Monday, September 25, 2017


by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Respectism there is no such word I thought, but then again, this is 2017 and you can invent whatever you like and someone did!

"RESPECTISM is the belief that a respectful society is a pragmatic necessity for survival"

We are told it  was created with the following in mind: 

"When we talk about containing pollution or genocide or nuclear weapons, it is surprising that we have not recognized the central truth: We are the problem.

Until the truth about the universal need for a respectful society is recognized and addressed by enough of us, we will never be able to solve the perilous riddle of how to survive our weapons, our waste, and the total disrespect for the sovereignty of the basic values, our flag and national anthem.

Respectism defines a respectful society as one in which enough of us are cooperating to help each other balance the three everyday, instinctual elements of respect: respect for self, others and place.

Respect for self honors the individual will to survive and thrive, respect for others honors the humanity of all human beings and honors the life that surrounds us, respect for place honors everything from a shared table to shared earth, water, air and common respect for each other in all that has in past.

The respectism tri-model presents respect as a centering of three values that usually overlap, but which are not the same, honestly admitting that true respect is a skill to be developed over a lifetime.

Not everyone is ready to believe that a more respectful society is essential to our survival.  We saw this on Sunday with disrespectful NFL players taking the knee during the playing of America's National Anthem.

Throughout history, there have been selfish and mean leaders, those who have willingly followed them, and those who have said we will never change. 

This past event by overpaid disrespectful lowlifes is a prime example and those in senior management or ownership are just as bad!

Those of us who believe that a more respectful society is essential and possible will want to do the following:

First, individual and institutional respect for self, others and place will have to be relentlessly advertised.

Second, the abusive must be respectfully kept from power, and the behavior patterns of those who rule through fear, abuse, exploitation of prejudice and distortion of principles must be commonly recognized in order to assist in that endeavor.

Third, fair dealing, based on listening dialogue, honest negotiation, and equality must be promoted as the mechanism for creating a respectful society in public and private settings including justice for all, representative leadership and governance, economic exchange, the meeting of basic human needs, friendship, family, and love.

Fourth, the success of a respectful society must be measured by the decrease of all acts and threats of violence and involuntary detention, including those needed for true self-defense of the individual or society, as well as by the decrease in hunger and homelessness, and in the quality of our air, land, and water.

Fifth, the principles of a respectful society must be kept simple and clear enough for young children to learn, adults to believe and the weak to own as well as the powerful, so that respectism is never confused with an illusion of respectability, or authoritarianism, or made the enemy of liberty.
If a respectful society seems like an idealistic fantasy, please answer this question: "How will we survive without changing our behavior towards one another?"

No one knows exactly how we will create a respectful society any more than the inventors of the first flying machine could have imagined a space shuttle.

We must start performing countless experiments in respect if we are to survive.

We should start now.

"Love is the soul of respect, and respect is the language of love."
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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Did You Shop At The Nuclear War Store & Ready For The Weekend?

Did You Shop At The Nuclear War Store
& Ready For The Weekend?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

I've got my television, satellite, over the air, Hulu, bottled water, Scotch, Vodka, beer, stuff to munch on and my laptop with a strong Internet connection, what more could I want on this Frazzled Nuclear Weekend?  

I  am glad I am located in the Mid-West and not Guam or Hawaii, at least I am further away from that North Korean Chuckling Dingbat.

There is no sane reason this man should be threatening the US or any other part of the world with insane megalomaniac actions, comments, and outlandish nuclear threats. 

China has now cut off ties with North Korea economically.  Russia has moved in missiles and Japan quivers!  Something is not right, no matter how you look at it.

We do not want a Chamberlain, 'Peace In Our Time' speech from 1938, look what that got us, WII!

WE must stand firm on any action that is a threat to the USA and its territories. 

A war in 2017 is vastly different than 1939, even the Korean war of the 50's.  It is not about bullets anymore, it is about nuclear bombs!  

Total annihilation of human beings!

So check in at the Nuclear Supply Protection Store, get your potato chips, a variety of dips, packs of beer and do not forget frozen pizzas, it is going to be a nail-biting weekend and the Football seasons, both British and American are available!

Keep one eye on Fox News as they have their eyes and ears on the situation. 

The Twitter feed is also alive and well.

You better be locked and loaded with a stash of food and drink.  If in Iowa, go visit October Feast or the Latino Festival.  

I know I must be nuts to even think of a Nuclear War, but today, anything is possible

Hope I see you Monday and not through a dissipating mushroom cloud!

Happy Frazzled Weekend!

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Listen To Your Enemies The Failure Of EAVESDROPPING is Biting Us In The Ass!…

Listen To Your Enemies
Analytic Information
Gathering Is a MUST!!!
The continuing plan of Terrorists Attacks.
It is all about Stand-Off, how close can someone wanting to do harm get to inflict their maximum damage.  It is not just regarding physical terrorism it is cyber as well.  How close to do allow people to you?

FORTY-TWO months ago I wrote the following regarding eavesdropping, listening to the sound and chatter of the streets. It seems politicians, Presidents and Prime Ministers have failed yet again.

Not only on the pulse of the people regarding political scenes, Iraq, Iran, Syria and the European terrorists too!

This will not only bite the ass of America and Europe, it will bring unrest to their shores as well.

We are not here to just promote our company and innovations, we are here to save lives!

Eavesdropping is the act of secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent, as defined by Black's Law Dictionary. This is commonly thought to be unethical and there is an old adage that "eavesdroppers seldom hear anything good of themselves...eavesdroppers always try to listen to matters that concern them."

In researching the history, we find, Anglo-Saxon law punished eavesdroppers, who skulked in the eavesdrIp of another's home, with a fine; the eavesdropper was also sometimes called, the eavesdrop. Eavesdrop also means a small low visibility hole near the entrance to a building (generally under the eaves) which would allow the occupants to listen in on the conversation of people awaiting admission to the house. Typically this would allow the occupant to be prepared for unfriendly visitors.

Early telephone systems shared party lines which would allow the sharing subscribers to listen to each other's conversations. This was a common practice in rural America which resulted in many incidents and feuds.  In fact, I had one at the farm in England and was that fun!

Our means of communicating have changed in a very short period of time, we have gone from Telephone Party Lines to Smart Mobile Phones, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to Satellite Phones.  What about just overhearing conversations, the spoken word?  They are all methods of garnering information being discussed by others and then relayed in one form or another to a central repository.

Sadly, most information is placed in a hopper, silo or storage facility until someone decides we better take a look.  The Hopper Mentality is and has caused too many missed opportunities for successful outcomes.  In fact is has been attributed to successful terror actions against nations.

In the increased clandestine world of government and corporate information gathering, things have not really changed that much.  Yes, we have the Internet, with the good, the bad and the ugly pitfalls of information sharing.  Sadly, collecting information in the field still takes too much time in it being transported, analyzed and acted upon.  Why?

An eclectic group of individuals and corporations decided to make a difference and use their well-earned expertise to change it all.  Originating from different parts of the world was not a problem, the common denominator, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, major crimes digital data collection and analytics experience.  Next are their connections and communication skills, endless, strong and growing every single day.

It is the Word on the Streets and the Missing Link of Intelligence on the Ground.

CommSmart Global is worldwide cyber analytic policing, in more ways than one.  It goes beyond the Internet, it uses secure cloud technology to accelerate the urgency of street level information reaching the analytic core of our abilities. 

The Atmospherics, chatter, a conversation that surrounds us each and every second, is collected in various disruptive means and transported through the Internet for immediate review. 

Our Next Event Predictability capabilities use comparable data collected from differing sources and is analytically checked with our proprietary algorithms, which define the next move.  No more time wasting, no more delays and no more missing the boat on critical events.

Our team of experts can train your staff within law enforcement, military and agencies in our unique techniques, solution, and services or we can be contracted as our security clearances meet all rigorous requirements.

Importantly, it is our leadership and communication skills that ease the ability to be fast-tracked in the use of these unique solutions.

We work worldwide for organizations and governments that are of the correct cultural disposition.

It goes deeper than that, CommSmart Global has a Cyber and Computer security division with Public Safety solutions.  Not ideas, working solutions that contribute to security and our worldwide team is passionate about doing the job we were born to follow.

We are not here to mess around, we are serious, as a needed heartbeat!

WE are in the NOW and
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Friday, September 22, 2017

So You Read it On the Internet!

So You Read it On the Internet! 
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Oh my, you read it on the Internet, so it must be true!  

No, anything whatsoever can be written on the Internet, anything and even scum bucket newspapers spread vicious lies.  As you know, there are always two sides to every story.  We have all seen the National Enquirer, the retractions, and the following lawsuits.  

You see, today people who want to get back at someone and attack them perpetually, using the Internet or a low life rag of a newspaper who never even approaches the individuals in the story to hear the other side. 

Anything placed on the Internet is there forever and ever and not always a happy ending to the anonymous writer or forwarder of the miss-information.

Sounds a bit far-fetched? 

No, as there are those that are closed mind and believe what they read, which is convoluted facts and fiction, then they spread the information or take action in a manner that is open for legal aggression.

No, I read it on the Internet!

Responding to these individuals, former co-workers or ex-girlfriends is not the way to go.  It allows them to think they have won and got one over on you

They have got under your skin and annoyed you. Never respond, as it is only going to cause you to do something you will regret.  This is the trend of the unsociable society of today!  

Unfortunately, there are those that never check the real facts and the twisted and derided muses of sick individuals who use this weapon.  They hide behind a keyboard and screen, smirking as they think they strike at your heart with each keystroke.  

Just as hackers, phishers, a man in the middle brutal attackers whose minds are polluted with hatred and wanton aggressive in harming you.

It is pure HATE towards people.  Hatred for what was perceived happened and then twisting the real facts, inventive, sadistic words that they write and giggle as they think what will be your reaction.  The hacker is the same, hatred for what you own, valuables, money, information that they steal and want for themselves without working or lifting a finger for it.

Bullying, stalking and just downright disgusting lies are growing day by day and I can understand the inner feelings of those attacked and the subject of these sick individuals. 

Defending yourself in these situations becomes an extremely difficult situation, as the seed has been sown. 

The more you defend, the more people think that those that shout loudest are guilty, not the fact!  It is inner anger that sadly comes to the surface.  You have maintained silence, not wanting to stir these individuals, which becomes like a hornet's nest or a mound of angry ants.  It is very difficult to maintain a semblance of calmness in this situations.

Beware what you spread about people to others through emails, regarding individuals, it falls under the electronic stalking law.  

Think first of how malicious you are being in re-tweeting, posting or sending emails that you happen to find while wasting your time to dig up what you think is dirt on someone you have a disliking for. 

It has happened to me and I have ignored their sordid intentions and will not stoop to their lowlife level of depravity.  I mean, what is the point?  

Anger and shutting yourself in a room is not the answer.  Nor is responding to those that do bring it to your attention, as no matter what you say, they will not believe you. 

I have met people who talk behind your back, spreading, what they believe is true or twisted, warped, anonymous statements to others.  They cannot stand it that you have a different solid value in making a change and have the testicular fortitude to take it to the upfront and center.

The unsocial side of the Internet is bubbling to the surface and will be stopped, lies, innuendo, hacked information is out there and being extracted to do harm to each of us.  

Do not think that an eight-digit + password is a lock on your world!  It is NOT!

So, in business and your private social life, watch your P’s & Q’s on how you try to retaliate, there are laws against.  

Those that receive such vendettas, ignore and do not add these people to your Christmas card list.

So count your blessings and remember to pay it forward each and every day!

Oh, look what they wrote about… it has to be true, I read it on the Internet!

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Are You Lost In Oblivion?

Are You Lost In Oblivion?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

I know you woke up, rubbed the sleep from eyes and stumbled to the bathroom or the kitchen, depending what was going through your mind.  

In or out, that is the first decision of the day!

What drives you?  Was the late night news still ringing in your mind or Jimmy Fallon, reading silly Tweets, still bouncing from side to side in your mind, or was it your business, employment or the family?

Might even have been Mother Natures Fury or Global Terror.

In this year of 2017, information is bombarding you at a rate some cannot handle.  Too Much Information (TMI) is more than an issue.  Processing power is stretched and decisions are becoming more difficult.

Morons killing people for no apparent reason, President's trying to chastise world so-called leaders and politicians treading on fine lines not wanting to upset the already overturned rotting apple cart. 

What a week so far!

Try the logical approach, find that quiet corner somewhere and take deep breaths, think of all that is directly affecting you and try to prioritise them. 

Difficult at first, but it is worthwhile.

Most of you personally cannot change a good 90% of the concerns.  The other 10% are close to your heart and to place them in order will take some deep thoughts and time.

Family, business, friends and the sordid issues that keep flashing in your mind. Never in the history of the world has there been so much thrown at you, muddling your mind and tearing you in all directions.

Now you have found this corner to mardle over, do it everyday, it is time for you to have an introspective of your surroundings, both mental and physical.

Look back at the information that was directed at you, or you read in a blog, a newspaper or on the Internet. The conversations at work, with the family or the overheard conversations in public places, they all leave a residue in your mind that is triggered by other events.

Become frugal in how you handle it all, be innovative in your decision making and make this a daily occurrence.  

Just a thought...

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Bucket Bomb? The Ideology & Cultural Differences

Bucket Bomb?
The Ideology & Cultural Differences
So who do we trust?  No one! 
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

This graphic is how the radical Islamic Terrorists spread their words and incite!

The fear of the Lone Wolf or Wolf Pack has returned and did not use technology, a simple crude 'bucket bomb'.  
Proving that basic methods are effective in spreading terror.  

Some Knew Something and Needs To Come Forward!

Today, terrorism went to yet another level of a Wolf Pack attack.  It can happen anywhere at any time to members of our global society.  

People were attacked in the heart of Great Britain in London. 

This morning all Public Safety departments worldwide will be analyzing the situation and the concerning content of this attack and its far-reaching ramifications.

A little background, terrorism on the streets is relatively new in this manner and Muslim terrorism against the West did not only occurred with the New York City attack on the World Trade Center.  It goes back much further and deeper.

Since the 16th century, there has been a sectarian conflict of varying intensity between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. This religious sectarianism is connected to a degree with nationalism. Northern Ireland has seen an inter-communal conflict for more than four centuries and there are records of religious ministers or clerics, the agents for absentee landlords, aspiring politicians, and members of the landed gentry stirring up and capitalizing on sectarian hatred and violence back as far as the late 18th century.

William Edward Hartpole Lecky, an Irish historian, wrote: "If the characteristic mark of a healthy Christianity is to unite its members by a bond of fraternity and love, then there is no country where Christianity has more completely failed than Ireland".

Reactions to sectarian domination and abuse have resulted in accusations of sectarianism being leveled against the minority community. It has been argued, however, that those reactions would be better understood in terms of a struggle against the sectarianism that governs relations between the two communities and which has resulted in the denial of human rights to the minority community.

The period from 1969 to 2002 is known as "The Troubles". Nearly all the people living in Northern Ireland identified themselves as belonging to either the Protestant or the Catholic community. People of no religion and non-Christian faiths are still considered as belonging to one of the two "sects" along with churchgoers. In this context, "Protestants" means essentially descendants of immigrants from Scotland and England settled in Ulster during or soon after the 1690s; also known as "Loyalists" or "Unionist" because they generally support politically the status of Northern Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom. "Catholics" means descendants of the pre-1690 indigenous Irish population; also known as "Nationalist" and "Republicans"; who generally politically favor a united Ireland.

Sectarian violence between the two major sects of Islam, Shia, and Sunni, has occurred in countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Lebanon etc. This violent conflict has roots in the political turmoil arising out of differences over the succession to Muhammad. Abu Bakr, a companion of Muhammad, was nominated by Umar and elected as the first Sunni Rightly Guided Caliph. 

However, another group felt that Ali, the cousin, and son-in-law of Muhammad, had been designated by Muhammad and is considered by Shia as the first Imam.

Abu Bakr was followed by Umar as caliph of the Rashidun Caliphate, then by Uthman ibn Affan and finally by Ali. Ali's right to rule was challenged by Muawiyah bin Abu Sufyan, governor of Syria, who believed that Ali should have acted faster against the murderers of Uthman. The situation deteriorated further when many of those responsible for the death of Uthman rallied behind Ali. 

However, later on, both the parties agreed to have someone as a judge between them. This led to the separation of an extremist group known as Kharijites from Ali's army, which pronounced the judgment belonged to God alone. A member of this group later assassinated Ali. At the demise of Muawiyah, he appointed his son Yazid as his successor. The credentials of Yazid were challenged by Ali's son Hussein ibn Ali (and grandson of Muhammad). A battle of Karbala in Iraq led to the martyrdom of Hussein and dozens of others from Ahl al-Bayt (the members of the family of Muhammad).

This tragic incident created deep fissures in the Muslim society. The conflict that had started at a political plane intervened with the dogma and belief systems.

Those who considered Ali to be the true heir to the Caliphate split away from the main corpus of Muslim society and traditions. They developed their distinct sect, known as "Shia" referring to Shian-e-Ali. The majority of Muslims are known as "Sunni" meaning "followers of the Traditions of The Prophet ". They are of the view that the bloody conflict between Ali and Muawiyah was a result of a tragic misunderstanding and regardless of who was wrong, the matter should have been solved peacefully.

Most probably the first real view of the issues and how you must understand the background.

WE are in the NOW and

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Saturday, September 9, 2017


By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

I will never forget the morning of September 11th, 2001, as the very personal attack of terrorists took place on American soil.  The fear that gripped the faces as they ran from the clouds of debris of the collapsing towers, not knowing if it was their last hopeless steps.

Running invigorates the body and brings on all sorts of emotions and triggers the senses within.  The Good, Bad and the Ugly surface and take over our emotions as they did, that awful day.

The sense of fear has never left many and is triggered by other acts and events that occur around us on a daily basis.  If you let terrorism be one of those triggers, the insane morons have won.  Easy for me to say I know, believe it or not, I do have a heart, emotion, triggers too and control.

I was watching a segment on BBC television three years, regarding the killing of the soldier and two eminent professors made some simplistic statements that I have always have rolling around in my head.  To some they are stock answers on terrorist attacks and the feelings of people.

A simple one is:

You are much more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist.  (Might need to ask golfer, Lee Trevino that question)

The jihadist is wanting and succeeding to instill fear by a dreadful attack on the human race and by any means that brings the attention of groups, individuals and importantly, the media.

Making the front page of the local rag and #1 story of the local evening news on television is the goal.  We humans, bow to their wishes, each and every time.

fear factor

Main Entry: fear factor 

Part of Speech: n
Definition: the extent to which a person's fear keeps them from doing something; any feeling of fear that prevents an action 

In the November, 2001, I completed a series of How to Reduce the Fear Factor and Increase the Comfort Zone lectures and seminars in the United States.  Massively successful and addressed many audiences of Public Safety and Corporate America.  Never had we addressed this issue before, as no one believed it could every happen in their lifetime.

All security has, and rightfully so, concentrated on the explosive and the gun as the weapon of choice of the jihadist.  Technology and sophistication of bomb making and being able to beat the system of detection devices, from the simplest, the canine nose to the extreme of technology, electronic sniffers and x-ray devices.

Killing has come full circle once more.  The knife, a simple piece of steel that is so cold in the killing of another human being.  They say history repeats itself and we never learn from our mistakes.  Complacency is always the underlying factor and we are extremely good at letting down our guard in times of need.

The CommSmart Global Group is embarking on a new series of seminars next year to bring to Public Safety departments and Corporate America, the need to be communicating from within and setting higher standards for leadership and understanding.

We must never forget those that have laid down their lives for us to live today.  We must remove the fear factor and increase our comfort zones, one and all.

Reports over the years have told us: 

In the years after the 9/11 attacks in America and the 2005 London bombings, there was fevered speculation that Al Qaeda might soon belabour the West with biological or even nuclear weapons.

Our forefathers who braved two World Wars and the Cold War would be bewildered and, I think, dismayed that such an action could generate such turmoil.

The spectre of an ‘enemy within’ is bound to be more disturbing than any foreign threat.

While most Muslims wholeheartedly condemn the killers, we know from bleak experience that a significant minority will tell opinion pollsters they actually endorse what was done.

We must nonetheless sustain a sense of perspective. Racially aggravated murders, claiming victims of all races, have been taking place for many years.”

It will go on, unless we increase our comfort zones and stop the madness…
WE are in the NOW and
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