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If, Is The Dark Dank Shadow In The White House.

If, Is The Dark Dank Shadow In The White House.
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

The White House has always been filled with secrets and black marks against decisions made on heated situation.  Does the current resident really care about what the American people want and deserve?  Is this just a continuing journey for Barack Obama of ego trips and “I did it My Way”?

Tensions around the world have never been so on edge and the drums of war are resounding from all nations with major concerns.  Is this the beginning of World War III and the demise of the world as we know it?

The tensions of the Middle East have been building for 12 years since the destruction of the Twin Towers and 3000 New Yorkers, part of the Pentagon its occupants and the murder of airline passengers by terrorists.  What have we done to curtail the problems and address the deep hatred by some in the Middle East, mainly Muslim faith based individuals and governments? Mainly reactive policies and increased the effective of terrorism by the restrictions on US citizens on a daily basis.

Syria is of course a concern as is Iran and Iraq, so we are told.  Since John Kerry and Defense Sec. Hagle made their statements that they were 100% that it was Assad using chemical weapons on his own people.  Now the story is, we actually lack evidence on this fact.  The statements being made by Obama’s lap dogs is varying and inconclusive on all fronts.  Yes, people died from being gassed, that is a fact, who gassed these women, children and men is unknown.  Was it the rebels doing this to draw America into the fight?

Firing missiles at unknown targets will cause collateral damage, in real terms, it kills people as well, innocent people!  I am far from a pacifist, I do though like to know the plan entry and exit and the pure ramifications of the “what if” factors.

There is no such thing as a short involvement in war.  War is fluid and reactionary in nature.  Predicting the outcome of such an attack would be lying and misinforming the nation.

Syria, Iran or al Qaeda will not sit back while America fires missiles into Syria, they will react and in the only way they know by attacking either allies of the USA.  This includes Jordan, Israel, Great Britain and the homeland of America.  Can we afford this?  Are we ready for someone to test the first nuclear attack on a so called civilized world?  The American people say No!

The President of the United States has made this a “reality television” event and it will be on Tuesday evening you will see this unfold in his speech.  Prior to this, all networks will air one on one interviews in an act to try and influence your Congress and Representatives in Washington D.C.  If the vote is against his ever changing plan for an attack on Syria to teach them a lesson is NO, what will he do?

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