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Going back in time, with forward thinking…

Going back in time,
with forward thinking…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO , CommSmart Global

Are we making too much of today’s technology and how we can be so more efficient in our daily lives?  There are many who are stuck in their own senseless aversion to progress.  They challenge anyone or any forward thinking idea, picking holes for the sake of picking holes in the brilliance of the idea of the perfected project.

I adore the challengers who keep saying “show me”, “prove it”, real curmudgeons with a crappy useless mind.  Is it jealousy or just an IQ below 10 that affects this thoughtless pattern of theirs?

CommSmart Global, prides itself, or the principals do, that they are living in this age and have captured the moment.  The ability to take a principal, idea, solution and enhanced to market with success.  It is so much fun sharing these productive solutions on a daily basis.

For instance:

A café called Les Deux Magots is where Ernest Hemingway use to sit and write during the early 1920’s. I can imagine him leaning over his pad of paper, writing furiously as he sat there day after day for hours at a time writing out his masterpieces in long hand. At that time, Hemingway was in Paris representing a Canadian newspaper and writing on the side, so-to-speak.  He was introduced to Gertrude Stein and Ms. Stein referred to Hemingway, James Joyce and Ezra Pound and others, such as, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro as the “Lost Generation”.

Nevertheless, in those days, the process of getting any of Hemingway’s works accepted, approved, edited and often rewritten, took a great deal of time. There was limited air postal service and the telegraph was only used for short news items. I cannot help but think of how different it might have been for Hemingway and the great literary minds of those days, which have had so much influence on our literature today, if they had the tools of our modern era.

In fact, I am writing my notes for a presentation on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard.  When I send this off, it will go over the Internet to my main computer in mere nano seconds.  This got me to wondering, if Hemingway had these tools available to him, if he would have used a Galaxy Tablet or a Note?  Alternatively, for that matter, would he have used a laptop or PC? He had a typewriter at his disposal but history reports that a lot of his writing was done in long hand.

Even today, I run in to writers who still use paper and pen, although they are a rare-breed these days. Most writers now use a laptop or desktop with a good word processor and use the Internet to send their work to editors instantly. Now, getting a response about a writer’s work could come to them in hours or days instead of the months it took in Hemingway’s era.

Of course, this is an empty exercise since most writers of that day used the modern day tools of their time, which in most cases, was with pen, paper, and typewriters if they were stationary. However, in doing research about that period, even with typewriters available, I found that some writers thought them to be too new fangled and stayed with their most comfortable form of writing, which was with pen and paper. Hemingway typed when at his office, but used pen and paper when in café’s, parks and anytime he was away from his tiny office.

But I can’t help wondering what other great works of literature Hemingway and his writer colleagues of that time would have given us if they had the tools of today at their disposal. What if Hemingway could have penned more novels during his era, if he had the advanced tools of our time? Perhaps we would have the dozens of manuscripts he had written that were in a suitcase that his wife lost at Gare De Lyon when she was coming back to Paris from Geneva to meet him in 1922. If they had been in digital form and backed up, we may today be reading dozens of other works by him to enrich our literary life.

In Woody Allen’s fascinating movie “Midnight in Paris” he examines the idea of people of one age romanticizing about a different age of the past and wanting to go back and discover what it would have been like to live during that time. Nevertheless, time travel in reverse is not my cup of tea. Rather, I love the age of technology and instant communications, not to mention the improved healthcare of our time. However, if I could go back in time I would like to hand Hemingway a tablet and see if he would use it to create new literary masterpieces. Now that would be a picture worth a thousand words and perhaps we could prevail on Picasso to paint it!

It is here, my friends, the digital age to make all our lives so much easier and allow you to produce what you think, write and create in real time…

Effectively bringing the ideas, creations and conceptions here now... mixing thoughts and technology into one, hopefully making us all better for the mixture of old school and the new!

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