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Policing Oneself Is As Important! This Is Not a Breast or Penile Flashers Convention

Policing Oneself Is As Important!
This Is Not a Breast or Penile Flashers Convention
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Knowing the rules of the road, streets and social strata are majorly important for ground guidelines.  It seems the higher up the ladder you go, the less you remember and believe you are removed from those basic stipulations. 

You Are Not!

It is a ‘THEM vs. Us’ world.  Corporately and especially in law enforcement.  

Remembering your beginnings is so important and in many cases a lost cause.

Management is special in their skill sets and why they can manage and lead.

Once you have been promoted to a position of leadership and trust, remember it!

Just because you got the key to the executive bathroom, so to speak, don’t shut the door on those that have worked with you and assisted you through the years to attain this position.

In this anti-social world, it is easier to voice your opinions hidden behind a computer screen, Smartphone or Tablet.

Stop It!

Be open about your concerns and voice your thoughts and concerns in person.  

Collectively you do make a difference.

Recent events in the policing world of an Assistant Chief Constable, in annoyance, at a party retaliated to comments from a fellow employee, a woman officer.  This is about a senior policewoman who was 'flashed at by her female boss in a row over fake breasts'.  A totally vile way of showing her disdain, let alone her body as an action of displeasure.

Greater Manchester Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe was suspended in May 2016 after she allegedly 'flashed' Superintendent Sarah Jackson.

Sutcliffe has escaped the sack after she launched a drunken tirade at a junior colleague about the size of her breasts!

A disciplinary panel ruled she should receive a final written warning instead. The officers publicly apologized for her behavior and say she'll ensure it never happens again. Sarah Rogers was at the hearing.


If this had been a ‘penile flashing, size matters’ event, the flasher would be terminated immediately!

So what was the disciplinary board, Chief Constable, and PCC thinking?

Rebekah Sutcliffe has lost her ability to lead, manage and be an example to the people who she is supposed to ‘protect & serve’. 

How can she ever discipline a co-worker with this stain on her character?

This is an example to the corporate and law enforcement world of the ‘THEM & Us’ concerns of today!

As a company who serves law enforcement globally and extremely successfully, it would be remiss of us if we did air our views on such an event.  It is not our desire to deal with those type of people, both the flasher and those involved with the disciplinary outcome.

We are for Sir Robert Peels’ Principles, the Policeman’s Bible and I do not see this being one of them!

We are here to be proactive in Digital Policing, not failed leadership on all fronts!

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