Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance

Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Gullibility is more prevalent today than ever before!  You would have thought we have learned lessons from days of old where news traveled slowly and social media have not been invented.

Stop believing the media as those that have an additional edge on the truth of a story.  They like you are in the bubble of life and have the same opportunities to hear and see events and issues and are as human as you.  The difference is simple, you don’t have a boss, editor or news producer that is pushing to be first with so-called, unsubstantiated information that must go on air, be a front page or online website headline.  They view it that they can retract the information or claim it was true and hope everyone reads them first, no matter what the consequences.

Where is the logic, questioning statements or suggestions that we are confronted from all communications angles? 

Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance have been with us since the world began!  Stories created, conceived and spread by gullible people.  Why is it we believe everyone and doesn't question?  Just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true, factual and there is a back-story to why it is there in the first place.

There is nothing wrong in questioning all you hear in a professional and logical manner. Asking questions is necessary, especially in these days of being bombarded with more information that we can comprehend.  Take time, to stop, evaluate and let the gut feeling litmus test of life take over.  It is your mind, your life and does not get caught up in repeating false lies and fake news.

Clarity is required even in these days of more news sources, photographs and innuendo pushed in front of our eyes by all means.

Think before you become part of the continuances of Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Time To Work Together On Securing Us All!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

At this time, we know you are certainly evaluating security from all angles and how this will impact the clients/customers with their acceptance of how we can or cannot increase the demands for more peace of mind.

Our security expertise goes back to Great Britain and the original 1970’s events that involved Northern Ireland and the IRA.

Today, we, globally are the lead in proximity security technology for tracking of those that enter a facility, indoor navigation, notifications, marketing with full real-time analytics and predictive analysis.  This not just a security measure, it a solution that has the ability to come from the budget of both marketing and security.

After 9/11, I was the Keynote speaker at a major security event for the Florida Tourism Board.  This was a meeting of those that controlled the total tourism picture of what Florida would have to enact after the terrible Twin Towers attack. How the vacationing public would react regarding security thereafter and what steps would be required.

Never had we seen such an attack and there was a numbness toward what steps would be accepted by the tourism trade and what major steps the public would demand.

That is where I created this byline that had to be front and center for all staff within a facility and enacted by owners and managers.

Not just words but planned actions in the line of sight of hotel guests.  Nothing better than the people who greet you when you arrive at a hotel or vacation resort, the valets, bellhops, and concierge.
It is all about knowing your client/customer from a security and marketing perspective.  That precise and concise in our capabilities and your requirements and the demands/concerns of the public.

I have listed documents which I have attached for you to understand what we can accomplish together.

Let us converse, a conversation for us to both understand the resolutions and solutions we both view as a priority for security and important to maintain business.

This should I believe start with you and then with marketing.
I look forward to a communication at your convenience.

Let us communicate and connect!

Regards & Prayers
Nicholas Ashton
CommSmart Global Group                         
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