Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Demanded Security Requirements For All Public Places

Demanded Security Requirements For Today

Quick Response Force (QRF)

A Quick Response Force (QRF) is any force that is poised to respond on very short notice.

CommSmart Global’s capabilities of integration of Change Agency, Peelian Principles and Quick Response Force (QRF) Survival Edge Tactical Systems (S.E.T.S.) have been honed and crafted globally, a state of the art public order (riot control) training regimen and stands ready to prepare your selected officers and commanders to execute the highest standards in associated tactics, techniques, procedures and standard operational policies.  

QRF Overview of Services

Active Shooter Training.

In light of the Orlando attack, we bring to your attention our original Active Shooter Training Program.  

We do not go into details in public on this subject, please email or call and you will be vetted for our ability to discus with you.

Club, Restaurant, Bar, Mall and Retail Security

Public access has always required security and plans of action in the event of an incident, now is time to remove the complacency and increase your local security to maintain business.

9PP will evaluate your facility, recommend and install training and the demand video equipment to record, have direct access and review remotely. All retail must be ready for all eventualities in this every changing world.  

Please call to discuss as we do not place information regarding this vital service in public view. 

The Time for CHANGE is Now and HERE!
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