Friday, March 6, 2015

Who is Wagging the Tail?

In your Company, Who is the Dog and Who is the Tail?

Is your sales manager and sales team communicating
conducively to you and contributing to your businesses success?

Some CEO’s and Boards have vivid images of sales managers and salesmen: Egomaniacal, Slimy Schmoozers, Embellishers, Flamboyant Story Tellers and Downright Liars.  

They are Shortsighted Bulldozers who level everything in their path, even their own Mother-in-law.  With all that cursed baggage, no wonder CEO's and the Board view the sales manager role as a necessary evil.  The devil in disguise so to speak.

Why do we have sales managers in the first place? 

It is said that the sales manager position was invented because most CEOs are willing to do anything in their power to avoid having salespeople reporting to them and under their wing.  In fact, even those CEOs who have the hankering to go on sales calls for the full process, from the initial presentation to closing the deal, the hint of having to manage a salesperson, let alone a sales team, sounds as pleasant as being handled by airport security or having a rectal exam.

The work of a small business leader (or a larger business leader, for that matter) should be focused on the things that will push the business forward, and that doesn't include deciding what sorts of tablets and smart phones to buy, the specific language in a marketing piece or banner headline, an area that has many small business CEOs drown themselves in, to the point of desperation, or even the terms and conditions of an normal deal. If you let them get to you, the issues and details will own you, and your staff will never learn to take the reins on the smallest “important” thing in daily and normal business.

It is all processes, adaptability and proven success.

"Just like a pack of wolves, leadership establishment is absolutely necessary. No, not a fight to the death or bloodletting!

There is no point in thinking there is a stereotype check list. It has to be natural not manufactured, otherwise it is seen as a falsehood. It depends on the individual and the adaptability that can be created.

Leadership is not dominating the scene, it is the ability to listen, adapt and then act." 

"Selfies" do not personify team success or collaboration. 

This is a team effort that requires fresh eyes and ears and we will assist in your capabilities of moving forward.  CEO’s and Board are focused so closely on what they know, their interpretation of the wants and needs of the clients, customers and internally, their sales staff.

Sales managers: Forecasting is the art of saying what will happen, and then explaining why it didn't!

Those who have knowledge don't predict.  Those that predict, don't have knowledge!

It is fully understanding by being that stranger asking the questions, you obtain such different answer that when the company or supplier is asking the same questions.  It is then being able to transfer the answer into solutions to make the difference.

That is how Salesmen4U creates great sales teams.

With decades of real experience, our proven methodology is built on a proper foundation.  Your sales team is an extremely important strategic asset.  They must therefore be created, enhanced, maintained and retained with the highest possible priority.  This is particularly true in Small & Medium Enterprises around the world.

It is also very hard to find affordable and professional services in this particular area.

Some scary facts

·         Less than 30% of all current sales professionals are worthwhile to be retained by the companies they work for!

·         75% of all start-ups go bankrupt within 3 years and of the remaining 25%, only 1% succeeds in becoming an SME.

·         Only 5% of all companies in any vertical market niche, can be defined as “leaders” in their domain. The rest are struggling daily to “hang on”.

·         99% of the businesses worldwide, are active in a RED OCEAN.

·         >70% of all active sales managers have no real leadership profile.

·         63% of all worldwide employees are “not engaged” and 24% are “actively disengaged”.

·         Some 40% of worldwide SMEs do not have a Sales Manager function.

·         >85% of companies do not enforce a tight sales cycle management discipline resulting in wasted time and missed sales opportunities.

·         Very few business software systems support true Sales Performance Automation and companies are therefore not in control of their salesmen’s’ activities.

  Salesmen4U was founded as an international service organization
  • Specialized solely in finding, retaining and developing professional Sales Teams thus substantially improving their Sales Performance

  • Targeted towards the Small and Medium Enterprises because...

  • We are all entrepreneurs ourselves

  • We know what is missing

  • The Global economy will be more influenced by SMEs due to faster adaptation to a changing world

A real down earth company that brings results, contact us, not next week, next month or next year.  Contact us now, never put off what you know needs fixing and if not, will only continue in a downward spiral.


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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Well Hi there, I am Max...

I am Max, the reason to drop in like this is that I am more than happy to help you improve your sales performance.

If you have the same commercial challenges like us, then I would like to suggest you take 90 seconds to watch this Salesmen4u video

These have helped us to improve our sales performance letting us understand sales is not a gamble but a strategy. 

Because of this, we
 have best sales team needed in these new social times.


Successfully in Europe & North America!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do Not Let The Winter of Your Discontent Bleed Over Into Your Companies Performance!

Do Not Let The Winter of Your Discontent 
Bleed Over Into Your Companies Performance!

Adversity hits us all!  For all of America, it has been in the form of incredible cold weather, with snow totals beating all records.  Annoying and requires planning to assist to adapt to your method of travel, shopping habits and staying sane!

It is people and neighbors helping each other in their times of need.  Winter storms can be lonely and people die.  Understand, just like the loneliness of a storm, business and companies need help too!  Not just because of the weather, but being a business, making the right decisions on sales processes, talent acquisition, training and importantly, expert coaching. 

Yes, we want to be your adviser, business listening ear, not just from you, the owner, from your customers/clients, employees, those that are around you.

Our working expertise in finding out the inner situations are not only from the top down, but from, the bottom up.  We listen to it all and with the decades of asking the right questions, we able to provide you, with the solutions, we guarantee this! 

Take just 90 seconds and understand we can assist you.

Now Available in North America!

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We Create Great Sales Teams!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

A Car Engine is like a Sales Team, it Needs an Oil Change, Tuning and Looking After Constantly.

A Car Engine is like a Sales Team, it Needs an Oil Change, Tuning and Looking After Constantly.

Knowing that you have to travel from A to B, be on time and at your best, you service your car regularly.  Do you do this?

Breaking down on a roadside when in business is not acceptable and that is why a car is not just a box and five wheels, six, if you include the steering wheel.  

if you watch Formula One or NASCAR racing, you know that you must have an extraordinary Pit Crew, Advisers, Backing and importantly a Driver who listens to the experts.

A well oiled cog will not squeak and always perform to it's maximum!

Let us look at what is the engine of a company is, the sales team.  I know that the accounting team will argue that the company cannot run without them or the production line in manufacturing is the most important of all and a main cog in the overall running of the engine.

You do not change your own oil, you need a professional to complete that task.

I hear you and have empathy for your statement, but if the sales are not coming in the door, where does the income come from to pay the bills, to pay you?

Professional sales managers, salespersons and as collective team are vital to the existence of a company.  They revolve between success and failure, acceptance and rejection and the pros keep on going!

It is the ability of the owner of company, whose dream is now a reality is in the hands of others.  Leadership and decision making must be a daily reality and never put off.  We are not asking you to be a control freak, but your planning, strategy and constant review is a must!  

Most owners are too close to the company, which is not a criticism, but do not see the wood for the trees.  Being possessive causes issues, it is the human side of us all.

Fresh experienced eyes and ears, who will ask the right down to earth questions of customers, clients and importantly, the employees is necessary. Being able to collect this information and convey and implement the answer to move forward with a greater success, is the key. 

That is what we do!  We Create Great Sales Teams!

It is about processes, adaptability and proven results.

Q-METHODOLOGY: Our success guaranteed methodology 

Q-TALENT: Sales talent recruitment according to our three phase methodology including a guarantee

Q-EVALUATION: Our proven evaluation methodology for sales and sales individuals including sales management

Q-GSP (CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY): Company sales culture assessment creating a sales culture to boost sales performance

Q-COACHING: Coaching and guiding sales teams including opportunity based coaching

Q-TRAINING: Sales training on processes and procedures like pipeline management

Who are we? 

Now Available in North America

Columbus, Ohio

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X is a Legal Signature, Read First, Be Aware of What You Sign & Who You Do Business With...

X is a Legal Signature, 

Read First, Be Aware of What You Sign 
& Who You Do Business With...

There are those that have big smiles, mention they belong to a church and come across thoroughly the inference of trustworthiness.

They are NOT!

Your signature is more valuable than you think. I do not care if it is a forty page document that requires initials on each page and then your signature, read every single word fully. If you do not understand, ask the question. if the answers is not answering the question you asked, ask again, till you fully understand.

If a contract or an agreement ends up in the court system and you are asked why you signed this document, not understanding the document or trusting the salesman or even the lawyer is not an excuse and does not have a "get of jail card"!

The judge will tell you that "Ignorance is No Excuse"!

Con-men, salesmen, lawyers and insurance agents are the worst! In fact, so are your immediate family.

These people watch you like a hawk and know when you have taken the bait. It can be as simple "I want you no matter what, I have fallen love with it". When it comes to money, there is nothing worst than these miscreants who prey on the aged, infirm, mentally challenged and veterans who have been rated incompetent to handle their financial affairs.

Placing a pre-filled form in front of one of these persons with an x marking where they must sign is not the why a contract is presented, unless each and every line is explained to the fullest.

The X is not the mark of a buried treasure for the signor. It is the mark of possible theft. Yes the con-man will go to great lengths with lies and deception when money is at stake.

In the case of a veteran of military service, billions of dollars are at stake overall. The VA has people to help you, authorized agents who are only licensed for certain aspects. Filling paperwork is one, receiving monies on your behalf is not! Only a fiduciary or guardian appointed by the VA can handle monies of a veteran who has been deemed incompetent.

There is a network across America that is duping veterans and must be stopped NOW!

The investigation is on going and if anyone has information regarding these type of con, that is and has happened to a family member, please contact us.

Stop these morons from stealing from US veterans who defended their country and you, now defend them in their hours of need.