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The Knife, Not a Stab in the Dark, It is a Growing Global Killer Spreading

Not a Stab in the Dark
It is a Growing Global Killer Spreading

As we have seen over the last few weeks and months, the knife is a killer!

The knife, shiv, dagger or even a formed object in the shape of the blade, use to stab someone with intent to do bodily harm or kill.  There use has been around since man was still in his rock cave.  Firstly used in hunting to kill an animal and from there we went to killing your enemy or a disliked person.  The knife is not just used for the kill, it maims and scars, the latter is to show others to be warned.

If you want to kill or maim, the knife is silent, concealable and effective.
Europe has suffered increased attacks way before ISIS was headlined dripped in blood.  It is far easier to obtain a knife or something honed from an object than purchasing a gun.  The power of the knife is all on the wrist and positioning.  Close proximity is required which in most cases is the element of surprise.

Great Britain was forced to issue ‘Stab Vests’ to all law enforcement officers with the influx of immigrants and refugees from Europe over the last twenty years.  The knife is their weapon of choice in most fights or arguments.  It
is a natural part of these people’s code of aggression.  It has increased dramatically over the last two years and not stopping there.

Along with the knife, domestic violence against women has escalated beyond belief.  These immigrants and refugees are a different culture, mindset and have no respect for the female in society, she is owned, subservient and abused.  If Muslim, they are governed by their faith, which includes Sharia law, which cannot be a part of any nation’s law other than one that is of the Muslim faith.

America, you are already witnessing an increase of these issues, knifing and domestic violence which is growing by leaps and bounds.  San Diego County, California has taken in more refugees than any other region of California for the past seven years, according to state data.  It has also brought underlying problems that are not being addressed due to financial issues.

What do you know about these people?  There is no data and today we have to have the data to be able to address the concerns.  Not just criminal, education or health information which impacts us all.  As we are seeing in the decline of what was great communities and cities something is missing and must be addressed with solid information.

Do you let total strangers into your home?  Of course, you don’t!  If they are with a good friend, then you trust your friend’s judgment, who has already vetted these people and cleared the way for bringing to your home.  This is not happening by the Federal Government,  States, Counties, and Cities are accepting these people without any knowledge whatsoever.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, is concerned regarding information that must be available to make the difference and has done something about it!

Today’s communication of choice is the Smartphone and not used for just making phone calls, it is a camera and a texting tool.  It is a more powerful tool than NASA had to go to the moon.

Social communications have been revolutionized by our thumbs!  The information that flies from our fingers and thumbs is at hyper speed and a volume that as individuals cannot be kept up with.  

CommSmart’s Social Media Monitoring can!  It is not going to stop there, it is our analytic capabilities and international expertise that places us apart from all.

We created Atmospherics, just like in sunlight you see particles floating in the air, that also represents information, data, and chatter, that is all important to us all and you.

The passion of the team combines ex-U.K. Metropolitan Police Officers, European Cybercrime enforcers, Change Agents, American Law Enforcement Commanders, Chiefs of Police, and IT Innovators who, have worked hand in hand to fearlessly introduced over the last twenty years a near perfect and combined social media monitoring, crime mapping, crime analytics and predictive analysis with the databases bringing both the largest public global database, local, state, county and city real-time street-level criminal information.  

Now at the fingertips of those that protect and serve.  Law enforcement is people and people are the police and vice versa.

Law enforcement has radically changed since the days of Sir Robert Peel and his Nine Peelian Principles, though, they are the basis of policing and when connected to strategic technology and change agency, times change for the betterment of all, this includes of course community and law enforcement agencies. 

That is the CommSmart Way!

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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Commercial Expansion of Easter, Religion and Waistlines

The Commercial Expansion of 
Easter, Religion, and Waistlines

Look, it is Passover and Easter, it means so much, to so many, in so many different ways.  So I did some major Internet research, which included eating Cadbury Creme Chocolate Easter Eggs.  I love the little chocolate eggs, it is just getting all the foil of the darn thing before you eat it!

So here is the water cooler version of Easter:

What is the History of Easter?

There is evidence that Christians originally celebrated the resurrection of Christ every Sunday, with observances such as Scripture readings, psalms, the Eucharist, and a prohibition against kneeling in prayer.  At some point in the first two centuries, however, it became customary to celebrate the resurrection, especially on one day each year. Many of the religious observances of this celebration were taken from the Jewish Passover.

Religious Observances on Easter Sunday

Common elements found in most Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant religious Easter celebrations include baptisms, the Eucharist, feasting, and greetings of "Christ is risen!" and "He is risen indeed!"
In Roman Catholicism, and some Lutheran and Anglican churches, Easter is celebrated with a vigil that consists of "the blessing of the new fire (a practice introduced during the early Middle Ages); the lighting of the paschal candle; a service of lessons, called the prophecies; followed by the blessing of the font and baptisms and then the mass of Easter." The traditional customs of the Catholic Church are described in detail in the online Catholic Encyclopedia.
In Orthodox churches, the vigil service is preceded by a procession outside the church. When the procession leaves the church, there are no lights on. The procession conducts a symbolic fruitless search for Christ's body, then joyfully announces, "Christ is risen!" When the procession returns to the church, hundreds of candles and lamps are lit to symbolize the splendor of Christ's resurrection, and the Easter Eucharist is taken.

Protestant observances also include baptism and the Eucharist (or Lord's Supper), and often a sunrise service (to commemorate Mary Magdalene's arrival at the empty tomb "early, while it was still dark") and special hymns and songs.

Easter Eggs and Christianity

What do eggs have to do with Easter? Over the centuries, Easter Sunday has been supplemented by popular customs, many of were incorporated from springtime fertility celebrations of European and Middle Eastern pagan religion. Rabbits and eggs, for example, are widely-used pagan symbols for fertility.

Some Christians disassociate themselves entirely from Easter eggs because of their pagan connotations. Other Christians view Easter eggs, or other candies and treats, as symbols of joy and celebration (as they were forbidden during the fast of Lent) and as a "taste" of new life and resurrection that they have in Jesus Christ. A common custom is to hide brightly colored eggs for children to find.

The Waistline Factor

The confectioners crank out some 90 million chocolate bunnies, an avalanche of 16 billion jelly beans, and Peeps beyond enumeration just for the Easter baskets that 88 percent of American parents load up for their kids. Based on numbers like these, all those tips and caveats that apply to Halloween should probably be dusted off and posted for Easter as well.

For example:

  • Parents wind up eating half the candy that their kids bring home for Halloween, especially the chocolate kind. It’s reasonable to assume that in the process of purchasing Easter goodies and assembling them in baskets for the kids, a percentage thereof will wind up inside the parent as well, especially since Easter is primarily devoted to the parentally beloved chocolate. Prepare to exercise great restraint.
  • Avoid buying treats that are your own particular favorites. And bear in mind that the less total candy you bring into the home, the less your share will amount to.
  • In the first week after Halloween night, we eat about 5 percent of the candy we will eat all year. In the first week after Easter, we give our post-Halloween consumption rate a good run for its money. Put a limit on the amount or number of goodies your kids can consume each day. Also, hollow chocolate items deliver far less fat and sugar and calories than the solid or filled variety.
  • Just as you want kids to go trick-or-treating at Halloween with a full dinner inside them, a good, solid breakfast should be the rule before the egg/candy hunt or handout to help moderate the kids’ urge to gorge.
  • In the area of healthy treat options, the obvious choice is your traditional hard-boiled egg. Beyond that, dark chocolate is a bit pricier but healthier than ordinary milk chocolate, and depending on allergies, peanut butter cups are about as healthy a form as chocolate comes in.
Thank you for allowing me to search for anything Easter as I downed a dozen or so chocolate eggs and a glass of milk.  It made it so much easier to admit my addiction to chocolate and Cadbury Creme eggs, for religious reasons of course…

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Social Corruption is Alive and Well, Even In the Good Old USA!

How Long Have We all Been 
Hiding Behind the Mask of Distrust?

When the riots in the Middle East started, those in the Western world just fobbed it off as a bunch of Arabs and Muslims that were pissed off.  Were they?  Then, the unrest started, firebombs, tear gas and the first person died, then the second and thousands gave their lives for what they believe in.

What do you believe?

Spain… did you ever think that this Western civilized country could be dragged to this?  Who is next?  Are you save from unrest, people protesting in the streets for what they believe is right?  It has happened worldwide in most countries, to the same level.  Maybe not in Liechtenstein or the Hamptons.

I have been on the streets during a riot, back in the late 1970’s, in Monrovia, Liberia.  It was Good Friday or bad Friday of the families that lost loved ones that died that day.  More than 70 lost their lives from the police being told to fire over the heads of the protesters.  The majority died of head wounds and the blood run on the streets over the increase in the price of rice.

It is about a human trait that is alive and kicking in all nations, CORRUPTION!

The pulse of the people cannot be ignored by politicians and world leaders. They will not go away and many, in the West, which includes the United States, think they can control the people with empty words and actions.

From a psychological point of view, we must know the Chatter of the Streets, know what the problems are, the concerns and those that are plotting against society. Riots do not just harm the government, it harms and destroys the community where the action takes place. It affects all!

CommSmart Global Group and our teams, understand what is required and has been collecting the pulse of nations, so we can adjust and correct. Yes, sometimes it includes arresting individuals that wish to go too far. Do we not want harmony for all?

It is about true leadership, communications and information to allow us to assist in the direction of our society.

Gathering the information and analytically studying the real-time facts, we have a far better opportunity to adjust and to some extent, control our destiny.

CORRUPTION in countries, municipalities and corporations is controllable…

Listen to the words on the street…

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Internet Does Not Equal Privacy! It is a Sewer, a Den of Inequity...

The Internet Does Not Equal Privacy!
It is a Sewer, a Den of Inequity...

FaceBook Strips You Naked By Removing Your Privacy Cover!

You should be thinking "Privacy Above All", yes, your privacy is your responsibility.  I know you think others, like Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other unsocial networks are protecting you.  They are not, they are exposing you every single millisecond of the day and placing your personal and corporate information in harm's way.  

You think they have got your back and they do NOT!

Every single company and government should be protecting any individual data that is collected in doing business today. They are NOT!

You cannot avoid using the Internet of Things (IoT) as everyone uses it for forming filling, banking and health data and every other thing you can think of.

There are No Six Degrees of Separation!  

We are all connected!

This means that any criminal or Cyber Terrorist is using so much of their ill-gotten time to infiltrate any data site they can.  Data silos in the most case are insecure because their IT Department is out of touch with cyber reality.

When it comes to cyber protection, RED TAGGED is Straight Talking!

Cybersecurity has to start at the front door, the servers which contain the data and have checks and balances along the way to ensure we are all protected.  Knowing all the activity in "real time"!

Malware is being used continuously attacking the servers, trying to beat and enter the Information Technology sphere that has outdated security.

Having a database with access to your customers/clients, employees, third-party data centers when not secured is like a red rag to a Hacking Bull!

Giving access to a database like this is like giving everyone a key and having no control over who they share it with.  Passwords are useless and foolish, no matter what their length or alpha/numeric they are.

Using a Dashboard/Portal for authorized access to Device DNA and a secondary code is more secure, especially with a military level encryption.

Your Smartphones are just as vulnerable, remember it is a computer!  Your voice, data in motion, emails, SMS/Text/Chat and documents on your Smartphone can be fully secure with high-level encryption and it should be.

It is all about Privacy Above All!

That is what we do!


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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Non-Existent 'Lone Wolf' or Breakaway Group Use Various Bombs & Weapons To Send The Message The Leadership States, No Visible Threat?

The Non-Existent 'Lone Wolf'
or Breakaway Group Use Various
Bombs & Weapons To Send The Message
The Leadership States,
No Visible Threat?

Europe is under attack again.  Occasionally the tips and Intel work, the majority of the time no one has any earthly idea when, where or how!

After the events, the 'Blame Game' starts...

The reactive press comments of Leadership or other political blow-hards are making political statements in the media and no more.  They have no idea of logical or illogical terrorism and this only adds to the Fear and frustration of all. 

Comments of irrelevance abound from those that know nothing or little about terroristic threats, whether international or domestic.  Logically, all information is thus reactionary and not built on true evidence or solid facts and should be ignored at this stage, so they think.

It is terrorism and not accidental, state the simple logical fact.  Even if it is a 'NutJob', it has instilled terror!

In the US and London, or anywhere in the world,  police departments and other alphabet soup agencies will be sifting through evidence at the scenes and CCTV footage of the area and will not be releasing information until they have a far better picture of the ramifications of the incident.  

News mediums are feeding the Fear Factor without the substance of Why or Who did this act. 

The Westminister 'so-called'  Lone Wolf was inspired by someone and never acted alone.

It is fresh in our minds and the 'Fear Factor' is 'real' with us all.  A 'Comfort Zone' is demanded globally, not just words but solid actions.

A simple incident last year in the US that occurred, this is not the only explosion of the day.  

In the morning a pipe bomb exploded in a garbage can at a Marine Charity Run in New Jersey.  Two other devices were found in the area and failed to detonate.  

The next explosion on 23rd and 6th Ave. in the Chelsea district of New York City was enough to harm a significant number of people with injuries akin to a bomb blast.

Now a second device, a pressure cooker with a cell phone attached had failed to explode and is a phenomenal find for an evidentiary purpose.  

This is similar to the Boston Bombing device and was highlighted in the ISIL "Inspire Magazine" on how to build a bomb.

There is so much more that must and can be achieved for the security of us all.

This is all after the fact information and screams out for the usage of Atmospherics! 

It is all about Intelligence and the gathering of information on a continuous basis.

Reaction to this event is like flying blind with all the instruments out of reach.  It does need to be that way.  Proactive information is always available if you have the tools to reach out and understand.

Social Media Interaction/Monitoring is OUR Key!  Never have these tools been available in this manner, proven and successful in knowing all.  This is the equivalence of people running their mouths and bragging on their dastardly deeds or potential actions, we know it all, photographs, texts, live video all within the event area and importantly, historical of their 'breadcrumb' trail.  

Historically and 'live', this is PROACTIVE!

Within CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solutions Partner has expertise reaching back to the 1970's and the terrorist bombing by the IRA, Bader Meinhof, the Red Brigade, Al Qaeda and ISIL.  Not only how to protect, understand the 'who' is threaten, but to investigate and solve.  We were involved in the protection and investigations in all of these and other terroristic events globally. The logical flow of 'before and after' is the absolute key to the increased security of 'NOW' and future,


Everything!  If we consider a working definition of the concept of atmosphere as the social “silent language” of a geographical, political, social or criminal circles that can transmit and contain communications that describe the attitudes, feelings, ideas, and intentions, of those within or apart of those circles, then it is absolutely tantamount, that Law Enforcement understand and analyze this portion of the social dialogue, to effectively respond to and prevent crime and terrorism in this modern dynamic, silent atmosphere.  

If this source of information is routinely missing from your department's planning and response to developing a method of operations, conducting investigations, developing community relations and intelligence gathering then you are only dealing with a small part of the evidence/fact acquiring equation.  This also has colossal implications for community policing and problem-solving activities within our communities as a data gathering and analytical tool.

What does this mean for law enforcement? 

Drastic changes in law enforcement are needed and demanded in leadership, technical expertise and the understanding and use of analytics, in the wake of hazardous political decisions on immigration and homegrown terrorism globally. 

A simple start is for political and law enforcement leadership to get down from their 'high horses' and admit that 'private sector' companies have the answers and are willing to investigate the proven solutions that for decades have had the answers!

What is this fear or if someone has a better 'mousetrap'?  People's lives are at stake and for generations have turned to the protectors who have insanely ignored solutions to save those lives.  

Where is common sense?

Political decisions to accept high-risk populations and refugees into their countries without an appropriate, effective and balanced measures and tools to mitigate these high risks, has left law enforcement helpless to respond to the influx of potential terrorist and the subsequent frequent terrorist acts that we are witnessing in Europe, America, and the Middle East.  

In effect, law enforcement agencies were caught without a game plan and their effectiveness was reduced in this new environment to just what they were accustomed to doing---responding to incidents and conducting investigations in the wake of many lives being lost. 

This doesn’t have to continue! 

It is the proactivity which in turn decreases the cost of operations and a harmony within when successes are at the forefront for all.

Today, recognizing this void of information, CommSmart Global Group has built upon our successes in analytics, proprietary predictions formulas and includes social interaction/monitoring techniques developed for military uses in Iraq/Afghanistan and expanded our atmospherics to include social media monitoring, crime analytics, community crime mapping and predictive analysis, added to the existing street-level human collection tactics enables greater accuracy and completeness in intelligence gathering activity.  

Predictive analysis and crime-solving activity have become more effective when the totality of criminal justice information, social media interaction, the media, and big data sources are integrated and considered together.  Our data sources focus on what is happening in the streets now, who is doing what with who, where they gather, and the subject of interests, so our customers do not have to wait for something to happen to develop a response plan. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, a simple example, we contributed to the apprehension of the Bearded Bank Robber by providing probable dates and locations of the next robbery to the local and federal authorities working the case based solely on information published in the media.  When they scoffed at the prediction and the robber hit on one of the days and at one of the locations predicted, they asked if we could do it again.  We recalculated based on the new information and this time they took our predictions seriously and were able to stake out the locations on the dates given and apprehended the robber before entering the bank.  This was using only media information, and yes the predictions are not exact, but what if we could nail down a couple of days and some locations for you, routinely.  The potential for preventing specific crimes is near.

Developed by us in war zones, CommSmart Global Group has honed and expanded the effectiveness and success of these analytic tools, making us all Street Smart.

The key concept requiring further examination is that of the atmosphere. Social Media Interaction/Monitoring is an absolute key today, but categorically useless, unless you have vast data repositories to analyze, both public and of local, regional and national crime data from the arrests and events, that we have and our clients can have access to.

Additionally, there is few comprehensive, police information sharing consortiums in existences, even after 9-11, that share local police contact data (non-biometric), integrated with RMS/CAD, Jail booking, Criminal Histories (biometric-based) together with vast public data that we have at hand. To build these systems and participate in multi-agency networks have taken years and many millions of dollars and an exorbitant amount of time to develop. 

In the US, San Diego County in California has such a system and it was started in 1980 called the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) and it's still developing and adding a new query and analytical features.  How long can we continue to take this approach of avoidance or waiting for our public leaders or someone else pushes and to implement the next generation of information sharing and predictive analytics?  The cost to build this system would be prohibited in today’s market even if you could find and trust a vendor who could build it. 

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has decades of law enforcement background with Change Agents, Cybercrime Analysts, ex-London Metropolitan Police Officers, Chiefs of Police and Sheriff Commanders within our staff.

Our involvement in counter-terrorism and cybercrime internationally allows us to think and act with the confidence demanded in these dire times.  We understand all concerns, methodology and speak the right language to you all.

Our solutions are available now and will be discussed via telephone with established law enforcement agencies.  Call or email us for verification.  Then, we can discuss and demonstrate.  

Oh, have a cup of coffee at hand, afterward, you will understand why.

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Information Overload Is A Killer? So Much Data!

Information Overload Is A Killer?

“Information overload — an accurate description,” Data is among the most potent weapons of the 21st century. Unprecedented amounts of raw information help the public safety and the military determine what areas to target for reducing or stopping crime and avoidance in the case of IED attacks.

Research shows that the kind of intense multitasking required in such situations can make it hard to tell good information from bad. The law enforcers and the military face a balancing act: how to help officers and soldiers exploit masses of data without succumbing to overload and missed objectivity.

Across the law enforcement and the military, the data flow has surged; since the attacks of 9/11, the amount of intelligence gathered by remotely piloted drones and other surveillance technologies has risen 1,600 percent. On the ground, beat cops, command staff, detectives and troops increasingly use hand-held devices to communicate and set investigates. And the computer screens in cars, jet cockpits or back at station or base, can be so packed with data that some, call them “drool buckets” because, they say, they can get lost staring into them.

“There is information overload at every level of public safety, law enforcement, EMS, Fire Emergency Management and the military — from the general to the soldier, the police commander to the beat cop on the ground,” said Nick Ashton, Founder/CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies, whose specialize in street-level information gathering, crime or war analytics and Next Event Predictability.

CommSmart Global Group Analytics has developed street smarts, base knowledge of crime fighting analysts algorithms, which when used with data, enhance our abilities and capabilities to collectively utilize data sets and result in predictive analysis.  This is then placed in the hands of ground staff, which includes detectives, beat cops, command staff, soldiers in battle situations and warn them, by highlighting probabilities of an incident.  This is the reality of Next Event Predictability.  

CommSmart Global Group Analytics is not something conjured up in the mind of a scriptwriter and produced for the big screen. Although our team does enter the realm of dreams, the sharing of futuristic ideas and implementation of solutions that this a safer world to live in.

Simply, WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…  

Having real-time information at the fingertips of front-line staff in all environments is essential and been at the forefront of our vision.  Computer screens in the police cars will be gone, in some cases, it is already bee decided to enact that.  With mobile phone companies and manufacturers, like Samsung, rugged small tablet devices are available.  In fact, go to the ubiquitous devices, such as disruptive as the pen, a digital pen and paper.  That transmits all information from the street and converts into text with a shared, real time data base, then you have the best of all worlds.

Tomorrow’s dreams, but here today and in use!

We know what we are a capable of and no matter what size department you are or what part of the world you are in, our tool box has your answers.  

Listening and understand the core problems of your department is our expertise and we would like to assist you, your municipality and the citizens in having a far safer environment.

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW… 

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