Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sadly, We Are Falling Apart! But, The Fix Is In!

Sadly, We Are Falling Apart!  But, The Fix Is In!
Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

It is not what you think, business is great and our four decades could not be finer, customer base growing, on-target innovations and success booming and then...

Our management started to age, fall apart healthwise.  No, nothing that cannot be fixed with a little cutting and replacing that is.  

Our V.P. Law Enforcement, who played in his youth for Chelsea Football club and was a major part of the 'Flying Squad', (Major Crimes) in Britain's Metropolitan Police, has been suffering with a deteriorating hip, which has been causing agony for a couple of years.

As of this morning, it is being replaced!  

So that is one fix that is in!

Secondly, I had knee surgery in the late 1970's by the inventor of the replacement hip, Mr. Mckee.  Well nothing lasts forever and I am having replacement knee surgery on Thursday.  Both Derek Keene and I will still be as active as ever during the recuperation, electronically that is.

Our other managing partner, AJ, in our Netherlands office has been concerned that he is the only fit one in management!  He was joking of course...

Pain causes issues and the daily change mirrors what we must effectively do on a daily basis, that is if you are up to snuff and serving your corporation well.

CommSmart Global Group of Companies is use to looking at what needs to be changed.

Our Red Tagged software group is proven cutting edge for the needs of today and the ongoing hacking and phishing explosion.

Our taking on employment and why the job must search you out is necessary in this social or antisocial age. ZoooMeee is the way for both job seekers and improving your HR department and using them the correct way.

Then, the crime analytics which encompasses crime, terrorism and cyber categories by allowing all agencies globally to share information, even if they use differing data collection and software. It is also available for the public to view in a less informational way. 

IRATC, International Repository of Analysis for Terrorism/Cyber Crimes

This is your global data repository for those facts that require sharing to protect us all.

So, we have achieved a massive amount while 'under the weather' so to speak. 

It is business as usual as a small corporate percentage sip on dry Martinis and savor exquisite cuisine, whilst doing rehab.

The show must go on...


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