Monday, February 11, 2019

RESPECTISM Vs. RACISM - Now, a very personal experience

by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Respectism there is no such word I thought, but then again, this is 2019 and you can invent whatever you like and someone did!

Sadly, this week I was on the receiving end of more than racism.  It has taken my friends, business colleagues and lawyers to calm me down.  

It personally hurt me deeply and I, like others including the witness who heard this disparaging statement by this corporate individual, whom I have never met, or even wish to.  

I will see this excuse for a man in court with his company and will show at all levels there are bullying and racism by individuals, whose co-workers know his opinions and issues, who should never be in a position of management with such ideology and a concerning cultural attitude.  A video will follow which is being approved by the lawyers.

Crazy fact is, I am White, English and a Jew...

"RESPECTISM is the belief that a respectful society is a pragmatic necessity for survival"

We are told it was created with the following in mind: 

"When we talk about containing pollution or genocide or nuclear weapons, it is surprising that we have not recognized the central truth: 

We are the problem.

Until the truth about the universal need for a respectful society is recognized and addressed by enough of us, we will never be able to solve the perilous riddle of how to survive our weapons, our waste, and the total disrespect for the sovereignty of the basic values, our flag and national anthem.

Respectism defines a respectful society as one in which enough of us are cooperating to help each other balance the three every day, instinctual elements of respect: respect for self, others, and place.

Respect for self-honors the individual will survive and thrive, respect for others honor the humanity of all human beings and honors the life that surrounds us, respect for place honors everything from a shared table to shared earth, water, air and common respect for each other in all that has in past.

The respectism tri-model presents respect as centering of three values that usually overlap, but which are not the same, honestly admitting that true respect is a skill to be developed over a lifetime.

Not everyone is ready to believe that a more respectful society is essential to our survival.  We saw this on Sunday with disrespectful NFL players taking the knee during the playing of America's National Anthem.

Throughout history, there have been selfish and mean leaders, those who have willingly followed them, and those who have said we will never change. 

This past event by overpaid disrespectful lowlifes is a prime example and those in senior management or ownership are just as bad!

Those of us who believe that a more respectful society is essential and possible will want to do the following:

First, individual and institutional respect for self, others and place will have to be relentlessly advertised.

Second, the abusive must be respectfully kept from power, and the behavior patterns of those who rule through fear, abuse, exploitation of prejudice and distortion of principles must be commonly recognized in order to assist in that endeavor.

Third, fair dealing, based on listening dialogue, honest negotiation, and equality must be promoted as the mechanism for creating a respectful society in public and private settings including justice for all, representative leadership and governance, economic exchange, the meeting of basic human needs, friendship, family, and love.

Fourth, the success of a respectful society must be measured by the decrease of all acts and threats of violence and involuntary detention, including those needed for true self-defense of the individual or society, as well as by the decrease in hunger and homelessness, and in the quality of our air, land, and water.

Fifth, the principles of a respectful society must be kept simple and clear enough for young children to learn, adults to believe and the weak to own as well as the powerful, so that respectism is never confused with an illusion of respectability, or authoritarianism, or made the enemy of liberty.
If a respectful society seems like an idealistic fantasy, please answer this question: "How will we survive without changing our behavior towards one another?"

No one knows exactly how we will create a respectful society any more than the inventors of the first flying machine could have imagined a space shuttle.

We must start performing countless experiments with respect if we are to survive.

We should start now.

"Love is the soul of respect, 
and respect is the language of love."
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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Sadly, Milwaukee Requires a Pied Piper Intervention

Sadly, Milwaukee Requires a
Pied Piper Intervention
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The next focused city by the media and social haters of law enforcement in Milwaukee, the saga continues...

Another law enforcement officer shot dead in the line of duty serving a warrant!

Police Officer Matthew Rittner was shot and killed as he executed a narcotics and firearms related search warrant at a home in the 2900 block of South 12th Street near West Dakota Street. 

As the Tactical Enforcement Unit made entry into the home a suspect opened fire with a high-powered rifle, striking Officer Rittner in the chest. Officer Rittner was transported to Froedtert Hospital where he died from his injuries.
This is not a law enforcement agency issue, it is a societal and policing breakdown of intelligence.  Those that serve warrants and papers in most cases have nothing to do or are connected to the case at hand.

They must have more information on who the warrant is to be served on, the location and known unique identifiers attached to the serving of papers.

Criminality must be dealt with under the provisions of the laws on the books with more data for officer safety. 

Previous incidents in Milwaukee from reports state the start of other problems was an armed criminal being stopped by police and non-compliance.

Even the individual's father stated that he, the father, had not been a good role model and this is what you see is the result of his, the father's failure in that regard, as reported by Fox News.
It is a family issue, especially in black disjointed families who have no real father figure for decades and we have done nothing to stem the problems.

Anger and jumping to conclusions by an unintelligence section of society is a driving issue of all the violence against police agencies and their own community.  

It shows we have a section of people who, no matter what will resort to violence, destruction, and mayhem.  If you look at these individuals you will find that they too have legal issues, either prior arrests, outstanding warrants and an anger management issue that is beyond belief.  Basically, demonic low life's who scoff the law and want to do harm to law enforcement officers and their community.

Police officers will tell that summertime and the heat exacerbate incidents and the downing of additional alcohol only increase the possibilities for violence, even within families and so called friends.  It seems even winter is a time of discontent!

This is not the time for local politicians to speak, it is a time for local community leadership and law enforcement agencies together to deaccelerate the problems. 

First, though it is knowing intimately the beats and streets, inch by inch, person by person and every single incident and the connections.  That happens when the daily reports, data, and experience when collectively reviewed bring you the full picture.  

This connected information not available, or you thought it should be.  Borders and the ability to share vital information is just not there.

Here is a typical Twitter user who happens to be in Baltimore and their Twitter profile, tell me that is not a concern to law enforcement?

Social media monitoring through us plays a major role.  We can delve below the surface and know it all, the connections, GPS locations and thoughts of the criminals as they use this social and anti-social medium and share with their contacts

How can we, CommSmart Global Group make such a statement? Simple, it is true and already working in major agencies and has, even more, advantages for all communities.  crossing beats, streets, cities, counties and states.  Collective means to know all that goes on with every incident that is logged.

Analytics is only as good as the base data. Under or miss-reported data is the failure of the collection that makes a mockery of the weightless and missed results.

The actions of sheriff deputies and police officers on the streets are the beginning of the information chain.  They see and hear the initial incidents and subsequent conversations with the individuals.  You cannot get closer to the facts than our law enforcement ‘boots on the ground.’  In notating within LENSS and not just robotically checking boxes, they are building an information flow with unique identifiers for all their fellow officers across borders, counties, and agencies.

You do not have to write a book; it is just short words, sentences, and phrases that become searchable for all.  Law enforcement officers at all levels are trained and have ‘soft skill sets’ that are based on gut feelings.  Those must be noted, as they may and will play an important part in a further or a connected investigation down the road.

It is those unique identifiers such as, vehicle tag, driving license number, type of vehicle, passenger or passengers, location, time, and the reason for a traffic stop that just like a field interview or ‘call for service’ highlight time-based facts and statements that must be noted.  There is the difference and been proven over and over for the last three and a half years in the use of LENSS.

There is categorically no solution on the global, nationally or on a local basis that can share across borders and agencies in the manner of LENSS.   It is the law enforcement game changer and can be assimilated as productive ‘Policing on Steroids.

No, it is not expensive, not even the price of a cup of coffee a week per sworn officer!  This information source does mean a 'hill of beans' with proven results for the agency and the community they serve.

I know you want to know more so contact us either by phone or email for a discussion and demonstration of a life saver! 


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