Thursday, August 20, 2015

Corruption Begets, Corruption... Houses of Cards Are Tumbling...

Corruption Begets, Corruption
Houses of Cards Are Tumbling...
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO,
CommSmart US & CommSmart Global

Is it me, or is there a sudden surge of corrupt situations, which when they start explaining, dig a deeper hole for us to bury them in?  

I will not mention the Clintons... as they are digging their own hole...

The US Government is being exposed on three major fronts and even more are being uncovered at every turn.  The British are about to be headline news with a government scandal regarding the elections and candidates.  The French, well it is the same old same old, taxes and more taxes.  Now Belgium, with Brussels being the seat of the European Parliament has so many House of Cards that even a small breeze will cause them all to come tumbling down. 

The media is scrambling to be first with all the latest dirt dishing, since one of their own was a target and any dig of criminal connections is a winning headline.  Poor Brian... 

Corporately, business must understand that you don’t have the luxury of a cover-up strategy as politicians do, even the ones in the Big House.  Nor should you think that way!

Success, profit and harmony are the perfect way to conduct business.  Employing the right people and achieving a relationship that has longevity has been striving for since time began.  Unfortunately, humans and greedy got in the way!  The path to success and harmony with a little profit thrown in, is still here and CommSmart US & CommSmart Global will bring you to that point.

Hiring the right people in the first place saves you money and increases productivity.  Teaching those within your company a skill set of Leadership and Communications, further enhances your success.

Having the right information at your fingertips is the real essence to enhanced success.  That is why we are in the analytical side of life, with a dash of street level expertise.  With our years of learning, which, by the way, never stops and is the crux of the opportunity. 

Public Safety Departments worldwide, as corporations, rely on information and the ability to understand how to utilize the vast information flow and not be overwhelmed. CommSmart Global & CommSmart US has with its partners and innovators, harnessed the solutions.  Through our daily work and internal training methods, we now have expanded these decade old techniques are brought them to Corporate America.

Nothing has changed, except our ability to bring the solutions to those that wish to succeed.

COmmSmart Global & CommSmart US is our addition and available, see our information by going to this part of our web site. 

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Divide & Conquer The Separation of Today's Communications, Voice, Data, Email, Text and Documents From the Internet

Divide & Conquer
The Separation of Today's Communications, 

Voice, Data, Email, Text 
and Documents From the Internet
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

The increasing security dilemma is the World Wide Web, in regard to access by undesirables.  It is the one single thing that connects us all. 

There is no six degrees of separation, we are all connected, via satellite, hard wire, Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, Edge and even still, dial up connections.

With Cyber Security or the lack of it, we are all chasing the same goal, to stop the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers

Expanding upon this connection you have ISI, al Qaeda, rogue countries/government and many other terrorist factions using the Internet for spreading their message of downright hate, recruiting, death and yes, Hacking and Phishing as well.

The Common Denominator is the 
This is not some wacky statement like "I can run my car on water out of the tap", which if you research on the Internet, you will find and like many, believe all you read on the Internet who was invented by Al Gore, (NOT).  That is how dramatically silly and true it all is! 
  • I was there and introduced to the world micro-computing back in 1976. A whole different world of bytes and bits.  
  • I was there and the CEO, when the first Email system was installed to Washington DC and Flight Based Operators at their airports.  
  • I was there for the introduction of cellular telephones.
  •  I was there for the bombings by the IRA in London and the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  
  • I was there and introduced to the world micro-computing back in 1976. A whole different world of bytes and bits. 
  • I was there for the brutal attacks in London by the Irish republican Army
  • I was there for the introduction of the Internet in the 1980's
  • I was there when the first Email system was installed to Washington D.C. and the Flight Based Operators at their airports in 1983.  
  • I was there to witness a communication revolution in the invention of mobile cellular telephones
  • I was there for the terrorist attacks killing our troops in Africa.
  • I was there for the collapse of the New York Twin Towers and the Pentagon, caused by terrorists.
  • I was there when "Thumbing" become a sensation, yes, Social or Un-social Media.

We are all part of this ubiquitous history that is not recognizing the dangers from within and our so-called socialization by our thumbs, called social media. 

We are still all here and ignoring that all that happens in the world today, regarding communications, is reliant on the World Wide Web

The Internet of Things.

Not for much longer if we continue using the Internet for everything!

The Internet is "open door" for the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers to enter all of our lives. 

Corporations world wide store our personal information in their Data Silos, whilst Hackers sit patiently for a human being like you and I, to make a simple mistake, allowing them to enter your space and steal the gold, the information.

The Internet is an incredible device that brings us so much to our fingertips and on the other hand when paired with a Smart Phone, is a disaster waiting to happen.

This cocktail mix shakes and stirs us every single day and hour, being informed that another hack and phishing attack has compromised us all.  Ask former retail giant, Target, bankers J.P. Morgan Chase, Home Depot and all those that hide the fact they have been hacked!

There has to be a separation of business and personal information. The Smart phone or computer in the palm of your hand is an open door for theft of information.  We as humans are always leaving lights on and doors open, it is a trait of ours and it seems we are going to have to be forced to change.  

Change is not only disliked, it is hated and resisted every which way it can be.  if we do not change and change now, it will only get far worse.

The explosion of devices using the Internet as its backbone of communicating is growing so fast.  You only have look at the Crowd Funding platforms to see the introduction of useful and useless products.  They are clambering for your attention as are the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers, who have an endless means of entering and ruining your life.

If you want security, we must separate the Internet from our voice calls, text messages, data streams, emails, and documents that we send to each others Smart phones.

In doing this, and we have, in fact, we are, encrypting all Data in Motion to be channeled through secure servers with none of the residual information remaining on the Smart phone. 

The crux of it all is the password, it is the center of all you do in life and it is one thing that is central to the issues.  

They are useless! 

Device DNA using at least a 2 SSL with 2048 or 4096 encryption is demanded. It is the closing of doors that is the importance.

Yes, this would use a separate secure Smart phone solution with data storage 99.999% secured.  Even bleach or Lysol cannot kill all germs!

The leakage of information is literally killing us, collectively each IT department is fighting the same battle with limited resources. 

Combined, we can and will win!

It is not just the Internet itself, it is how we use it in our daily lives, that is why we have concentrated on the solutions for us all.

Yes, Computing for Humanity, simplifying our abilities, as sadly we are all human beings that make many mistakes.

Talk to us, listen, because we do and shall.  The answers are here and we can remove the Fear Factor and assist you to enter a Comfort Zone.


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