Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Weapon of Choice is to Stain Someone's Character in the Media & Internet, With Lies Interspersed With Some Truths...

The Weapon of Choice is to Stain Someone's Character in the Media & Internet, With Lies Interspersed With Some Innocent Truths...

Innocent people are being dragged through the mire by pathetic bullying liars who believe in spreading hatred by telling Pork Pies (lies) about people and using it as a form of sadistic bullying.

Don't get me wrong, there are those that have got away with 'Blue Bloody Murder', so to speak and hide behind their fame and fortune.  We have been reading and seeing on television the sudden increase of morals of 2018.

By posting anything on the Internet it never goes away and their sordid lies perpetuate the search engines which are only single-minded robots.

Those that are damaged by these miscreants either stop living, ignore the lies, as by responding to them would only feed the perverts mental instability.  Why be a food source of their pathetic reasoning of hatred?

I know this too well, I never ran away, put a gun to my head, changed my name and I just continued in business with solid corporate partners who know my capabilities and strengths. Has anything come back to haunt me with this sick individuals attempts to basically 'kill me'?  Of course, it has!

It hurts like hell because you cannot respond in the manner you wish to, like remove the source of the sadistic lies or even remove the sick creator.  

You cannot!

If you took them to court it would cost you a fortune and give them the satisfaction of you airing their plan to ruin you.

The individual's words surfaced again yesterday and doubts were placed in a client's mind.  So this client who has been fed information which he read on the Internet believes every single word and now continues the sordid pack of lies of the originator, he is now a willing or unwilling hate mongering surrogate.  I have no ability to stop it or change his mind.

So, what do I do?

I respond with some anger and who wouldn't!  Do I continue on another day waiting for the next believer to drive another nail in my coffin for the sick minded pervert!


As a creator and innovator in this technological world, I move on in a manner like no other, I think outside of the box.  Communications is our business and we know that we have made a radical change in how we communicate with Smartphones, location/proximity based information solutions that are changing business, lives, and society. 

If you think Twitter & Facebook is the be all and end all of the social media rainbows, you are WRONG!

My social perverted stalker has not succeeded and never will!

I just cursed with a dramatic four-letter word, NEXT...!

Today is a Good Day, For a Good Day!
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