Sunday, August 12, 2018

If You Are Totally Economically Secure, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS!

Where is the Money? 
Recoupeit, Financial Anthropology

We all know it is the make-up of a company, the creators, leaders, designers, daily management and the pure fact, that passion lives within all the staff and their daily tasks, results, and enthusiasm for the client's ultimate objective.

Recoupeit has at its base, the working knowledge from a law enforcement and military perspective of a uniform proactive approach. Understanding human nature in social situations and next event predictability, by using our statistical expertise is at the heart of our success. Knowing the "dark side" and having the empathetic ability to view from the inner perspective has given us the affordable ability to have professional shortcuts and paths to success, in a far more secure manner. It is an art form that is framed with our client's accomplishments and the knowledge, our street-level data information collection, tracking, communications and social techniques, that we stand alone in the financial collections arena for municipalities and commerce. It is about reuniting revenues!

Let us examine the underlying factor of why R
ecoupeit has been so successful and dominates the financial collections market. It is the logical stealth means of assertive collections by using our proven, close to the chest approach, which keeps us under the radar of the debtor. Recoupeit utilizes all governing existing state and federal laws to accomplish our tasks at hand. Recoupeit uses anthropology to garner our and ultimately, your success is far higher of collections of debt. This enables you to supply the services promised to the citizens of your municipality or corporation, completing the financial task at hand.

Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. To understand the full sweep and complexity of the financial cultures across all of human history, anthropology draws and builds upon knowledge from the social humanities and physical sciences. A central concern of 
Recoupeit's anthropologists is the application of knowledge to the solution of financial human problems. From the first communication with the debtor to the receipt of payment, our concerns are for both parties to the agreement, the debtor, and the debtee. Reputation is of the utmost priority as we represent prestigious clients and have set a standard practice for all.

Recoupeit anthropologists examine social patterns, financial understanding, and practices across cultures, with a special interest in how people live in particular places and how they organize, govern, and create meaning in their lives. A hallmark of socio-cultural anthropology is its concern with similarities and differences, both within and among societies, and its attention to race, sexuality, class, gender, and nationality. Research in socio-cultural financial anthropology is distinguished by its emphasis on participant observation, which involves placing oneself in the research context for extended periods of time to gain a first-hand sense of how local knowledge is put to work in grappling with practical problems of everyday life and with basic philosophical problems of knowledge, truth, power, and justice. Topics of concern to Recoupeit's socio-cultural anthropologists include such areas as health, work, finances, ecology and environment, education and social change.

Recoupeit is part of a group of companies that have for decades been using digital technology, software, and analytics to be ahead of the curve. This means, our clients have the best and innovative services for success.

If you are suffering from economic distress, and who isn't in these arduous times, contact us and share your problems and 
Recoupeit will review your situation and plan on how we can work successfully together for the common goal of reuniting revenues to those that are owed.

We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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You Don’t Want Your Bollocks Shot Away!

You Don’t Want Your Bollocks Shot Away!

Remember, do have a new President in Donald Trump!

Sadly the old administration is still in people's minds and will not go away.

The headline everywhere is terror and even in Syria still, plus other places of course. 

Geographically most Americans cannot even find it on a map or even Hoboken, New Jersey for that matter.

What are these warmongering salesmen who are trying to sell a war really trying to tell us?  6754 miles between the two countries and more important issues on America’s own doorstep as we are seeing in the news over the past few days!

A race card is being played into this issue still has Obama as a first Black President and those that supported him, in voting in the first place, still do not want to let him down or shame him!  

Total Baloney! 

It is business as usual for this former Democratic administration, failing in planning strategies and the long-range picture.  Remember Obama Care and his Bailout Bills, total failures beyond belief.

The strategy of War is a fluid program with planning for all eventualities.  John Kerry had not one inkling on this whatsoever and was and is a total lying mouthpiece for the former Obama Administration and his failed structure of an attack and the ramifications.

The true concern is beyond Syria, Iran is fueling all, and terrorism is a growth factor because of Iran’s involvement.  There is the issue and every military man knows that!

Now, look at North Korea after the trump meeting, are they going to comply?

Shall we start singing “Oh What a Lovely War”?  No, we shall not…

America has more pressing issues at home, poverty, education, racism, murder rate, drug use border issues and pure catastrophe of society.

I don't want me bollocks shot away…

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Suicide Is Dangerous, More Is Coming...

Suicide Is DangerouS,

Since terrorists started using the bomb, by the way, it is much early than you think, they have been working out ways to inflict death and mayhem on their enemies.  We shall not go back to beginning yet but shall look at modern-day terrorists who use the explosive device to make sure their message is heard loud and very clear.

The IRA’s (Irish Republican Army) London bombing campaigns during the 1970s caused considerable destruction and left many dead and injured in their wake. On 31 October 1971, a bomb exploded at the Post Office Tower in central London forcing it to be closed to the public.

It was this incident that started our investigation into how we could protect the citizens of Great Britain against the cowardly IRA bombers. 

Many around the world, especially in America have no idea of what or how terrorism and the use of the bomb started or what it caused.  The U.K. was at the forefront and cutting edge of mitigation and collateral damage resolvement.

The IRA detonated two car bombs on 8 March 1973 killing one person and injuring around 200. One of the bombs was placed outside the Old Bailey. In September that year, other bombs at King's Cross and Euston railway stations injured 12 people.

On 17 June 1974, an explosion at the Houses of Parliament injured 11 people. 

A bomb went off at the Tower of London on 17 July killing one person and injuring 41 others. 

Three members of staff were injured on 22 October when a device exploded at Brooks’s, a private members’ club popular with military officers. 

A bomb thrown through the window of a pub near the Royal Artillery Training Centre at Woolwich killed two people and wounded 28 others on 7 November. 

A bomb exploded at the Belgravia home of Conservative Party leader Edward Heath on 22 December.

After a short ceasefire, the IRA resumed its campaign by carrying out a number of attacks in the West End (Regent and Oxford Streets shopping area) during January 1975. 

A booby trap device planted in Kensington killed a bomb disposal officer on 29 August 1975. On 5 September 1975, a bomb at the London Hilton killed two people and injured 63 others. 

The list goes on and on…

I think you have got the picture! 

Hanging a bomb amongst clothing hidden within the rack of clothes, a paper carrier bag left in a restaurant or pub, a bag under a seat on a bus, all marks of the terrorist method of placement of an explosive device to do as much damage to human life and grab the headlines of the news media.  

That was and is the IRA method of operation and some of the methods used.

Others followed suit in using explosives in their quest to garner action for their misguided cause.  Planes, boats, and train travelers have all experienced the wrath of the bomber.

Worldwide we have progressed in many simplistic ways, bicycles, scooter, motorbikes and even the ox cart are used.  

Using human carriers of the explosives into public places, using suicide bombers is not recent and just an extension for ease of access.

A little history, with the invention of dynamite in 1860 by Nobel, things changed.  Almost by accident, Russian terrorist Ignaty Grinevitsky found that one effective way to use a dynamite bomb was to couple it to a human trigger.

Grinevitsky was a member of the People’s Will, a terrorist organization committed to murdering Alexander II, leader of Imperial Russia. The People’s Will tried on numerous occasions to kill Alexander using dynamite bombs between 1879 and early 1881. We still use the human trigger mechanisms, although successful it is riddled with faults and failures. 

Thank goodness they are not the brightest spark from the fire.

Sadly we have come full circle and in the last few days, suicide bombers have left a distinctive message.  Fear is abounding and over the last decade, terrorists in Russia are still using suicide bombers.  The rest of the world had better not stand down and needs to be on high alert as this is a message that is extremely loud and clear. 

Is the female suicide bomber is back and will be used AGAIN!

Hasna Aitboulahcen who blew herself up in Paris a couple of years ago was not the first and will not be the last! 

Aitboulahcan is understood to have activated a suicide vest during a police raid on a flat, following Friday's deadly attacks in Paris.

This is also one the female suicide bomber who joined the list of past bombers and sadly will not be the last! 

Using women as the human mechanism is not new and has been used the world over with great success for the terrorist groups.  The selection of a suicide bomber is simple, they choose a person within a family that has differing problems.  Those with mental and medical problems or has disgraced their family in some manner, such as, out of wedlock pregnancy or contracted AIDS. They are used and the terrorist group uses Islam as an excuse to resolve the family issues.

The blending of the bomber with the public is the secret.  Someone, somewhere knows exactly what is going on and this is where Atmospherics (Chatter on the Streets, comes into play.  

People talk, they cannot keep their mouths shut and we must use our expertise of listening and accumulating the collected information.  Data collection and its analysis are vital.  It is from this we can perform “Next Event Predictability” to track the terrorists and their ill-gotten plans.

We have had the typical suicide bombers targets, public gathering locations such as train stations, airports, sports facilities, in fact anywhere the public is in numbers.  The second is the transportation itself, bus, trolley, train or plane.  Both have been used and from the evidence, others will follow.  

These targets use the location as a deadly means, they are a confined space.  The suicide bombers inflict their damage by a body bomb that will kill and maim those around them, approximately 30 – 60 feet is the main kill zone.  

The damage is horrific, I will not describe the carnage, you can Google for yourselves and see what is left of the bomber and what is inflicted on innocent people.

The energy of the bomb is looking for an escape route, to vent out of the confined space, taking and ripping everything in its path.

In bomb blast protection we always “harden” a building for the outside car bomb blast potential.  Over the last 45 years we, as a company, have perfected our solutions.  We have not ever forgotten the need for venting of a confined space for the possibility of a suicide bomber.  I believe we were the first to create a solution for venting public buildings in the event of a suicide bomber.

I remember my meeting and presentation in Washington D.C. on March 11th, 2004, the day Spain suffered a railway train explosion that changed each Spaniard’s opinion of terrorism.  This is a country that has been suffering from Basque terrorist for decades and that day, it was taken to a whole different level.  This meeting had approximately 50 people booked to attend at the Department of Transportation, we were informed that the location was being changed as over 200 hundred had now, that morning, asked to attend due to our subject matter and the chain of events.

I was even asked that day if we could invent a bomb detection device for bus transportation and the man was serious!

What are the targets? 

Terrorists select locations and dates by anniversaries, history, special events and their terroristic concerns.  The build-up is a major concern, there are more anniversaries both political, religious, historical and event-driven than most years. 

The research is more than a full-time job and those tasked must keep their information fresh and fluid.  It is not just what someone thinks, it is their actions that can trigger a terrorist group to latch on to the situation or concerns.

The Olympics are a major target since Munich in 1972 and the murder of
athletes. The security of the Brazilian Olympics is as important as it has been a target all along.  It is the regions terror groups who have promised to make this violent games and the Russian government is publicly showing some concerns.

Today, they may be more worried than ever before.

Drug cartels and massive gangs are the concern, the bomb has hardly ever been used by them but is an option when these people see the message that is sent out through mass killings by using the bomb.  It is the headlines of fear that drive these morons.

Proactivity is more vital than ever in this dangerous age.  We started our prevention, secure techniques and solutions over 45years ago and our standards have not changed.  

Whether it be word of mouth, fingers, and thumbs of social media, or just plain detective work, we are the same and as diligent as ever.

Our passion is as fired up to protect those that bear the brunt of these attacks.  

People, people who work for corporations as they are the ones affected more than any other group.  Commerce is the major collateral sufferer of terrorism, it affects your business, staff, and clients and we must reduce the risk. 

You cannot afford not to be pro-active! 

We are in the NOW and

KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Friday, August 10, 2018

What Is It About Fridays?

What Is It About Fridays?

Well, this Friday:

  • Mueller Court reports, which are laughable 
  • North Korea is still an issue
  • British Government cannot leave the EU
  • People are still missing and cannot be found

Do you feel it, experience it?  Is it a mass change in attitude on the sixth day of the week?

Is it like a wind-down day when nothing really gets done?  

Or are you, like me, treat this day as an extra effort day?

Is it more relaxed or does the adrenalin pump for the freedom from work for Saturday and Sunday?  In fact, the weekend exposes more physical energy being released on personal projects than you realize.  No wonder Monday mornings are the reversal of Fridays.

What is the atmosphere this Friday?  Do the news and talking points of society dominate the workspace? Maybe not, our minds are on the clock for it to tick faster and get the hell out of Dodge!


Where are your mind and opinions today?

Has this been a week of negativity and concern?  Is it time to gather the family and discuss the issue of our social demise?

Life this weekend is not the same as last is it?

Do some thinking, it will change your life!


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Monday, August 6, 2018

Island Turf Wars, Chicago Style…

Island Turf Wars, Chicago Style…

Gangs, just like business, fight for their position in the marketplace and will, as we know, use any legal or illegal tactic so they can dominate and win.  I use Chicago as the precedent and continuing example simply because it is! 
The daily shootings are worst than ever and Mayor Rham could not careless.

It seems like another area of the world is now using the same gangland tactics honed on the streets of America, it is Trinidad and Tobago.  Who would have thought that the island located off Venezuela, South America would have a serious gang problem among their midst?

The Trinidad Express Newspaper, reported by Gyasi Gonzales states, “even with a visible police presence in East Port of Spain and Laventille yesterday, gunmen played cat and mouse with patrolling officers, killing a 16-year-old pregnant girl and three other young men in what is a battle for control of “turf”.

This, in a bid to secure lucrative make-work contracts.

Police said a gang leader from Laventille is responsible for the killings of Nyam Antoine, 16, of Duncan Street, Port of Spain; and later that day his cousin, Rasheeda Gomez, also 16, who also lived at Duncan Street.

The murder spree began at 5 a.m. while Nyam Antoine was asleep at his grandmother’s apartment off Upper Duncan Street, Port of Spain.

Relatives said he suffered from sickle-cell anemia and was never healthy.
Gunmen dragged the boy out of the house and residents said when they heard him screaming they called the police.

One resident claimed he even told two officers on patrol about what was happening. Residents claimed they were ignored.

Antoine, however, was first badly beaten by the gunmen.

Residents say the boy was so scared he soiled himself when two guns were pointed at him. The gunmen then shot him 15 times, killing him on the spot.

One woman claimed it was a Laventille gang leader who was responsible for these attacks in East Port of Spain in an area known as “Rasta City”.

“They want to run the town with Muslims, but we don’t want them here,” she said.

The murder toll stood at 240 up to last night for the year, according to an Express tally.”

This is a scenario that CommSmart Global Group is all too familiar with!  It is an insurgency/gang problem and must be treated as such.  The mention of Muslim connections in controlling a city is an initial problem that cannot be seen to grow.  Seeing this type of turf war reminds us of the conflicts on the streets of America, Brazil, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East rolled into one.  

It cannot be dealt with by normal means.  This is why CommSmart Global Group has been successful in understanding and dealing with the situations worldwide in such a forthright manner.  It is all to do with intelligence gathering at the highest level from the streets, the Atmospheric Noise Collection is the difference.

LENSS, DMV, NCIC, HIDTA, Safety Net, LPR, PNC, CRIMINT, Accurint local crime and public data with any other databases you wish to add. As you action your normal verification process via LENSS, it accesses all these steps on one screen, smartphone, laptop, PC Desk it works with all.  Within one operation, no additional programs to use, no more retyping names, vehicles tag or other vital
information, right in the palm of the hand and at the fingertips.

It is the additional information that is the key, every report and officer’s notes are matched in real-time and alert the officer of every interaction the individual has had with law enforcement, from traffic stops to infractions, with important detail from the notes which will be compared and matched.

Checkboxes cannot do that. The simple visual ability, comments, location, associates are brought right to you. Preparing you for the true statements
which have previously been stated. This is ensuring your safety as to who you really are encountering.

Residents of Trinidad and Tobago deserve to be able to live normal lives and not worry about these insurgents, gang members who are intimidating their daily lives.

LENSS is ready to work within the communities of Trinidad and Tobago and bring the culprits to justice.  If it is left alone and unsolved the insurgents/gang members will take a further grip and cause more death and heartache and exacerbate the situation.

It starts on the streets and will finish in the Justice Courts, allowing residents to live the normal island lives they deserve and demand.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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U.K. 0207 1019247

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We Must Exhume, the Former Trust & Respect for Our Communities & Law Enforcement, Which Have Gone Before Us!

We Must Exhume, the Former Trust & Respect for Our 
Communities & Law Enforcement, Which Have Gone Before Us!

Ideas, initiatives, and intelligence are always among us. In many cases not really a ‘new’ idea but one of using existing thoughts and ideas and adding to them.  Many that have gone before us have had brilliant ideas, innovative suggestions and never moved forward.  It is all about ‘timing’. 

Society has changed so rapidly and the effective means of communications brings these societal changes before our eyes have moved like even Edison or Tesla could have ever comprehended.

Having stood in the same laboratory that Edison created so many of his patents, walking in the gardens and by the river in Fort Meyers, his summer home, it opens a thought process, even with your eyes open.

In the world of policing society, we have lost sight of the reason we require the police in the first place!  It has become a ‘Them and Us’ world and hurdling toward such a dangerous outcome. 

Criminals are as up-to-date as the latest ‘app’ and type of gun available.  Thank goodness they are not that ‘bright’, in the intelligence department. 

Saying that though, law enforcement does not have access to the same tools because of depilated budgets and the slowness of the political machines.

Police chiefs are hired by local cities and work with a cloud over their head of the council or commission to which they serve and can be ‘fired at will’.  The decisions have always a connection to political concerns and not always on the community itself.  Meaning, the community has no say in the police department as such.

The Sheriff is elected by the people and even the elected period is short, they like all have to campaign for the next round of votes, they have always a niggling thought of how this will be accepted by the voters.

We must remember that ‘the People are the Police and the Police are the People’.  It might have been stated in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern day policing, it stands true and must be readopted to bring us back to a formal society regarding criminality.

It is about TRUST & RESPECT!

LENSS (Law Enforcement Sharing Solution). It is now a stronger search engine format than you have ever seen or touched!

Everything you require is encapsulated within LENSS, DMV, NCIC, HIDTA, Safety Net, LPR, PNC, CRIMINT, Accurint local crime and public data with any other databases you wish to add. As you action your normal verification process via LENSS, it accesses all these steps on one screen, smartphone, laptop, PC Desk it works with all.

Within one operation, no additional programs to use, no more retyping names, vehicles tag or other vital information, right in the palm of the hand and at the

It is the additional information that is the key, every report and officer’s notes are matched in real-time and alert the officer of every interaction the individual has had with law enforcement, from traffic stops to infractions, with important detail from the notes which will be compared and matched.

Checkboxes cannot do that. The simple visual ability, comments, location, associates are brought right to you. Preparing you for the true statements
which have previously been stated. This is ensuring your safety as to who you really are encountering.

Trust & Respect from all, not taking sides.  After all, we live together, side by side, shop at the supermarkets, eat at the same restaurants, use the same entertainment facilities and send our children to the same schools.

Is there an issue in society?  Yes, and none of us are perfect or ever will be.
Public safety is a priority and having the facts at hand, with proactive enhancement results this way:
  • Bring back Trust & Respect of communities
  • Save lives
  • Solving crimes expeditiously
  • Create a myriad of necessary reports
  • Augment officer safety
  • Utilize Information/data NOW 

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner can and will make logical use of the data NOW!

Effectively on used all fronts, the data/information and written narratives with public data become an integral daily part of proactive Digital Policing.

To increase the opportunity to move forward there is a funding program in place, NCS-X funding which is for the use of expanding data capabilities with NIBRS. It is available and we can tie in with this to supply our Accurnit Virtual Crime Center (AVCC), which is both analytic workstations and individual analytic crime and management tools.

We mention the budget costing cutting which is always a hard chew to swallow.  With our global experience and understanding of what lies with you regarding these budget and staffing issues, our approach will be one of the overall cost savings, productivity and data tool capabilities.

We are proficient not only in analytics, we encompass cyber from all of the good, bad and ugly angles with IT archeological data aspects.  If that is not enough, our law enforcement expertise is second to none, both from the London Metropolitan Police and US law enforcement understands of yesterday, today, and the future, which is Digital Policing.

Social media interaction and analytics are now the foundations of communications both social and criminal.  That is why it also plays a major role in all we do.  All government and law enforcement must embrace, understand and importantly use to interact with the communities.

This is not some entertainment programming that has appeared since Hollywood or television programming created ‘Minority Report’ or Fox’s ‘APB’. 

It was 21 years ago that our initial development created an aggressive crime analytics with the ability for street-level officers to have information at hand.  Back then we had no mobile phones, so it was slower and very manual. 

The importance is it worked and proficiently!

Today, we now have the Smartphone which places all information in the palm of the officer’s hand, immediately.

Our partner, LexisNexis, with us, have taken what has been working extremely well and moved to the next step for making a definitive difference in the use of crime data, combining public data and placing into the hands of law enforcement securely.  Oh, you also do not need to be a ‘geek’ to operate, no disrespect to our learned IT friends!

Our predictive analysis was and is tried, tested and through our success in Afghanistan regarding the predictive placement of IEDs with our DoD contract.
Proved immensely our war zone capabilities, enabling us to make enhancements in our proprietary algorithmic protocols, which are now on the streets of our global clients, working exceptionally well to save lives and solve the crime, including ‘cold cases’.

We work alongside Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Public Safety Commissioner & the Dept. of Public Safety, Dept. of Intelligence (Fusion Center), IT management (NIBRS) and other law enforcement management and will open their eyes to the Digital Policing Attributes for Transformational Policing which brings them beyond the criminal deficiencies of budget and staffing cuts.

Our team of management, analysts and an overview of both Social Media Interaction/Analytics, Crime Analytics, Predictive Analysis, and Community Crime Mapping with Anonymous Tip lines. Our presentation is conversational, passionate, with true street-level experience and a listening ear.

Yes, a two-way street for sharing from all sides the desires wants, dreams and capabilities required.  No holding back!

So don’t you hold back!  Converse and communicate and see why we have the success you and your community deserve.

Located Globally in Europe, U.K. & USA

U.S. Offices:
U.S.: (515) 257.8310
U.K.:   0207 1019247


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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Corporate Wet Spot

The Corporate Wet Spot

There are things in our lives that seem to have to be avoided at all costs.  

Wet Spots seems to be one of them.  What is a Wet Spot to you?  Just two simple words that have an air connected to them.  

There are words that garner a giggle when mentioned and in some cases, a hand is placed in front of one's mouth as you are giggling, blush with embarrassment and trying to pretend it is not you that is laughing.

Balls is another example.  No matter how you say, it always remits back to testicles.  Football, golf ball, deflate-gate, you get the picture.  Children, when they learn a word and it's many meanings, all revert to the most obscene or obnoxious street meaning. Remember when you found out about the F-word!

I, as a very young child, maybe five or six years old, came home from kindergarten and proceeded to use the F-word to my Grandmother, who told me my Grandfather would not be happy in me using that expression.  I had no earthly idea of what it meant.  It was just that day it was the word that everyone was using and giggling about.  Innocent banter, which in turn was offending adults, only as they giggled on what a group of children using the word for. After all, it is a verb is it not?

Back to the Wet Spot!  If whilst eating you drop some food or liquid on your shirt, tie or blouse and then wipe it away with a damp napkin, it leaves what?  

A Wet Spot.

While working out at the gym, jogging or is just a hot day, you sweat and leave a Wet Spot

The majority of you still haven't got out of your head what the first thought of a Wet Spot is to you and are now smiling on how I am going to turn that thought into a Corporate Wet Spot!

Firstly how did I consider using the title and where the heck did it come from? 

It was with a Mail Carrier who was talking about the perks of the job of delivering the US Mail that stated it had some great perks and then not so good perks.  I asked what were the down sided to the job and this is what I learned. 

She was delivering mail and needed a signature for a piece of mail and the recipient was mowing his yard on a riding mower. As he stopped and dismounted, she could hardly not notice he was wearing a very brief speedo. Being a woman, she peeked and the first thing she noticed of his "package", was a wet spot. 

She has not been the same since!

That got me thinking, what was it that the man had? Was it an incontinence issue? Was it some sort of pre-flow? Did he innocently spill something in that spot? Really doesn't matter, it is always the first thing that comes into our head and you know exactly what the Mail Carrier was thinking!

Wet Spots are mentally connected to a sexual activity and it is always after the fact that no one wants to roll or lay on the proverbial Wet Spot

Think for a moment, why is it there and what is it the result of?  Pleasure, satisfaction, a conclusion if you wish.  We should be smiling, embracing, although I do think we need to go that far of this climatic residue!

Let us look at the Wet Spot as a satisfactory result in corporate terms.  We are looking for success, praise, and satisfaction.  Results do not need to be giggled at or about, they a culmination of efforts.  Fulfillment if you wish.

Sure, if left unattended to, they can stain and be left as evidence, ask Bill Clinton about the "Blue Dress", or even Hillary!

Marks are not notches on a gun belt of how many "kills" you have accomplished. Corporate marks should be an achievement and worn proudly, like a badge of honor. There you go again, giggling and finishing the thought before I do...

The question is simple, How are your Corporate Wet Spots or examples of satisfaction?

Just a thought...

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