Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Illegal Smile of GotYa…

The Illegal Smile of GotYa…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It was sad but not unexpected that Grimm Fairy Tales and Once Upon A Time took their place on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. yesterday, with yet more chapters to follow.

Do not think I do understand predictability of events, it is a major part of the business of Tracometry People, and it is in answering questions regarding Boots on the Ground of American troops if a Syria attack by the United States takes place. 

John Kerry is misleading the tactics of the Barack Obama and the Chief of Staff.  No military man can tell you that it will never happen!  War is a fluid unpredictable momentum that has to be planned with every eventuality considered.

The use of chemical gas is disgusting, especially on your own people, that I firmly agree upon.  The understanding of the use of Mustard Gas during WWI on the British and French was why an agreement to not use chemical weapons was signed by of 160 countries back then.

Sending missiles, no matter how precise, creates collateral damage, meaning it kills innocent people, is there a difference?

I agree, we cannot do nothing and allow Syria’s Assad and his Generals to get away with such an atrocity.  It is not just the close proximity collateral, it is the then vulnerability of surrounding nations, populations and the shores of the allies, where terror will be reigned again.  Yes, terror back in the United States!

The Old Pal Get Together of Kerry and Hagle on the Hill was disgusting insomuch, it was like all were gathering just to put on show of discussion without the beers and even John McCain was caught playing electronic poker during the meeting on the Hill.  

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was caught red-handed by a reporter playing a game on his iPhone as his Senate colleagues and top Obama administration officials discussed a strike on Syria at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Tuesday.

The Republican senator, who met with the White House Monday to discuss the conflict, admitted he was playing the poker game during the hearing after the Washington Post posted a photo of him doing so.

This is not some sort of electronic game from Electronic Arts and you score points to see what the next level you go to next!

A senior official, presently in the Israeli government, told Fox News the president was right, in terms of domestic U.S. politics, to "look for cover," and thereby force American lawmakers who would have criticized him for undertaking unauthorized action to "own it, too." But this official said the Israelis, from their vantage point, see the Obama administration as detached from the Mideast and the president, in particular, as ill-equipped to shape events there.

"I can only compliment Obama for dragging everyone to his boat," the Israeli official said. "'You want war? Own it, too.'  Still, however, he's a disastrous weak leader. ... The Middle East is far less important for this administration and to real American national interests today than in the past. ... The U.S.-Saudi alliance insures a continued supply of oil, and other than that, the U.S. doesn't really care."

I personally believe we use Atmospherics Noise Collection, the Chatter of the Streets of Syria and use capable covert actions to take out the Assad regime and place the future of Syria back with its people. 

Do not tell it cannot be done, if you do state that, then YOU cannot do it! 

Tracometry People can get the job done and swiftly, write us the check and our teams are ready, willing and able to deliver without the massive retribution Washington and the President are playing with!

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