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Island Turf Wars, Chicago Style…

Island Turf Wars, Chicago Style…

Gangs, just like business, fight for their position in the marketplace and will, as we know, use any legal or illegal tactic so they can dominate and win.  I use Chicago as the precedent and continuing example simply because it is! 
The daily shootings are worst than ever and Mayor Rham could not careless.

It seems like another area of the world is now using the same gangland tactics honed on the streets of America, it is Trinidad and Tobago.  Who would have thought that the island located off Venezuela, South America would have a serious gang problem among their midst?

The Trinidad Express Newspaper, reported by Gyasi Gonzales states, “even with a visible police presence in East Port of Spain and Laventille yesterday, gunmen played cat and mouse with patrolling officers, killing a 16-year-old pregnant girl and three other young men in what is a battle for control of “turf”.

This, in a bid to secure lucrative make-work contracts.

Police said a gang leader from Laventille is responsible for the killings of Nyam Antoine, 16, of Duncan Street, Port of Spain; and later that day his cousin, Rasheeda Gomez, also 16, who also lived at Duncan Street.

The murder spree began at 5 a.m. while Nyam Antoine was asleep at his grandmother’s apartment off Upper Duncan Street, Port of Spain.

Relatives said he suffered from sickle-cell anemia and was never healthy.
Gunmen dragged the boy out of the house and residents said when they heard him screaming they called the police.

One resident claimed he even told two officers on patrol about what was happening. Residents claimed they were ignored.

Antoine, however, was first badly beaten by the gunmen.

Residents say the boy was so scared he soiled himself when two guns were pointed at him. The gunmen then shot him 15 times, killing him on the spot.

One woman claimed it was a Laventille gang leader who was responsible for these attacks in East Port of Spain in an area known as “Rasta City”.

“They want to run the town with Muslims, but we don’t want them here,” she said.

The murder toll stood at 240 up to last night for the year, according to an Express tally.”

This is a scenario that CommSmart Global Group is all too familiar with!  It is an insurgency/gang problem and must be treated as such.  The mention of Muslim connections in controlling a city is an initial problem that cannot be seen to grow.  Seeing this type of turf war reminds us of the conflicts on the streets of America, Brazil, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East rolled into one.  

It cannot be dealt with by normal means.  This is why CommSmart Global Group has been successful in understanding and dealing with the situations worldwide in such a forthright manner.  It is all to do with intelligence gathering at the highest level from the streets, the Atmospheric Noise Collection is the difference.

LENSS, DMV, NCIC, HIDTA, Safety Net, LPR, PNC, CRIMINT, Accurint local crime and public data with any other databases you wish to add. As you action your normal verification process via LENSS, it accesses all these steps on one screen, smartphone, laptop, PC Desk it works with all.  Within one operation, no additional programs to use, no more retyping names, vehicles tag or other vital
information, right in the palm of the hand and at the fingertips.

It is the additional information that is the key, every report and officer’s notes are matched in real-time and alert the officer of every interaction the individual has had with law enforcement, from traffic stops to infractions, with important detail from the notes which will be compared and matched.

Checkboxes cannot do that. The simple visual ability, comments, location, associates are brought right to you. Preparing you for the true statements
which have previously been stated. This is ensuring your safety as to who you really are encountering.

Residents of Trinidad and Tobago deserve to be able to live normal lives and not worry about these insurgents, gang members who are intimidating their daily lives.

LENSS is ready to work within the communities of Trinidad and Tobago and bring the culprits to justice.  If it is left alone and unsolved the insurgents/gang members will take a further grip and cause more death and heartache and exacerbate the situation.

It starts on the streets and will finish in the Justice Courts, allowing residents to live the normal island lives they deserve and demand.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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