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What The Hell Are You Thinking?

What The Hell Are You Thinking?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

When we say we can fix it, we can fix it!  When you ignore the risks and gamble with the company’s future, I call you a fool and you are!

What has happened to a society that was driven to improve with technology we embraced to assist us in all we do.  It seems that those at the Top, or should I say, those that believe their effluent does not stink and they can do no wrong as they have the false power to hire and fire and are showing their lack of leadership and trust.  You are not Gods!

CommSmart US’s team of real logical people, who are dedicated and passionate about resolving this crisis of lack of data security did not just appear on the scene and jump on the bandwagon to peddle their wares!

The solution, Key Talk, is the basis of all we do with our proven cutting edge technology and it did not get created overnight.  Ten years of research, creation, re-thinking, proof of concept and millions of dollars have been invested for the right reasons.  KEYTALK WORKS!!!!

Running a company has changed, dramatically changed and many a CEO and Board Members are in the Dark Ages and a total risk to their shareholders and those that supposedly trust them, customers and clients.

I will not mince my words, the Corporate World is Fcuked Up!  You know it and continue to ignore it!  Who do you think you are?  Some Teflon coated super hero, who thinks as they now have a three letter word title, nobody can touch them? 

Wrong and wrong again!

A company is made of paper and you are just the hired help and need replacing if you have no understanding of the most crucial issue of information security.  I am far from interested in being your friend or sharing down time with you. 

CommSmart US is all business and states the facts, which you continue to ignore!

All of you are living on borrowed time?  It is not IF you will be the next headline for lack of true moral fiber, it is WHEN!

Shear Chaos abounds in how to handle Identity, Authentication and Access to retrieving and sending data.  The enterprise end to end data in motion, which is the most sort after information by the most unscrupulous, deviant individuals.

The conversation on this matter is in reverse, wasted and confusing, we are still talking about passwords, the most insecure means of authentication on the planet.  They are forgotten, lost, shared and stolen and we still want use them!  Why?

Let us end the chaos right here and now!  Stop looking back at the problem, dissecting it every which way you can.  Look forward, to a proven solution, KEYTALK!  Resolve the issue from a proactive standpoint!

The FACTS... KeyTalk, a 2 factor authentication, acting as PKI in a Private domain at nearly zero management!

KeyTalk, a two factor authentication, using your device as the second factor generating a break-through 2SSL peer to peer communication channel over any untrusted, (Internet) connection.

The user automatically receives a short lived device certificate using a corresponding key pair in the range from 2048 through 4096 bit encryption which changes automatically every next time. The authentication is via Device DNA, made up from the device components.  Short lived access keys configurable from minutes thru hours, completely transparent to the end user and standard server configurations. This is a Single Sign-on.

KeyTalk generates an intrusion proof data in motion channel to protect your data.

This is the solid foundation for our technology solutions within CommSmart US philosophy. 

No IF, BUTS or WHEREFORES, solid security that has decades of successful secure connections. 

There was no other choice for simplicity, virtually zero management/maintenance with anonymity to the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers

When you can state that all information transmitted via the KEYTALK solution is totally secure, even in a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, then you had better have the goods to prove it and we do, for over twenty years and billions and billions of bits of data being absolutely secure.  Importantly, it is not us that is stating this, our "pen-testing”, which happens every single year proves this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

CommSmart US and KEYTALK can state that, can you?

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