Saturday, May 19, 2018

Where is the LOVE? Policing today is likened to a divorce and all the conflict, hate, and aggression that goes into it.

Policing today is likened to a divorce and all the conflict, hate, and aggression that goes into it.

Where is the LOVE?
Policing and the public was a marriage born from Sir Robert Peel back in 1829 when times were so different or were they? 

Even the thought of having to be police and step into conflicts, arguments, property rights and heaven forbid, murder was thought originated from control. 
Sounds like a marriage to me!  Peel stated “the Police are the Public and Public are the Police”, which has had the word public changed to people over the centuries.  I think it is better for us to return to the original word, Public.

Of course, we can look back to what Sir Robert Peel was thinking when he developed the first true police force in Great Britain and used his crafted statements within the Nine Peelian Principles.  There do standalone and are the basis of policing.

Just like a marriage, the Peelian principles are the vows and the foundation of civility between people, the public, and police.

Our safety is akin to co-parenting of a child when they are a disassociation.  It becomes a ‘Them & Us’ situation and no matter what anyone does, they are wrong.  When the love abounds it is all hunky dory with kisses and gifts, then all hell breaks loose!  This is the same with has been happening for decades between law enforcement and the police.  They are one and the same, they live in the same neighborhoods, the children go to local schools, shop together and party at the same restaurants.  Collectively we among each other!

The employed public as police officers are charged to uphold the laws.  They are the ones who you call to solve the human issues of criminal acts, not the individual members of the public.

We can look back and see historically what has gone before, just in a marriage or the divorce, it does not good on its own and it will solve today’s issues.  

Yesterday was yesterday and today is today, it is the tomorrows that are all important.  Just like looking after your co-parented child, what you do together is vital to their success.

This is exactly the same for a cohesive existence of the public and police.  Yes, the laws are on the books and we must adhere to them.  When law enforcement is challenged with crime, they must solve and protect the public.

It takes what has gone on historically, as we must not let history repeat itself.  We must add technology and true social change, not the anti-social actions of those members of the public who scoff the law and just want to fight, no matter what the issues.

That is where we at CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner shine, we have the global knowledge and have honed our skills, listen to all and have the proven solutions to deal with all situations in the ability to know what is going on within the public.

It takes Social Media Monitoring, Public Data, Crime Analytics, Community Crime Mapping, Predictive Analysis and a strong listening ear.  It is not about marketing services, it is about the passion we have for making our social world more acceptable, safer and this we commit to you.


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Friday, May 18, 2018

This is an 'On Your Toes' Global Security Weekend! Hard & Soft Targets

This is an 'On Your Toes

Global Security Weekend!
Hard & Soft Targets

Yes, the Royal wedding is socially front and center for the world.  

Including For Terrorist Too!

This would be the biggest prize for any terrorist group, the ring of protective steel that surrounds this event is massive, planned and still on edge.

The layers of protection, both proactive, reactive and way behind the scenes are not for discussion here. 

Virtually every eventuality has been covered, but nothing is 100% in the world of security.

The Football Association Cup at Wembley is also taking place later on Saturday in the afternoon.  People traveling to London to watch a football game, having a few drinks before and afterward with a police protection that is more than stretched thin.  

The protection is made up of officers who have already been working normal shifts, brought in from their days off.  

There is no magic extra pool of police officers the Mayor of London seems we have!

Then there is everything else, soft targets, meaning anywhere where people congregate, shop, relaxing and seemingly not having a care in the world.

The intelligence gathering machine global is working harder than ever, every single day to protect us all and share credible information on what is being heard on the terrorism grapevine.

How many time do we hear that there is 'no credible threat at this time', no one knows all, that is the major issue.  

It is not what the police know, it is what YOU Know!  

See Something, Say Something has never been more relevant than now.

Enjoy the day, no matter where you are, but remember that there are those that want to end your life to make a statement.  It may not be you directly, it is the collateral damage and deaths the terrorist wants to increase for the headlines of the media.


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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Generational Male Culture, Ideology & Sexual Aggression Syndrome

Generational Male Culture, Ideology
& Sexual Aggression Syndrome

Do not believe that the male or for that matter, the female has suddenly become more sexually dominate in the last few years.  

It has not!

As we are seeing in the daily headlines, newscasts, and the Internet, generational sexual abuse has suddenly come to the forefront.  

Now, with a more direct means of communication, social media's reach and the instant audience are always front and center when allegations are cast.  Whether they are true or false, they make headlines and to hell with what the effects of the posting will have on the 'named individual', their family and public.

Accusatorial actions have consequences for all!  Just because it is stated by an named or un-named individual does not mean it is true, partially true or a total lie.  The accused must have their day of reckoning as well.  Silence is not a signal of truth with the matter.  There are always two or three sides to any accusations, stories or photographs.

Times have changed and this Politically Correct World is a major part of the problem!

Just what 'is' sexual misconduct?  

Am I not allowed to make a comment how great a co-worker or friend looks in a sweater?  Has 'goosing' had its day?

None of us, only the individuals concerned know what has transpired.  All the rest is conjecture, is it not?

Stepback and look at how we joke about the caveman bashing a woman over the head and dragging her into his cave.  We don't have to finish the storyline as we know what he was after!

Comedy over the years is also the record of what was and generationally accepted as something to laugh at, mock and accept as natural in our daily lives.

Yes, there is locker room banter, with men and women telling stories and jokes about sexual aggression.  We all laugh, even if we are disgusted and go along with the flow and to not be singled out as a prude.

It is stated by many learned individuals that much of what an individual is today is shaped by the culture that he or she is born in and lives through, acquiring cultural values, attitudes, and behaviors. Culture determines definitions and descriptions of normality and psychopathology. Culture plays an important role in how certain populations and societies view, perceive, and process sexual acts as well as sexual violence.

An important element in the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of sexual violence is the use of “coercion” or force and there is a high possibility that there are cultural differences with respect to what is labeled as “forced” sexual intercourse. Various cultures describe certain forms of sexual violence that are condemned and other forms that may be tolerated to a degree, the culturally legitimized forms of violence thus giving rise to a continuum with transgressive coercion at one end to tolerated coercion at the other. 

For example, in South Africa, only the rape of white women was prosecuted under an apartheid system, while sexual violence against black women was accepted as a part of life. Childhood marriages in certain parts of rural India involve marriage and sexual relationship with a girl who is not yet an adult. It, thus, amounts to sexual coercion and is considered illegal. However, the entire issue is sanctioned by personal laws defined by individuals who partake in such marriages as condoned by Khap Panchayats who decide on marriage partners in certain parts of North India. Similarly, sexual violence is considered legitimate by young men in South Africa who also believe that mental health is negatively affected by lack of sex.

Cultural aspects of sexual violence can be understood from observations and literature on interpersonal violence (IPV) in the context of sexual acts. Higher rates of sexual violence are expected to be more prevalent in cultures that encourage objectification of women, thus making them appear inferior to men. 

However, not all cases are reported to the respective authorities and as high as 67%-84% of cases of sexual violence may go unreported due to the sensitivity of the issue, thereby making it difficult to gather exact figures and a true sense of the problem. It has been postulated that the rates of unreported sexual offenses are higher in some Asian cultures where virginity is highly valued and a woman's modesty is of utmost importance that gives her family the much-required respect.

Within the evolutionary psychology framework, a higher male-female sex ratio (more men than women) gives rise to competition among males for female mates. This may lead to sexual jealousy and frustration among men contributing to sexual violence. This theoretical framework looks at sexual violence as a method used by men to ensure the sexual fidelity of their female mates.

However, this may also mean that this theory is applicable only to intrarelationship sexual violence as it refers to fidelity, which occurs within the context of a relationship. This hypothesis may, thus, not explain the rise in cases of child sexual abuse where there is no question of fidelity. It is, of course, entirely possible that this rise is likely with better and accurate reporting.

A paradoxical hypothesis by Guttentag and Secord argues that a high sex ratio with fewer women compared to men raises the value that men give to women thus reducing the chances of him resorting to intimate partner violence including sexual violence.

Within any sociocultural setting, the meaning of being a man/woman and manhood/womanhood may vary with masculine identity being associated with experiences and feelings of power. Paternalistic cultural models encourage the view that men protect women from harm, thus giving the impression that women are largely incapable of protecting themselves.

In addition to violence, the incident of sexual violence involves elements of control, power, domination, and humiliation. In order to gain power and control over their victims, perpetrators of sexual violence resort to practices such as abduction, isolation, manipulation, coercion, threats, and sexual abuse. Offenders may not necessarily find the act sexually gratifying but it is the meaning attributed to power for men that may override sexual goals in such acts. This is very well exemplified in sexual violence against children, which is fundamentally an expression of power over a child's life. Resisting the offender's attempts is unlikely especially so in the case of children since they do not always have the cognitive maturity to understand the wrongness of the act.

It has also been postulated that gender equality may increase sexual violence in the form of male backlash, with men being more commonly known to commit sexual violence across different cultures. It is also entirely possible that increased media attention may attract some individuals to perform these acts so that they gain a degree of infamy.

The latter is hard to believe but nevertheless stated by some!

Seems that this sexual aggression is all onesided, it is not, men shame men and waiting in the wings are many issues of women being aggressive, sexually to men.  Time will tell and so will others, just wait and see!


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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Weapon of Choice is to Stain Someone's Character in the Media & Internet, With Lies Interspersed With Some Truths...

The Weapon of Choice is to Stain Someone's Character in the Media & Internet, With Lies Interspersed With Some Innocent Truths...

Innocent people are being dragged through the mire by pathetic bullying liars who believe in spreading hatred by telling Pork Pies (lies) about people and using it as a form of sadistic bullying.

Don't get me wrong, there are those that have got away with 'Blue Bloody Murder', so to speak and hide behind their fame and fortune.  We have been reading and seeing on television the sudden increase of morals of 2018.

By posting anything on the Internet it never goes away and their sordid lies perpetuate the search engines which are only single-minded robots.

Those that are damaged by these miscreants either stop living, ignore the lies, as by responding to them would only feed the perverts mental instability.  Why be a food source of their pathetic reasoning of hatred?

I know this too well, I never ran away, put a gun to my head, changed my name and I just continued in business with solid corporate partners who know my capabilities and strengths. Has anything come back to haunt me with this sick individuals attempts to basically 'kill me'?  Of course, it has!

It hurts like hell because you cannot respond in the manner you wish to, like remove the source of the sadistic lies or even remove the sick creator.  

You cannot!

If you took them to court it would cost you a fortune and give them the satisfaction of you airing their plan to ruin you.

The individual's words surfaced again yesterday and doubts were placed in a client's mind.  So this client who has been fed information which he read on the Internet believes every single word and now continues the sordid pack of lies of the originator, he is now a willing or unwilling hate mongering surrogate.  I have no ability to stop it or change his mind.

So, what do I do?

I respond with some anger and who wouldn't!  Do I continue on another day waiting for the next believer to drive another nail in my coffin for the sick minded pervert!


As a creator and innovator in this technological world, I move on in a manner like no other, I think outside of the box.  Communications is our business and we know that we have made a radical change in how we communicate with Smartphones, location/proximity based information solutions that are changing business, lives, and society. 

If you think Twitter & Facebook is the be all and end all of the social media rainbows, you are WRONG!

My social perverted stalker has not succeeded and never will!

I just cursed with a dramatic four-letter word, NEXT...!

Today is a Good Day, For a Good Day!
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