Friday, April 7, 2017

The Autonomy Of Law Enforcement Agencies Fail Us All!

The Autonomy Of Law
Enforcement Agencies Fail Us All!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO.CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Failure to share crime data in its immediacy is a crime in itself.

These agencies that don't want their crime data being shared with their next door neighboring county or city is foolish and a detriment to society.

Grow Up for goodness sake!

These days the ability to share information is an instant operation, we do it every single day and catch criminals and predictively stop crime.  Our clients know the capabilities of data sharing and the cause and effect which brings back Trust & Respect to our communities. 

The U.K. & U.S.A. are nations of procrastinators and failed meeting moguls. Talk is so cheap and although it seems you are doing something positive, you are not!  It is all flash, smoke, and mirrors.

Police ICT is the perfect example of those that run their mouths in their little click groups and 'balls' to the people!  EDven the Police Unions, Federations or Foundations have their inner agendas and screw the membership!

What good is digital policing in 2025? 

Technology is changing faster than their ability to understand the demanded needs of fighting crime today. With budgets and frustrated officers who are leaving the force in droves, leaving an experience vulnerability as a target for the criminal and terrorist.

The College of Policing, Police Academies or any law enforcement training center are so behind the times it is sickening.  Sir Robert Peel's Nine Peelian Principles stand firm today, 188 years since the inception.  Add the 10th Principle, technology and you a far better with proactive means to serve and protect.

The attitude of failure to even see that they are wrong has blinded them and guidance is required, if not demanded.

I am not interested in being your friend or cuddling up to a niche group who will only be buddy-buddy to those that will buy them lunch or the next Martini.  

We are in the business of providing answers that work and work well, have solutions that have been in place for 21 years plus, with advancements to societal change, ideology, and cultural issues.

Yes, we are straight talking with the proof to back it up.  I can't make you converse with us, but the sensibility of those that you supposedly serve, see your failures.  Scratching their heads that you can be so audacious in your selfish actions.

We hold no malice to anyone, just complete dumbfoundedness of your pathetic actions.

Smile and laugh on our attitude if that is all you can do.  There many who stand beside us, working to protect their communities as they should.

We are here and will be here long after you have been toppled by those that have the sense to see the error of your ways.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Anyone who made a deal, made an enemy.

Anyone who made a deal made an enemy.
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

It is not just about the ego of the closing of the deal, it is in all that we do.

Since civilization communicated, whether, smoke signals, drums, the carrier pigeon or even the 'message in a bottle', never has there been so much vindictiveness as of today.

The 'Close' or the 'crossing of the line', it is all about the 'win'.  Cheating, using unethical means is not something new, social or unsocial media is now a weapon of low life choice.  Taking an issue which they really do not have all the information or knowledge of, then expanding and exploiting for devious, bullying means is now common practice.

Threatening writings or gestures are the new bullying ego trip. Those with a cause are using this means, just like the cyber scammers with pathetic emails of possible fortunes to give you. They rely on the naivety of the few and exploit their vulnerability.

Just like the ACLU and those entrenched in using history to place fear regarding heritage or ethnic concerns, like slavery, racial tension or color of skin at the forefront of society to further their cause.  Sadly they are doing more harm when the lies are revealed!

Now we have an even closer concern of the LGBT world.  It should be a separate concern, this transgender or transitioning is or should be a private matter and has no place in the spotlight.  Though, there are those that believe by making it an issue or blowing out of proportion with so called incidents, without all the 'real' facts being known, is a social concern.

I will not discuss the latest attempt to draw attention and try and ruin a city and it's residents with lies and exaggerations.  The potential damage, in fact, will backfire and the mess will be rather annoying for the fools who think bt protesting and causing social disruption will be a stain on what should be an 'open' issue and not one of lies and innuendo.

Just think for yourself how it uses to be and not the unsocial turmoil attempts by sad miscreants who have no class.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Relying on Statistical Information Is Like Driving Your Car by Focusing on the Rear-View Mirror, Reacting Only to Past Events

Relying on Statistical Information
Is Like Driving Your Car by Focusing on the
Rear-View Mirror, Reacting Only to Past Events

By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

To some, reversing a car is a nightmare!  Trying to drive to your destination in that manner is a doomed consideration.

Think about statistical data, it has been collected through various means and placed in some sort of storage facility.  Today, it is a data silo, being piled and crammed inside, without being viewed, sorted or even really seeing a flash of the light of day.  Until that is, some analytic computation hits the database and it gets shuffled around months and years later.

There is always a time delay between an event’s occurrence and its perception.  Sometimes the delay maybe milliseconds.  Other times this delay may be a matter of months, years, or even longer.  Further, all observations, no matter how thorough, always to some degree contain errors, inaccuracies, and misrepresentations about what ‘really happened’.

Thus, public managers and policymakers attempt to control the future and tomorrow by making decisions in the present, today that is, based on error-ridden information about yesterday.

It is like driving a car while focusing only on the rear-view mirror, reacting only to past events.

That is what is happening globally with collected data that if it had been passed through precise analytic software with algorithmic computations, which were designed specifically for concise extractions, then it would be a whole different world of information and solutions

Importantly it is, by those using CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner.

Our analytical and predictive capabilities are second to none when combining local, national, global and massive public data.

Crime fighting is the perfect example.  All those daily incidents on which the information is within an RMS or CAD system can be placed in the direct hands of officers, detectives and administration staff with immediacy.  

Not sitting in some data silo waiting months and years to see the flickering light of day.  It will be working to reduce crime, catch criminals and protect the community of which law enforcement and public safety serves.

States, counties, and cities will have information at hand to improve revenues, especially taxation.  Dept. of Human Services or Division of Family Services, even Probation Services can understand all information in the palm of their hand on a Smartphone, Tablet or their Desktop. Current up-to-the-minute information that will save lives and make staff productive in their over complexed lives.

This is not some pipedream, it is the pure reality that is staring you right in the face.

We totally understand communications and how to enhance lives without being complex and speaking gobbledygook!  Yes, plain conversational English or whatever global language you understand.

CommSmart Global Group’s team are ‘real people' who understand life and all its failings, we are one of you.

Combine our Social media Interaction and you have a combined communications world at your fingertips.  Never has there been such a precise and concise capability available to government and corporate entities, until now.

CommSmart Global Group has harnessed the data for dissemination to those that securely can have access to improve the status of all.

It is productivity personified!


For more information, please converse with us via telephone or an email. 

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Occurrence Book - Time to Move Into the Digital Age

The Occurrence Book 
Time to Move Into the Digital Age
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

In modern usage, an occurrence book is a notebook or station book used by police, security guards and watchmen to document anything that happened during the hours they're on active duty (on patrol).

Still in use today in many countries.  Pen and paper at work in a ubiquitous manner. 

It is now the digital age, stop the resistance, the computer and proven programs are not your enemies.  In fact, you are your own worst enemy in progression and too many excuses why you should or shouldn't move forward.

Procrastination is a diabolical excuse and is like a viral illness.  I know you think that the computer is not safe in any shape or form.  It is when you have installed the appropriate security and maintain those standards and never take short cuts.

Ok, in the old days of a file room, one person had the key to the room and each filing cabinet. Hang on, how many times did you enter the room and found cabinets open?  Nothing has changed, we are dealing in a human world and we are terrible in making mistakes, leaving lights on, water running, windows and doors wide open.

This a new age and is about change and adaptability, which we at CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner accomplish each and every day.


WE are in the NOW and 
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