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Removing the Fear Factor and Increasing the Comfort Zone...

Terror Databases Needs Revamping Now!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, CommSmart US

When asked how we would do things differently, in the light of non-existent information on Bomb makers and potential terror suspects slipping by, we have to first explain what is done with all this information that bombards us on a minute by minute basis.

When each phone call, back in the early 1900's was to made, it had to go through an operator, which was normally a woman, she connected your call for you. I mean connected through a lead and plug. Today, Three billion phone calls are made every day in the US, which breaks down to 34,722 calls per second. There are not enough woman in the USA to connect those calls!

Now do you understand the information overload that is bombarding us?

It is years of analytic manipulation of data, utilizing successful algorithms and having a criminal/terroristic  understanding through sane practice and ensuring that the computer connections are secure with Device DNA, not Human Passwords.  This is what makes the CommSmart US standout.

It is no good just filling the hopper with data and letting it sit there. 

Data silos, just like grain silos, gather dust and clog.  When placing data in an important database, you must be actioning the information, sorting in generalities and making it available for all that require and have access. Data that is never moved will kill you in more ways than one!

It is all well and good in having a collection system, it what is on the other end of that system that is important.

Britain, just like the USA was caught short on the terror chatter and information.  The potential new threats from invisible bombers who are not on the radar, which you can try and explain it away, but the fact is perfectly clear, if they reach New York City, Time Square or any other city, USA, we would have mass panic on our hands by the public and law enforcement.

Britain revamped its security information system in the light of 7/7 and the worst nightmare of terror ever to strike the English shores.  

America must do the same!

Now is the time to review and implement standards for today and the future and we, CommSmart US, are willing to sit down and assist with our vast expertise on secure communications with 100% connectivity, Secure Evidentiary Capture Solutions and the ability to focus on social chatter with dedication to proactive services for the protection of this nation and its citizens.

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