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What Does Lloyd’s of London, Sinking Ships and CommSmart Global Group, Have in Common?

What Does Lloyd’s of London, Sinking Ships
CommSmart Global Group, Have in Common?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group 

It is something about 326 years of business, the growth from simplistic beginnings to the world’s leading market.  Insurance!  Lloyd’s of London is not the company, it is a marketplace for effective syndicated risk-takers.

CommSmart Global Group works on the same proven principles of Edward Lloyd and John Julius Angerstein.  Which by the way, never met.  Lloyd opened a coffee house on Tower Street around 1688 and began attracting all those concerned with shipping. The place became a favorite haunt of ship’s captains, merchants and ship owners.

Angerstein was a driving force behind the modernization of Lloyd’s and the continuing road map in this ever-changing world.  In 1795, Angerstein became Chairman of Lloyd’s

This is only part of the connection between Lloyd’s of London and CommSmart Global Group, it is the second connection that is “making the difference”. 

It was to do with the buoyancy of ships, which we correlate to the stability of corporate computer data.  The vulnerability of all information that is treasured, both company and personal.

The arguments against the security of ships are being rung out today in the corporate world in regard to the security of computer data from Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.

Samuel Plimsoll was majorly concerned regarding the seaworthiness of the British Fleet.  Over the next couple of hundred years, the term ‘coffin ship’ became used in a wider context as more and more ship owners realized that their ships were worth more on the seabed than they were afloat. Sometimes
quite unseaworthy vessels were given a lick of paint’ and completely overloaded in the hope that they would sink, therefore enabling the owner to claim on the insurance, normally with little or no regard for the fate of the crew.

Accordingly, on the Plimsoll motion in 1873, a Royal Commission was appointed. A year later the Merchant Shipping Act was introduced which included a ‘Plimsoll line’, showing the buoyancy on a ship’s hull, which in 1930 became universally accepted as the International Load Line.

CommSmart Global Group, Lloyd’s of London and the passing of the International Load Line are as relevant today insomuch, like ships or computer data, as in corporations and the public, are being sunk (stolen) by those that do not feel they have to be responsible.  Namely, IT departments, Board members and Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Secretaries and their hires.

It is about true responsibility and the failure from those that are in charge of companies, large and small, who are foolishly negating the responsibility.

IT management and those that are working within these departments have to fess up that their communication skills in normal language, lack.  A corporation is a dumb entity, it can only work when run by people, and it can do nothing for itself.

The attitude of “you can’t do without usis over!  No more talking behind people’s backs, trying to pull apart proven technology, as it was not your idea in the first place.  The facts are on the table, being shown on the large screens and due to the likes of Lloyd’s of London, CommSmart US, the negation of Duty of Care/Corporate Governance is front and center with the full liability of knowing the issues, ignoring and then doing nothing is in view. 

This will now stop!

Suggestion, re-read the Terms and Conditions of all your Insurance Policies covering the following:
  •          Directors & Executives insurance
  •          IT Policy
Because, if you are not following the conditions - then any claim you may think you had will not be covered.  The liability and adjoined costs will be fairly and square resting on your own wallet.

It is just the same as ignoring the Plimsoll Line!  In the Corporate Ocean, it could also mean, on top of the Company’s liability, to confirm that you will have personal/individual liability as well.

CommSmart Global Group has proven answers and understands we must not waste any more time, whilst computer terrorists steal and plunder all that so many have worked hard for.  Companies large and small have a responsibility to their shareholders, clients, and customers for the vast amount of information stored in these data or coffin silos, which are under attack. 

Computer security and the necessary change is but one example of what we do to improve the overall, security, connectivity, collection of evidence in visual and paperless data forms to the demands of today and importantly, tomorrow.

Passwords are human, outdated, lost, found, forgotten and shared and when signing-in on an application or system, the database has no earthly notion if it is you signing in or a computer terrorist!

DEVICE DNA is the CommSmart Global Group, The Trusted Device Way.  The device becomes the authorized object with its selected components as the key. 

Just like the Plimsoll Line, we are the standard to stop the sinking of companies and the public by the theft of their information, failure to obtain information on-time, a true end to end data in motion Internet connections and drive to a far more corporate understanding of what is expected, in our day to day business ethics. Like ships that travel between ports, so does our vital information. 

The major the difference with Trusted Device is that you are shielded from the stormy weathers and overloads.  Our port to port journey is not open to prying eyes!

The Cybergeddon can be stopped!

The latest report from Lloyd’s of London states:

“Increasing reliance on the Internet and the explosive growth in devices that are connected to it has intensified the risk of massive systemic failure or “cybergeddon”, according to the report. At the same time, revelations about government surveillance have weakened the international community’s willingness to cooperate on building governance models - potentially resulting in the balkanization of the Internet.

Axel Lehmann, chief risk officer of Zurich Insurance Group warned that trust in the internet is disappearing as a result of data misuse, hacking and privacy breaches. “A fragmentation of the Internet itself is the wrong way to solve this issue, as it would destroy the benefits the web provides to all of us. Rather than building walled gardens, it is time to act by setting up security standards and regaining trust.”

The report’s authors argue that while the failure of critical online infrastructure is a systemic risk that could impact global growth, so is a large-scale loss of trust in the Internet. “Stakeholders may need to move beyond traditional solutions, with fresher ideas that can scale and move away from a national security mindset,” the report suggests.”

You have just read above, why CommSmart US is here.  It is the passion to succeed for all and to bring to market precise solutions.

As said, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.  The phrase originated on propaganda posters during World War II and is as relevant today regarding computer security and the precious information held therein.  “Loose Computer Security Sinks Companies and the Public”.  

Protect what you have and be certain no unauthorized individuals are allowed near your treasures…

For more precise information:

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U.K. 0207 10109247

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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FACEBOOK - THE SOCIAL NIGHTMARE - Responsibility, Trust & Admission On All Fronts, Society Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket....

Responsibility, Trust & Admission ON ALL FRONTS

Data usage, whether written by a pen, passed by conversation or stored in a filing cabinet has been circulating since the beginning of time.

Since the inception of the computer and the Internet of Things with the storage and search capacity has opened Pandora's Box for street criminals, 'white-collar con-artists and intellectual thieves.  Bamboozling all, our so they think. 

Zuckerberg is the typical computer nerd that hides behind his deception by pretending to be a 'nerd'.

Yes, even Terrorists are using encrypted methods to communicate.  Cyphers or Encryption has been part of life since goodness knows when and will always continue.

For the Public, Government, and Corporations, sensitive information must be protected and those that produce such software capabilities have a responsibility to hold harmless the rest of us, as we all do!

We at our 'behind the scenes' Red Tagged operation know oh so well about the protection of information and why it is so important at all levels.

It is all about TRUST! 

Even our Government Civil Servants cannot trust their Master!

21 million records and counting that has been compromised...

Previous Old Report: FBI Investigating OPM Cyber Intrusion:

Security of information is preached at all levels and falls on deaf ears nearly 80% of the time.  How many times have you downloaded a new app for your Smartphone or Tablet and just accepted the terms and conditions without even reading them?  Every bloody time, right?

You are being told that the Chinese or Russians hacked our government employee and voter data.  Do we know that for a factor is it just hacked speculation yet again?

When are YOU going to take a STAND against this never ending circle of the BLAME GAME and take YOUR OWN ACTIONS on SECURITY of DATA?

Never has there been such a feeling of mistrust in the world and at the rate, we are moving, it will only get worse.  Every single one of us today is connected and there are not just six degrees of separation, it is a 100% connection!

It is not just about the cyber world, it is about people, people you hired and have responsibility for!

That wire or over the air connection, the Internet is allowing everyone into our lives, people that we have no social or physical connection with. 

They can see all we do, as a majority of people are suffering from TMI Syndrome, (Too Much Information).  

On the lowest level of all, Facebook is the greatest source of information for criminals, hackers, phishers, and man in the middle brutal attackers.  

Social media is a collection point of opportunity and it seems the more we tell you this, the more you ignore!

Only desperate fools break-in to homes, local businesses, rob banks and pharmacies.  The majority get caught and their reasoning for the attempt is mainly drug-related.  Our communities today have not fallen apart, they have been disintegrated by the majority turning their backs on the events and not wanting to know the whys or wherefores.  Then they turn to others for help and protection without taking responsibility for the actions of the others, even their family members.  It is an entitlement society and it is being taken away from you.  Time to stand on you owns two feet.

Cybercrime forty-five years ago was not even a word in the dictionary, let alone the largest intrusion in our society today.  Believe it or not, you are most probably as guilty as the cyber-terrorist who got at Target, the retailer and stole up to 140 million accounts, which included bank card account numbers and passwords. That was damage to millions and will continue for a long time as it is!

Why you?  

As simple as not keeping your password private, leaving your home or business Wi-Fi Router unprotected and generally, not giving a toss!  

Meaning you do not care!  

You soon come running when it affects you and you are the one shouting the loudest wanting others to help you.  Yes, your poor me attitude.

It is not just there, it is the attitude of IT departments, the Chief Executive Officer, his managerial selection and the Board.  Companies are owned by people, shareholders who place the daily running of the company in someone else’s hands.  If those in charge are ignoring the one area that is the riskiest area of a company, the data, the heart and lifeblood of the shareholders, then all is lost.

The Duty of Care, Corporate Governance and logic are being ignored which means they, at the top, the Captain of the Ship have failed and negated their responsibility.  

Do not tell me you have an insurance policy to cover that, 


It will not pay out for the reason of negligence! We know, we talked to Lloyd’s of London and posed the scenario and it was categorically stated they would be NO Payout Whatsoever.

There is nothing wrong to ask for help!

IT managers, heads of departments and those, whose responsibility is to make sure your computers/databases/servers do not get attacked, do have issues.  

It is like the British and the French, they are 22 miles apart with the English Channel between them, they neither like each nor speak each other’s language.  

There lies the problem!  It is a, 'them and us' situation.

IT departments have only time to be reactive and not proactive in running their departments.  The CEO/Board are ignorant of what is going on as they have not got a clue in most cases.  

Running a business has changed, it is not 1976 anymore!  You have 14-year-old children who know more about computers than those at the top of Fortune 500 companies!

I stated and titled this as, Responsibility, Trust & Admission, there is no more time to procrastinate on the issues regarding the largest criminal activity in the world, Cybercrimes.

This is not some white collar crime spree, it's guys sitting around in their PJ’s and Bermuda shorts hacking away at getting into your corporate treasure chest.  

The #1 country for illegal computer activities is Russia, USA, China, N. Korea and India then the list goes on and on.  Computers that are infected with virus, malware, and intrusions is even worse.

  • Russia
  • India
  • United States
  • Vietnam
None of us are perfect but we have to reach out to those that have the capabilities and the passion for solving the issues.  We are here and have amassed a team, worldwide to resolve the major issues facing business and the general public today.

For those that believe we are advertising our wares, think what you like, you will not stop us in whatever snide ways you wish to try.  

Oh, we choose who we work with when it comes to Cyber Activity, selective that we are, we know the issues better than anyone.  We do not advertise and will not call you from Red Tagged, we work behind the scenes for all.

The message is clear, you need help and stop your arrogance in refusing to turn to those that have the answers.  You are being worse than a man with a medical issue who refuses to go to the doctor for help and then dies.  Is that your goal, to be gone and have no more responsibility whatsoever? 

The admission that you require assistance does not make you a lesser man or woman, it is common sense after all.  

The rope is broken and the drop below will kill you and take down the rest of your team, which includes your clients and customers.  They do not deserve that and you know far better!

We are not really offering you a secure rope to get you back to normality and succeed.  If one was thrown, catch it, let us reel this situation in and work together if you have an interesting case and want to be brought back to reality.  Let the past be the past and use people who care and know they have the answers you, your Board, clients, and customers deserve and demand.

Oh, this is not just for companies, we work hand in hand with all, Public Safety, Emergency Management, Enforcement Agents/Process Servers and even you!

We are in the NOW and 

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Information Overload Is A Killer? So Much Data! Until NOW!

Information Overload Is A Killer?

“Information overload — an accurate description,” Data is among the most potent weapons of the 21st century. Unprecedented amounts of raw information help the public safety and the military determine what areas to target for reducing or stopping crime and avoidance in the case of IED attacks.

Research shows that the kind of intense multitasking required in such situations can make it hard to tell good information from bad. The law enforcers and the military face a balancing act: how to help officers and soldiers exploit masses of data without succumbing to overload and missed objectivity.

Across the law enforcement and the military, the data flow has surged; since the attacks of 9/11, the amount of intelligence gathered by remotely piloted drones and other surveillance technologies has risen 1,600 percent. On the ground, beat cops, command staff, detectives and troops increasingly use hand-held devices to communicate and set investigates. And the computer screens in cars, jet cockpits or back at station or base, can be so packed with data that some, call them “drool buckets” because, they say, they can get lost staring into them.

“There is information overload at every level of public safety, law enforcement, EMS, Fire Emergency Management and the military — from the general to the soldier, the police commander to the beat cop on the ground,” said Nicholas Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global Group, whose specialize in street-level information gathering, crime or war analytics, instantaneous data sharing across borders/agencies and Next Event Predictability.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has developed street smarts, base knowledge of crime fighting analysts algorithms, which when used with data, enhance our abilities and capabilities to collectively utilize data sets and result in predictive analysis.  This is then placed in the hands of ground staff, which includes detectives, beat cops, command staff, soldiers in battle situations and warn them, by highlighting the probabilities of an incident.  This is the reality of Next Event Predictability.  

This includes LENSS (Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution) The Public Safety Revolution in cross-border sharing of information in real-time.

CommSmart Global Group is not something conjured up in the mind of a scriptwriter and produced for the big screen. Although our team does enter the realm of dreams, the sharing of futuristic ideas and implementation of solutions that this a safer world to live in.

Simply, WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…  

Having real-time information at the fingertips of front-line staff in all environments is essential and been at the forefront of our vision.  Computer screens in the police cars will be gone, in some cases, it is already been decided to enact that.  Smartphone companies and manufacturers, like Samsung's, rugged small tablet devices are available.

Tomorrow’s dreams, but here today and in use!

We know what we are capable of and no matter what size department you are or what part of the world you are in, our toolbox has your answers.  

Listening and understanding the core problems of your department is our expertise and we would like to assist you, your municipality and the citizens in having a far safer environment.

We are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW… 

Call: US: (515) 200-7068  UK: 0207 1019247

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