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It’s About Now, Time, Connectivity, Security & CAPTURING THE MOMENT, AS AN EYEWITNESS

It’s About Now, Time, Connectivity, Security 
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies. - CommSmart US

Security has to come first!  The risk factor is a priority no matter what the situation.  Search and Rescue, traveling from A to B or transmission of data, audio, video or images, all are needed but must be securely sent and hidden away from prying eyes. 

We are a society that has moved into more reasons to secure or at least cover what we do for our company’s and our personal information perspective.  

Yes. Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers are every single second, attempting and succeeding to penetrate data silos, servers and personal computers.  Stealing your valuable information and placing your company, clients and customers at dire risk.

For those of us that have been involved since computers started to make ground in business and subsequently carried by us all, in one way or another, our secure mindset has stayed strong.  Sadly our failure is education and those that need to be educated, yes they need to take responsibility and involve themselves. 


The days of holding out your hand, entitlement solutions are gone!  Time to stand on your own two feet and know that all computer devices have to be looked after, just like your cat or dog.  Yes, you feed, groom and watch over them.  In fact, it is you training them, not them training you!

Of course there is still guidance and security measures available, otherwise we would not be in business.  There are people who know more than you.  I am reluctant to call them or us experts, it has over simplified connotations.  In our case it is an innovative team that is passionate about creating the answers and implementing the solutions.  Simply benefiting all!

It starts with closing the doors shut.  Security!  We have always opened programs and applications by using a password.  There lies the problem!  How does the software know it is really you?  It does not!

For twenty plus years KEYTALK have shown you can discard the password as the main means for entry, we use the Device’s DNA, its components, its makeup.  Your device DNA is used to connect, that simple and that efficient.  We must be responsible for the tools in our life and we humans are the worse for messing up.  Passwords get shared, stolen and forgotten don’t they?

Now let us talk about how we want more up-to-date information and we want it now!  

Public Safety Departments have moved over the last five years in bringing Body Worn Cameras (BWC) into the picture, without understanding the ramifications, training of the officers and using state-of-the-art purposely designed technology, instead of buying off the shelf video cameras that were never designed for this purpose.  

Yes, we have have a horse in the race and did not "rush to market" and believe that "anything" would do!  

It took concise planning, designing of a camera that so hardened and simple to use, that it becomes a natural part of the day to day life of a Public Safety Officer.  Hence, B-Cam-SRU was borne this year.  This includes full certified training for both officers and prosecutors.

The features are endless, so to speak, a 160 degree lens, exceptional high definition audio, HD 1080i video and Infra Red for low or nighttime evidentiary capture which is second to none.  Add the fact it replaces the standard radio microphone you now have no additional equipment to carry.

The captured information is stored on the camera and, from a chain of evidence perspective it has to be addressed definitively.  This has been achieved!  The secure back-end servers and software make it so easy for officer through prosecutor's presentation in court a simplistic step and wonder way you haven't been using B-CAM SRU before. 

Our second evidentiary solution is Eyewitness and uses a simple Smart Mobile Phone/Tablet or Laptop and transmit “LIVE” video/audio/images whilst knowing who is sending it, where it is coming from (GPS) and the date/time.  This is a radical move for the security as evidence.  The chain of evidence is secure and no other hands can alter, change or delete, meaning, the courts are content that it is the truth and nothing but the truth.
The uses for this patented, proprietary solution is part of the Public Safety Solution and is a move that was required for making change in our unstable society.

It does not stop there, the information has in many cases hits bottlenecks and disseminating this vital information is being slowed and we cannot have that!  We are a “I Want IT Now Society”.

Connectivity is as important as all of our solutions and is as significant as all the rest. Our Black-Box - Secure Motion installed in the vehicle gives you full connectivity from your Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Incident Mobile Control Unit or Emergency Management Command HQ.  I mean full connectivity and fully affordable.

It does not stop there, we create a 1000 foot (300 meter) Wi-Fi Hotspot for use with the Tablet or Smart Mobile Phone.  Fully secure and those that are authorized to use are anonymous to all, no one can see what is being sent down the bullet resistant tube for end to end data in motion delivery via KEYTALK.

Not any more when you can completely trust a device from its DNA!  There lies the answers and effectiveness of all computer usage.  That is Key Talk!

The Laptop in the car is gone!  It has been effective in many ways at a high cost to the vehicle’s maintenance.  Now you can us 10/7 inch Tablets or Smart Mobile Phones and all that are at an incident scene have total connectivity.  This tried and test solution is now available worldwide.  Our testing and implementation was not just a single department it was a whole country!

It has been a dream since the computer became a personal item that we become a paperless society and we have not even come close.  Trees are still being removed from the forest and logging is as large as logging-in.

I believe we have taken a gigantic step with an opportunity to change how you fill-in forms, repetitive information and disseminating it throughout your databases and departments.  The Tablet and Smart Mobile Phone have given us that opportunity and our knowledge of the ubiquity of pen and paper, which we were one of the first to embrace the digital pen and design applications has allowed us to be more than one step ahead in this field.  Now, we can use a mobile screen to collect the information.

The ability to have “live” information has now come to reality, not only for Police Officers working a crime scene, it is now available to a myriad of focused applications, including Bailiffs and Process Servers who have major changes effective from April, 2014.  If you are repeatedly filling out forms, having to then re-type, then we can simplify and accelerate the information in your company.  Some information will still stay on paper, as courts want a copy left with the individual.

We are Straight Talking regarding the capabilities and it is our Eagle Eyes that have focused on the corporate needs, creating answers, solutions and increasing the necessary productivity, which results in bottom line profitability and proactivity.

Be Smart, with CommSmart US…



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