Monday, April 6, 2015

It is ME or WE Week Or is it ME or WE are WEAK WEEK?

It Is All About ME!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global & CommSmart US

It is ME or WE Week
Or is it ME or WE are WEAK WEEK?

Narcissists are considered a true liability in business and the corporate world. Their lack of empathy and inherent selfishness helps them rise straight to the top.

Conventionally, the narcissistic personality marked by a grandiose intellect of self and lack of empathy for others considered a liability in the business world. Their arrogance, tendency to envy others and reluctance to take blame or share credit does not recommend narcissists as "team players."

Leadership is pure “WE”, which are YOU?

Stay tune and understand the biggest change as an owner that will occur in personal and business life...

We shall be addressing how these differences affect you, your company and family.

“When we are at our lowest, we all become wild and crazy in our frantic decision making, all of us are on different levels and personal actions.

You have your 9 thru 5 business face and actions – then the after-hours fa├žade kicks in. You and you alone only know your level of craziness.

There is always the P.T. Barnum in us all. To some, he never manifests, in others, he takes over!

It is those that create, generate and communicate in those common and logical terms, we are firm in our desire for success and listen to all, pluck what we feel is for us and then adapt and succeed.

It is the WE Factor!

Nick Ashton

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