Saturday, January 16, 2016

Recruitment & Job Selection Have Changed For the Good! Have You Been ZoooMeeeed Yet?

Recruitment & Job Selection Have Changed For the Good!
Have You Been ZoooMeeeed Yet?
by Nick Ashton, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Recruitment and selection are based on the basis of a motivation letter, a CV/Resume or Bio, an interview and a gut feeling overall by the assessor in receipt of your information. 

Recruiters who mainly deal with searching, matching, screening and testing should be really worrying about their added value in the recruitment process. Because technology shape shifted all this information gleaned from a potential job seeker. The well tested and tested algorithms are here and can and will automate to the liking of both employer and job seeker.

Matching both parties is not just in the social dating game: it also now available, tried tested and working for those that want to work! 

No more looking for the job, the job looks for you and ZoooMeee does the rest!

The ZoooMeeee technology goes so far to connect the ideal candidate with a potential employer.  The job seeker finds themselves being matched for the job they have been wanting.  Employers now find searching for that perfect Talent easier, cost effective and less time consuming.

No more resume writing each time you apply for a job, ZoooMeee simple asks you questions with either "I like or dislike answers". Using over 1,500 algorithms to match you with all the jobs posted on ZoooMeee.  In fact it informs you virtually immediately if you match the position available and what your percentage of match really is.  It even goes so far as to coach you what you need to brush up on the attain that position education wise.

The Change is In!

The screening of candidates is now handled within ZoooMeee for the potential employer. The fully automated matching, profiles of applicants automatically further enriched with public information by the candidate on internet and then also fact checked.

The layout for the potential employer is known to us all in this social media age, through the unique layout, the Human Resource Department can see it all at glance.  In fact it is guaranteed glance, as all the information is right there without having to read pages of information.  It is socially simplified!

Recruitment and selection are but a part of Talent Management. More often it is about ' Total Talent. This includes the Assembly of Attract, Retain, Educate and Unleash. And in that light, we see the path simplified in all manners.  

With ZoooMeee you can have all your employee details at your fingertips of who can be qualifying those jobs with those who already work for you and keep track of their progress.

ZoooMeee is not just more, it is the whole process...

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