Saturday, January 16, 2016

Recruitment & Job Selection Have Changed For the Good! Have You Been ZoooMeeeed Yet?

Recruitment & Job Selection Have Changed For the Good!
Have You Been ZoooMeeeed Yet?
by Nick Ashton, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Recruitment and selection are based on the basis of a motivation letter, a CV/Resume or Bio, an interview and a gut feeling overall by the assessor in receipt of your information. 

Recruiters who mainly deal with searching, matching, screening and testing should be really worrying about their added value in the recruitment process. Because technology shape shifted all this information gleaned from a potential job seeker. The well tested and tested algorithms are here and can and will automate to the liking of both employer and job seeker.

Matching both parties is not just in the social dating game: it also now available, tried tested and working for those that want to work! 

No more looking for the job, the job looks for you and ZoooMeee does the rest!

The ZoooMeeee technology goes so far to connect the ideal candidate with a potential employer.  The job seeker finds themselves being matched for the job they have been wanting.  Employers now find searching for that perfect Talent easier, cost effective and less time consuming.

No more resume writing each time you apply for a job, ZoooMeee simple asks you questions with either "I like or dislike answers". Using over 1,500 algorithms to match you with all the jobs posted on ZoooMeee.  In fact it informs you virtually immediately if you match the position available and what your percentage of match really is.  It even goes so far as to coach you what you need to brush up on the attain that position education wise.

The Change is In!

The screening of candidates is now handled within ZoooMeee for the potential employer. The fully automated matching, profiles of applicants automatically further enriched with public information by the candidate on internet and then also fact checked.

The layout for the potential employer is known to us all in this social media age, through the unique layout, the Human Resource Department can see it all at glance.  In fact it is guaranteed glance, as all the information is right there without having to read pages of information.  It is socially simplified!

Recruitment and selection are but a part of Talent Management. More often it is about ' Total Talent. This includes the Assembly of Attract, Retain, Educate and Unleash. And in that light, we see the path simplified in all manners.  

With ZoooMeee you can have all your employee details at your fingertips of who can be qualifying those jobs with those who already work for you and keep track of their progress.

ZoooMeee is not just more, it is the whole process...

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Friday, January 15, 2016

You May Possess The Keys, But Who, Has the Illicit Second Set?

You May Possess The Keys, 
But Who, Has the Illicit Second Set?

Key holders might believe they are in control of every door.  

They are NOT!

Keys are not pieces of metal anymore, they are more flimsy than that.  It can be as simple as a thumb print or an iris scan.  In fact, even your veins, yes the very carriers of your blood, as a biometric security object.

The lock has always signified that there is something of value being secured. From the vault in a financial institution to the shed at the bottom of the garden, something inside is being guarded by a simple lock.

Every American Super Bowl in years past, had a padlock manufacturer spend their marketing budget on just one commercial all year long.  The ad showed the lock being shot at, hit, and still working, securing whatever was being protected.  The power of their padlock against the energy of a bullet.

How things have changed and have they changed for the better?  Are we more secure in today's world or is it all a misnomer? 

Technology has taken over and some bright sparks believe that technology and technology alone is the protector of all.  In theory it might be, reality paints a totally different picture.

Somewhere along the line passwords were introduced and were a technology change to the old rotating numbers on the bottom of a key-less lock. 

Passwords, a combination made up of letters by a human, that thought they were more clever than their friends and inquisitors.  They are not and are hacked so simply and we still continue to use them, knowing they are a pain in the rear end and really useless.

As it turns out, the man who invented the computer password back in the early 1960's agrees. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, 87-year-old Fernando Corbato said that the password has become "kind of a nightmare."

Access Control for that is what we are talking about is not as secure as we really think.  Keypads and passwords are used for the majority of access entry methods.  The crux of the issue is the unstable, hackable password.  It is not just the hack, it is the way we humans treat passwords!  Forget them, loan them out, post them on a wall or a post-it note for all to see and then the ultimate, stolen or phished.  

The poor password needs representation as it is so misused and abused!

CommSmart Global's Red Tagged Team has the positive approach, in sympathy of the password, retire it to a greener pasture and replace with Trusted Remedy, Device DNA.

As the majority now carry and use Smart Mobile Phones we can authenticate the individual wanting access by their device and if you wish still use a password or biometrics.  This means the main means of access is the devices DNA with a secondary means of identification.  

With the ability to use cameras via the Internet we have a visual method as well.  This combined with Facial Recognition will be your secure gatekeeper. The digital logging and cross checking all being completed in milliseconds.  Any issue will alert those at a master control or even in the field.

With Access Control we are addressing:
  • Authentication 
  • Authorization 
  • Effective Strategy
The combination for your situation, employees, public access and corporation need to be discussed in a more private forum, we would like to do so.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

When Are You Going To Grow Up Or Do You Need To?

When Are You Going To Grow Up Or Do You Need To?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, Tracometry People

We are all childlike and have these idiosyncrasies that annoy others, fail us and just will not go away.  It is the likes of Jerry Lewis, Dick Van Dyke and Ricky Grevais who in front of our eyes have stayed in their childhood years and make us laugh and even be amused with ourselves.

The photograph above was taken in 1957, by my late father.  My brother Nigel taking that long stare at his taller brother.  The humor of my father made him an awarding winning photographer.

Some things are no laughing matter and no matter how much humor you place upon a situation, it really should be bringing tears to your eyes.  Life, itself, the way cities, communities and families are being dragged down hill at break bent speed and the braking system is broken and overheating.

Those that are lucky enough to be employed have the same routine day in and day out.  Rise, dress, go to work, come home, fix dinner, sleep and then repeated at least 5 days a week.  Many never stick their nose outside their home and speak to their neighbor or even see what surrounds them. 

Communities have changed and sitting on the porch seeing your neighbors walk by is long past.  I supposed it is when we moved the social porch to the backyard and closed our eyes, ears and concerns of what went on in the front of our homes that is the concern us.

What about the rest of us?  What about those that are unemployed?  What is their day like?  I know questions and more questions and you just don’t want to know!  It is not my concern, I have a job and I keep myself to myself, Okay?

Even if you are bringing in an income today, most are living from paycheck to paycheck, making ends meet and only just.  Shopping has become a burden, finding the bargains, food to feed the family at prices you can afford.  Think what the other half, the unemployed are doing.

It is time to bring back your community, place and create respect and trust into the streets.  Look we have built a brick wall of shame over the decades and it has just kept getting thicker and higher, the wall of disrespect must be torn down.  No one likes change, this change is a positive change and must be enacted now!

The Pied Piper Project is a proven catalyst that can make that difference in a few short weeks when residents, code enforcement, community police all come together in one cohesive group to make this happen.  Once it is in place the maintenance is simplistic.  This is not like a bad diet, we will shed the problems and remove them for good.

So shall we all grow up together and make the change?

The Pied Piper Project is a true and fruitful change that brings back the smiles and happiness of our childhood.

Make that change, make it now!

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Failed Cyber Protection, An Everyday Story Of Continuing Corporate Failure

Failed Cyber Protection,
An Everyday Story Of continuing Corporate Failure
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

For they do not know what they do!

Cyber security is of the utmost importance to us all and corporations are failing miserably!  

It is as if the CEO, Board and C-level Executives don't give a toss!

You do not ask a car driver to take control of a passenger airliner do you?  

Should there be some sort of training or a willingness to learn if one is to fly and control a corporation?

Control means control!  All facets of a 2015 and beyond corporation have to be understood from top to bottom! 

What happened to apprenticeships? 

Learning each and every department involved in the make-up of a company.  Gone and causing more castigation than you can imagine!

CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s and Board Members are the hired help at the most and are moving around from company to company like Football managers.  Most have no strategy or ability to play the game.  Their training for the overall running of the company is lacking and seems to be by name recognition only.

K it seems is the only initial that is the perfect example of “who the hell are they and what have they done”?  The Kardashians have all the headlines and have nothing in their stable except media manipulation.  They could never organization a beer party in a brewery!

Target, Sears, K-mart and J C Penny are the perfect corporate example of top management with no knowledge of the overall understanding of how a company should be successfully run.  Each one is reliant on customers and a continuous stream of repetitive buying by those individuals.  The customer TRUSTS those they purchase from.  

In those corporations cases, the TRUST is GONE!

From the Loyalty program to the swiping of a bank card to conclude a purchase, companies have very personal information on their clients and customers and this must be safeguarded at all times!  Top management have not one inkling of what that entails and would rather be arranging their next party or social soirĂ©e!  
Even property management companies, whose regulation is in doubt, which are out there by the thousands, as America is renting their housing rather than attempting to purchase, has very personal information on their desktop computers.  Which includes background check information which includes SS#’s, bank account #’s and more than would ever want someone to get their hands on.

The same computer that Ethel checks and answers her personal email, searches for friends on Facebook and visits the gossip pages.  Totally unsecured data and completely untrustworthy.

Sadly the public is it seems goes it’s merry way until the cyber vermin strike!

Just some humble thoughts…

The answer for data security is available and if you are concerned should visit

WE are in the NOW and
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Innovation & Ingenuity - All About Change...

Innovation & Ingenuity

In the beginning, making your notes of how you are going to win over the world have been scratched on a napkin or a scrap of paper, rewritten in Microsoft Word and many a spreadsheet created, compared and settled upon, it is ready and wanting that important air to be infused.
It is just like having baby!  It is your child and you want the best and will go to whatever lengths to make sure that it will happen.  The possessiveness is extraordinary and rightly so, it is your flesh and blood, your DNA!  The difference with the company birth is simple, there are more people involved in the now overcrowded delivery room, although exciting, and it is an overwhelming experience.  Everyone wants in, taking “selfies” and being at the inception of a journey.
It is now moved from the drawing board and possibly the garage, to the real world of not just you.  Thinking we can do it all ourselves is a fallacy, which brings us to the next step, the start-up, hiring people and bringing it all to market.  Spending and investing our own money in an opportunity we personally believe in.
Now some, have brilliant ideas and sadly lack in several areas, management and manufacturing skills and importantly, finance.  This is where certain conflicts rear their ugly heads.  It is the possessive clasping of the opportunity and not wanting to let go.  Without the money, marketing and manufacturing there is nothing!
Angel Investors or even the bank will demand their large percentage as they are placing financial risk.  You, on the other hand, are only allowing them to participate without spending a dime in their eyes.  None of these are wrong, it is just the traits of humans and attempting to do open a business.
It is taking the next steps that is more difficult.
So many turn to sports analogies, which do not get me wrong, have their place.  Coaches review what the full potential of the players are and create a playbook.  Do they stick to it?  No!  It is the adaptability of their mindset that is the difference.  Being proactive, not reactive, and fully understanding all aspects of the game, physical experiences and the players.
Football, with round ball, is a perfect example, trades, changes and practice.  This must be introduced to your company and it is always from the outside in.  Fresh eyes, thoughts and market changes, must be recognized, acted upon and this comes from the top down’s blessing, with a bottom up introduction.  It is all about getting the right message to the right people!  Just like a football manager, he trades players and ideas, as it is an evolving playing field.
Unless you have been through it yourself, you have no idea of what it takes and the endurance that is required to maintain a business.  The paperwork will bury you and those business licenses, you now know why you need outside help!
It is all about Change.  Believe it our not we are all indecisive and the Weakest Link, as we are too close to what we dreamed and stifle the growth factor.
Possessive is an understatement!
To move forward and enhance your original thoughts and plans takes Cultural Change.  No, not retraining as you do not want someone espousing their thoughts and you making notes. 
It is all about Cultural Coaching Change!

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