connects all law enforcement agencies across borders and globally to one information sharing network.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

From the Shadows of Fading Blue, The Hurt Is On Both Sides

Foresight - From the Shadows of Fading Blue,
The Hurt Is On Both Sides, Regarding Mental Health

If you believe that it is the people and the police who are at loggerheads, you are right but also wrong!

Sir Robert Peel, the father of policing in 1829 set the standards with his Nine Peelian Principles, which stand firm today. Most law enforcement personnel has never heard of Peel, let alone his principles.

I certainly have and so does Commissioner Bill Bratton.  Ask him, Google his opinion on Peel.  You will be shocked and join in our opinions wholeheartedly.

The Public are the Police and Police are the People’.  You put your pants on the same way every single day, so never forget that you are the public also.

Attitudes right now are running in the wrong direction and need to be reeled back into the reality of social standards.  I know, you think that is hogwash and it is not your job to be a shrink, divorce lawyer, mentor, and parent.  It is, as you have all the same problems and traits as the public, which you are part of.

Sadly, over the decades in your lifetime, no matter how long or short it is, attitudes have changed.  Respect and Trust in employment and on the streets is not a manner of bullying until they get the message and do it your inner social way.

We have all met those management types who attempt to dominate you in a manner that you know is wrong.  You say nothing but ‘Yes Sir, Three Bags Full, Sir’, stop doing it!  It is not your place or theirs to get you to do your job by intimidation. You are sadly taking it back to the street with the wrong attitude and there lies the problem!

Racism is used every single moment a police officer interviews or arrests someone who is a different color or ethnicity.  I did not see in any crime rulebook that color is every mentioned.  It is about criminals and criminality.  Remember that the next time you put hands on a suspect.  Not just for you to understand, it is the other public, too!

Come on, we are all racists on all sides, it is in our DNA, but the law books have no color, religion, class or creed listed.

Every day we rub shoulders with police officers from around the globe, converse, share and most of all, think of how the actions of us all can bring us back to Sir Robert Peel's Nine Principles.

Nicholas Ashton
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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Burying Your Head In The Sand Leaves Your Ass As An Even Larger Target!

Burying Your Head In The Sand 
Leaves Your Ass As An Even Larger Target!

Does not matter what part of the world you are in, the problems are the same.  What happens in London, Paris, Dayton, Ohio, El Paso, Texas, New York, Chicago, Monrovia, Rio, Port of Spain, Des Moines, Nashville, or Provo, the same social situations will manifest themselves at different levels, times and severity.  

Every city worldwide has a drug, gang, and murder rate with growing societal situations that are a cause for concern.  Gangs or insurgents all work in the same manner.  If it is Afghanistan or Akron, Ohio, overall it is the same issue, it is criminal.  No matter where people are crimes are committed and law enforcement has to solve the crime.  It could be called a vicious circle of fire that must be extinguished before it becomes too big to handle.

Why do some events grow to an out of control status and it takes more resources, effort and time to attempt to control?  

How about pigheadedness! Even the skill-set that does match the situation, like no experience in the matters at hand whatsoever. They are burying their heads in the sand and believe they know it all.

The failure to listen to others with far more expertise in these types of affairs is foolish, but then again we are all human and think we know it all.  Thinking that the individual knows it all is like traveling a road to doom for those that are relying on that person in charge.  

There is nothing wrong with asking for help!

Not only are they failing the people who they are there to protect, but they are also failing the surrounding team and themselves.  The aftermath is even worse when you do nothing and then you express, “I should have asked for help”.

Look, the human mind has many layers of wanton perfection and in many cases the ability to see what they, as an individual are missing is impossible, unless you look in the mirror and ask very personal questions of one’s self. 

Those that surround the individual allow them to create failure for all.  It is like the celebrity meltdowns and disgusting behavior that hits the headlines and we all say why did no one stop them or told them of the destructive path they were on.  Simple, those that surround are fearful of the individual and what the reaction will be and the consequences.  Normally it is a financial reasoning.  It is personal protectionism at its worse!

There is nothing wrong with asking for help and assistance.  

CommSmart Global Group likes to hear the words “Help Me”.  Our team did not just suddenly and magically come together, it has taken decades to find the right match in all departments and each individual is part of a large jigsaw puzzle that portrays the picture of success that is required.  

No one likes failure and those that do not ask for help are exacerbating the problem.  “Can You Help Us”, is an easy phrase to say when there is a well-oiled team ready and waiting in the wings.

Ask our team for help and work cohesively to solve the situations that are at this time a bone of contention.  Tracometry People have no ego to take charge, we merely examine, advise and bring together the solutions and resolutions.

Sorry… what did you say?  

Sure, we can help you…

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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