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If Our Protectors Are Not Ready for Cyber/Terrorism Warfare, What About You?

for Cyber/Terrorism Warfare, 
What About You?
By Nick Ashton,CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

The Armies, both Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security of Kings and Queens, all powerful, commanding and are a privilege to join.  They are the power source for protection of our shores, family and the value of a nation.

Not anymore!

The weapons used included fist and feet, knives, guns, grenades, mines, bombs, missiles, satellites, sex, MRE’s and importantly varying grades of tacticians. 

Our protectors keep their abilities close to their chest and you trust them implicitly. 

So what the HELL happened?

On Cyber war, this quote for the top military man:

The U.S. military is ill-prepared for waging cyber warfare and needs to bolster defenses against the growing threat of cyber-attacks against both military systems and private infrastructure, the commander of U.S. Cyber Command told Congress on Thursday.

“Those attacks are coming and I think those are near term and we’re not ready for them,” said Army Gen. Keith Alexander, head of Cyber Command and also outgoing director of the National Security Agency.

Alexander, in prepared testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, sounded the alarm on the need for better cyber-attack and defense capabilities. He said the command’s priorities include setting up a secure “defensible” telecommunications architecture, training cyber warfare personnel, increasing intelligence data on global cyber threats, and clarifying lines of authority for conducting cyber-attacks and defending government and private networks.”

Excuse me?  The attacks are not coming, they are here and getting worse, ignored, not reported immediately and swept under the carpet!  That is why I cannot understand why they call it Cyber Command, as they are not in command!

Trusted Remedy is more in command for “Shutting the Front Door” than the American Government.  Fact, not fiction…

The failure of cyber security is not knowing your password and importantly remembering it or where you wrote it down.  Passwords are not the answer as they are so easy to hack, after all, we humans take the easy way out, as we cannot remember birthdays, anniversary or the name of the guy behind the lunch counter you see every day.

So who is this CommSmart Global RED TAGGED 

A company, who, for the last twenty years has protected more computer data, both personal and corporate from the new cyber terrorists who steal the information directly from the files on your Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Mobile Phone.  They get so close you can smell their hardware.  They do not spill blood, they spill the inner most secrets of your life, both business and pleasure.  Some and most should never see the light of day.

RED TAGGED END2END ENCRYPTION (E3) Trusted Remedy was created because there was nothing out there in the computer security world that protected data, was easy to manage and worked!  Hence, the Secure Connection Solution for Data in Motion or In-Transit of today.  

Passwords are useless, so to speak, on an education campus they get passed around, households all use the same one and most are so easy and connected to birthdays, anniversaries or so ridiculous you forget them or keep them on a torn piece of paper in your clutch or wallet.

The human element lets us down every time and that is why we have created a hallway or corridor that is totally secure.  

It not only Shuts the Front Door, It Shuts the Back Door Too!  It allows your device to speak!

It is all about connections, secure connections without a human element.  It is your device, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Mobile Phone, they are your token, it negates the password, so to speak.

It is the ability to know that your Data in Motion is a mere blip in transference and all is transparent in it actions.  It is not some elongated action that takes forever or lives on the Internet way after you are gone. 

Trusted Remedy is short lived certificate solution based on your device’s DNA, sorry to be technical for the first time.

Trusted Remedy turns your device into a token with no need of a password if you like. Secondly, it is not the server side that causes the problem, but the Man in the Middle and Phishing attacks

Only with Trusted Remedy you can use 123456 as a password because without the device, even using the right log-in and password, the connection is blocked! 

Even in a consumer environment Trusted Remedy will secure your desktop PC/Mac, laptop, tablet, smart mobile phone to have fully secure transactions with your bank, your website, corporate data servers, secure your bank card transaction at Target, the gas pump or the local restaurant, even your Linked In page!

The Hacker, Phisher or Man in the Middle Brutal Attacker will do anything to steal your information and never even meet you.  Whilst you swipe your bankcard, they swipe/steal your inner most personal information.  You are violated in a way that is difficult to explain. 

When it happens to you, and it will, you will understand the turmoil they will put you through and will kick yourself that you did not take notice of what you can do to protect all your information, computer based devices, your business and importantly your clients/customers.

So what about you?  Ready to corporately and personally understand what has to happen to protect Data in Motion or In-Transit? 

Then we must talk. 

This is a commercial solution that will Shut Both the Front and Back Doors with a secure connection.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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