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The Non-Existent 'Lone Wolf' or Breakaway Group Use Various Bombs & Weapons To Send The Message

The Non-Existent 'Lone Wolf'
or Breakaway Group Use Various
Bombs & Weapons To Send The Message
The Leadership States, No Visible Threat But Intentional?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The reactive press comments of Leadership or other political blow-hards are making political statements in the media and no more.  They have no idea of logical or illogical terrorism and this only adds to the Fear and frustration of all. 

Comments of irrelevance abound from those that know nothing or little about terroristic threats, whether international or domestic.  Logically, all information is thus reactionary and not built on true evidence or solid facts and should be ignored at this stage, so they think.

It is terrorism and not accidental, state the simple logical fact.  Even if it is a 'NutJob', it has instilled terror!

In the US and London, or anywhere in the world,  police departments and other alphabet soup agencies will be sifting through evidence at the scenes and CCTV footage of the area and will not be releasing information until they have a far better picture of the ramifications of the incident.  

News mediums are feeding the Fear Factor without the substance of Why or Who did this act. 

The Westminister 'so-called'  Lone Wolf was inspired by someone and never acted alone.

It is fresh in our minds and the 'Fear Factor' is 'real' with us all.  A 'Comfort Zone' is demanded globally, not just words but solid actions.

A simple incident last year in the US that occurred, this is not the only explosion of the day.  

In the morning a pipe bomb exploded in a garbage can at a Marine Charity Run in New Jersey.  Two other devices were found in the area and failed to detonate.  

The next explosion on 23rd and 6th Ave. in the Chelsea district of New York City was enough to harm a significant number of people with injuries akin to a bomb blast.

Now a second device, a pressure cooker with a cell phone attached had failed to explode and is a phenomenal find for an evidentiary purpose.  

This is similar to the Boston Bombing device and was highlighted in the ISIL "Inspire Magazine" on how to build a bomb.

There is so much more that must and can be achieved for the security of us all.

This is all after the fact information and screams out for the usage of Atmospherics! 

It is all about Intelligence and the gathering of information on a continuous basis.

Reaction to this event is like flying blind with all the instruments out of reach.  It does need to be that way.  Proactive information is always available if you have the tools to reach out and understand.

Social Media Interaction/Monitoring is OUR Key!  Never have these tools been available in this manner, proven and successful in knowing all.  This is the equivalence of people running their mouths and bragging on their dastardly deeds or potential actions, we know it all, photographs, texts, live video all within the event area and importantly, historical of their 'breadcrumb' trail.  

Historically and 'live', this is PROACTIVE!

Within CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solutions Partner has expertise reaching back to the 1970's and the terrorist bombing by the IRA, Bader Meinhof, the Red Brigade, Al Qaeda and ISIL.  Not only how to protect, understand the 'who' is threaten, but to investigate and solve.  We were involved in the protection and investigations in all of these and other terroristic events globally. The logical flow of 'before and after' is the absolute key to the increased security of 'NOW' and future,


Everything!  If we consider a working definition of the concept of atmosphere as the social “silent language” of a geographical, political, social or criminal circles that can transmit and contain communications that describe the attitudes, feelings, ideas, and intentions, of those within or apart of those circles, then it is absolutely tantamount, that Law Enforcement understand and analyze this portion of the social dialogue, to effectively respond to and prevent crime and terrorism in this modern dynamic, silent atmosphere.  

If this source of information is routinely missing from your department's planning and response to developing a method of operations, conducting investigations, developing community relations and intelligence gathering then you are only dealing with a small part of the evidence/fact acquiring equation.  This also has colossal implications for community policing and problem-solving activities within our communities as a data gathering and analytical tool.

What does this mean for law enforcement? 

Drastic changes in law enforcement are needed and demanded in leadership, technical expertise and the understanding and use of analytics, in the wake of hazardous political decisions on immigration and homegrown terrorism globally. 

A simple start is for political and law enforcement leadership to get down from their 'high horses' and admit that 'private sector' companies have the answers and are willing to investigate the proven solutions that for decades have had the answers!

What is this fear or if someone has a better 'mousetrap'?  People's lives are at stake and for generations have turned to the protectors who have insanely ignored solutions to save those lives.  

Where is common sense?

Political decisions to accept high-risk populations and refugees into their countries without an appropriate, effective and balanced measures and tools to mitigate these high risks, has left law enforcement helpless to respond to the influx of potential terrorist and the subsequent frequent terrorist acts that we are witnessing in Europe, America, and the Middle East.  

In effect, law enforcement agencies were caught without a game plan and their effectiveness was reduced in this new environment to just what they were accustomed to doing---responding to incidents and conducting investigations in the wake of many lives being lost. 

This doesn’t have to continue! 

It is the proactivity which in turn decreases the cost of operations and a harmony within when successes are at the forefront for all.

Today, recognizing this void of information, CommSmart Global Group has built upon our successes in analytics, proprietary predictions formulas and includes social interaction/monitoring techniques developed for military uses in Iraq/Afghanistan and expanded our atmospherics to include social media monitoring, crime analytics, community crime mapping and predictive analysis, added to the existing street-level human collection tactics enables greater accuracy and completeness in intelligence gathering activity.  

Predictive analysis and crime-solving activity have become more effective when the totality of criminal justice information, social media interaction, the media, and big data sources are integrated and considered together.  Our data sources focus on what is happening in the streets now, who is doing what with who, where they gather, and the subject of interests, so our customers do not have to wait for something to happen to develop a response plan. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, a simple example, we contributed to the apprehension of the Bearded Bank Robber by providing probable dates and locations of the next robbery to the local and federal authorities working the case based solely on information published in the media.  When they scoffed at the prediction and the robber hit on one of the days and at one of the locations predicted, they asked if we could do it again.  We recalculated based on the new information and this time they took our predictions seriously and were able to stake out the locations on the dates given and apprehended the robber before entering the bank.  This was using only media information, and yes the predictions are not exact, but what if we could nail down a couple of days and some locations for you, routinely.  The potential for preventing specific crimes is near.

Developed by us in war zones, CommSmart Global Group has honed and expanded the effectiveness and success of these analytic tools, making us all Street Smart.

The key concept requiring further examination is that of the atmosphere. Social Media Interaction/Monitoring is an absolute key today, but categorically useless, unless you have vast data repositories to analyze, both public and of local, regional and national crime data from the arrests and events, that we have and our clients can have access to.

Additionally, there is few comprehensive, police information sharing consortiums in existences, even after 9-11, that share local police contact data (non-biometric), integrated with RMS/CAD, Jail booking, Criminal Histories (biometric-based) together with vast public data that we have at hand. To build these systems and participate in multi-agency networks have taken years and many millions of dollars and an exorbitant amount of time to develop. 

In the US, San Diego County in California has such a system and it was started in 1980 called the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) and it's still developing and adding a new query and analytical features.  How long can we continue to take this approach of avoidance or waiting for our public leaders or someone else pushes and to implement the next generation of information sharing and predictive analytics?  The cost to build this system would be prohibited in today’s market even if you could find and trust a vendor who could build it. 

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has decades of law enforcement background with Change Agents, Cybercrime Analysts, ex-London Metropolitan Police Officers, Chiefs of Police and Sheriff Commanders within our staff.

Our involvement in counter-terrorism and cybercrime internationally allows us to think and act with the confidence demanded in these dire times.  We understand all concerns, methodology and speak the right language to you all.

Our solutions are available now and will be discussed via telephone with established law enforcement agencies.  Call or email us for verification.  Then, we can discuss and demonstrate.  

Oh, have a cup of coffee at hand, afterward, you will understand why.

Contact and discuss…

Or call…

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What Does A Weekend Mean To You? Just A Cushion To Monday Morning CACA or The Chance to Woo Your Potential Clients?

What Does A Weekend Mean To You?
Just A Cushion To Monday Morning CACA
or The Chance to Woo Your Potential Clients?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

We start thinking about the weekend every time something goes awry, even on Mondays!

Friday can never come quick enough for us all.  For what reason though?

The weekend is a stalling tactic without resolution or real satisfaction to the ultimate end game.  How are we still lying to each other or how we are conning the crap out of each other, in thinking that the world around you is in peace and harmony. 

It is not!

Las Vegas is the proof!

It is about time for a realization of the failure of the Decision Making ‘Fear Factor’ of with a commitment, a solid understanding and not procrastinating whilst the value diminishes.

Damn It!  Commit with solid facts, work for it just like you did and do to capture a close lover’s heart!  Chasing you potential soulmate is absolutely an art form with a phenomenal end result that will place more than a smile on your faces.

When in the ‘chase’, you notice everything, you never take your eyes off the goal.  Every action is under scrutiny, movement, eye twitches, placement of hands and the whole damn demeanor is in the spotlight of ‘wantonness’.
Bring it to the tabletop meeting in the same manner and coo the potential corporate account in a decision-making move.

Straight talking is our game to be proactive and decisive in the ability to win the day of the corporate contract or even capturing your lover and soulmate.

Wooing is cool when you have all the corporate and human tools at your fingertips and now realize what has been missing.

Conversing with each other, not ‘telling’ in a manner that is overpowering.  You know just telling never works when attempting to date and winning over that special person. 

It does not work in business either!

Yes, the conversation is a two-way street to success.

Let’s converse, we know how to make things happen!

Oh, even our Keynote speeches mean so much more…

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What Is It About Fridays?

What Is It About Fridays?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There is this air, strange air on all with attitudes of Fridays.  

Do you feel it, experience it?  Is it a mass change in attitude on the sixth day of the week?

Is it more relaxed or does the adrenalin pump for the freedom from work for Saturday and Sunday?  In fact, the weekend exposes more physical energy being released on personal projects than you realize.  No wonder Monday mornings are the reversal of Fridays.

What is the atmosphere this morning?  Do the news and talking points of society dominate the workspace? Maybe not, our minds are on the clock for it to tick faster and get the hell out of Dodge!

Where are your mind and opinions today?

Has this been a week of negativity and concern?  Is it time to gather the family and discuss the issue of our social demise?

Life this weekend is not the same as last is it?

Do some thinking, it will change your life!


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Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance

Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Gullibility is more prevalent today than ever before!  You would have thought we have learned lessons from days of old where news traveled slowly and social media have not been invented.

Stop believing the media as those that have an additional edge on the truth of a story.  They like you are in the bubble of life and have the same opportunities to hear and see events and issues and are as human as you.  The difference is simple, you don’t have a boss, editor or news producer that is pushing to be first with so-called, unsubstantiated information that must go on air, be a front page or online website headline.  They view it that they can retract the information or claim it was true and hope everyone reads them first, no matter what the consequences.

Where is the logic, questioning statements or suggestions that we are confronted from all communications angles? 

Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance have been with us since the world began!  Stories created, conceived and spread by gullible people.  Why is it we believe everyone and doesn't question?  Just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true, factual and there is a back-story to why it is there in the first place.

There is nothing wrong in questioning all you hear in a professional and logical manner. Asking questions is necessary, especially in these days of being bombarded with more information that we can comprehend.  Take time, to stop, evaluate and let the gut feeling litmus test of life take over.  It is your mind, your life and does not get caught up in repeating false lies and fake news.

Clarity is required even in these days of more news sources, photographs and innuendo pushed in front of our eyes by all means.

Think before you become part of the continuances of Rhetoric, Fake News & Ignorance!

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Time To Work Together On Securing Us All!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

At this time, we know you are certainly evaluating security from all angles and how this will impact the clients/customers with their acceptance of how we can or cannot increase the demands for more peace of mind.

Our security expertise goes back to Great Britain and the original 1970’s events that involved Northern Ireland and the IRA.

Today, we, globally are the lead in proximity security technology for tracking of those that enter a facility, indoor navigation, notifications, marketing with full real-time analytics and predictive analysis.  This not just a security measure, it a solution that has the ability to come from the budget of both marketing and security.

After 9/11, I was the Keynote speaker at a major security event for the Florida Tourism Board.  This was a meeting of those that controlled the total tourism picture of what Florida would have to enact after the terrible Twin Towers attack. How the vacationing public would react regarding security thereafter and what steps would be required.

Never had we seen such an attack and there was a numbness toward what steps would be accepted by the tourism trade and what major steps the public would demand.

That is where I created this byline that had to be front and center for all staff within a facility and enacted by owners and managers.

Not just words but planned actions in the line of sight of hotel guests.  Nothing better than the people who greet you when you arrive at a hotel or vacation resort, the valets, bellhops, and concierge.
It is all about knowing your client/customer from a security and marketing perspective.  That precise and concise in our capabilities and your requirements and the demands/concerns of the public.

I have listed documents which I have attached for you to understand what we can accomplish together.

Let us converse, a conversation for us to both understand the resolutions and solutions we both view as a priority for security and important to maintain business.

This should I believe start with you and then with marketing.
I look forward to a communication at your convenience.

Let us communicate and connect!

Regards & Prayers
Nicholas Ashton
CommSmart Global Group                         
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