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The Small, Medium Entrepreneurs Blur - Hiring the Right Sales Manager...

The Small, Medium Entrepreneurs Blur
Hiring the Right Sales Manager...
by Nick Ashton, Client Partner,


Some statements may be shocking to some of you!

Those of a sensitive nature, please sit down, hold someone’s hand and if need be, have a favorite beverage at hand.

No one died or had a fatal heart attack during the creation of this information. 

Many have been saved… YOU MAYBE ONE OF THEM! 

The SME/SMB Entrepreneur Blur…

Who Are YOU Hiding The Truth From?

How should I select my next Sales Manager with a view to increased sales performance?

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals! Adjust the action steps.”

The U.S. Economy lost more than 200,000 small businesses in the last recession, the 2012 Census shows.  Taking some 3 million jobs and illustrates the issue to a very personal level.

It is all about the inner foundation of an SME/SMB, we sadly see that in most cases, the causes need to be found in the missing of a sound foundation within these businesses. We therefore consider that a “Great” Sales Manager with the right leadership capabilities MUST be an integral part of such a sound foundation.

The Naked Truth or Some Bare Facts…
Year in year out, failure to understand the inner sanctum of your own company cost billions of dollars to you and other companies around the world. These facts are lethal to most SME/SMB’s, if not recognized and taken care of correctly.

Over and over we have met SME/SMB owners or managers who were not aware of these facts, had only a faint idea of them or thought that they most certainly did not apply to their own company and died on the vine!

Read our White paper on Hiring the Right Sales Manager, digest and give us a call.

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