Monday, July 27, 2015

Social Accountability & Cyber Security, We Are All Circling the Drain...

Social Accountability & Cyber Security, 
We Are All Circling the Drain...
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

If you are hearing the sound of the water, you are too close and too late!

Socially our overall accountability sucks!  It is what others can do for you and you are never considering what you should be doing for others.

How many warnings of impending doom and gloom can you miss?

Families not just falling apart, blowing up and killing each, there is no more accountability for members of your closest DNA, so it is too late?

Or is it?

Rebuilding the family is a level we must address and rebuild.  It is affecting all that you do, your workplace, attitude towards your employer, customers, social responsibility and cyber protection.

Your usage of the new gizmo with unsocial media through a powerful computer in your hand, the Smartphone, is a major concern.  It is smarter than you and fails you because of your self-centered actions.

The lack of personal cyber protection does not only affect you, it affects us all. There is no "six degrees of separation", we are all connected via the Internet. What you lack to do or do not do, without understanding the ramifications has become more than a major issue and concern, it is an epidemic.

Simply downloading a new App without seeing what that fancy App is looking at and collecting information from your most personal item, the Smartphone is foolish and irresponsible.

You are fodder and income to the Hackers, Phishers, Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.  They love you because you are YOU are allowing them to walk right in your front door and steal from you, your closest family, friends and workplace.

Corporately we must disconnect the Internet from the Smartphone!  The sending and receiving of phone calls via a Smartphone, texts, emails and the sending and receiving documents is the infectious carrier used by the cyber morons.

If we have any chance of stopping the cyber thieves and terrorists we must change and improve our habits and it starts with our methods of communication.

The answers are within and we know what has to be done to stop the possibility of you being the next target.

More Information is available, including secure Smartphones for all corporations, government and those that wish to remain private.

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