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Bank Robbers Should Know, We Have Next Event Predictability, WE CATCH 'EM!

Bank Robbers Should Know,
We Have Next Event Predictability,
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Let us revisit why we need to use all data collected!  Yes, Big Data and Predictive Analysis!

Carmel, Zionsville, Avon PD and the FBI have caught the bank robbers, congratulations. Taking criminals off the street makes us very happy that the streets are safer for all.

Catching Serial Bank Robbers is an important part of our business.  Indiana State, Indianapolis, cities of Carmel, Zionsville and others, nationwide, are having a slew of bank robberies, the dye packs and GPS are helpful, but the CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner goes way beyond those base and fine technologies, we use, Proven Next Event Predictability.

This the same crime analytic technology that we use in our counter-terrorism activity.

Wait a minute!  Is this some sort of movie promo? 

Didn't Tom Cruise do all that in "Minority Reports"?  That was a movie and this is now and yes, we catch the criminals by predicting their next actions.

Police work is always reactionary and if you like, with no fault, a little late, as we are focusing on the event after the fact. CommSmart Global Group has first class Crime Analytics, Tracking, Calls for Service Data and Next Event Predictability, powered by Accurint Virtual Crime Center.

Allowing an agency to utilize proven a proprietary technology to collect the data, analyze using algorithmic sequences, we save the excessive use of time and resources, thus now being proactive in the capture of criminals, allowing the police department to police.

We are in over 800 agencies globally.  Exclusive DOD (Department of Defense) Single Source Contractors in Afghanistan and saving thousands of lives in a terroristic landscape.  This same technology, in fact, is used in your local Big Box Retail Outlet on Retail Theft Analysis.

We, from the information, in this case, bank robbery, which can be extracted from just news media stories and police reports, analyzes and predicts the next hit by a serial bank robber or criminal.

We have been doing this since 1998. Our overall employees are law enforcement with analytic overtones and importantly street smart attributes. Our leadership is not sitting in ivory towers, they too, work the streets for the cause.  Changing the vista and removing the criminal blight that is at epidemic proportions. 

We are a full circle solution, why a circle? 
  • Because a square has 4 ends 
  • A triangle has 3 ends 
  • A line has two ends 
  • But a circle has no end!

We are a circle of fire and those that break the law will be burned in the end!

From the digital collection of data from street level, the analytics, and next event predictability, to rejuvenating communities with the Pied Piper Project and final, assisting municipalities in the usage of the information economically.  Yes, a full circle of services that serve the citizens to the fullest extent. I can allow you to see a couple of graphics from our presentation on the "Bearded Bandit" who we caught in Arizona.  

This is just simple sample of a complex technology that police can use with minimum training.

Available data gathered in this case, via the news media only!

Predicted one of four locations, date variances of two days.  he struck, law enforce was not prepared, as they did not believe we could do this, understandably, when you first hear it, it sounds far-fetched.

Now we had the attention with the next robbery, we predicted just two locations and not even in the same original area, this was a robber who was crossing seven jurisdictions.  They caught him at one of the locations between the dates specified that we predicted.

WE are in the NOW
and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...

We Pick-Up the DIRT
(Digital Input Research Tracking)

Call: +1 (330) 366.6860

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Thursday, March 16, 2017


by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

It is not often enough that I look back at history and the words used by our forefathers and the interpretation thereof.  Just is in my nature to understand and look from all sides.

Crime and criminals have the upper hand, though they should not have or be allowed to.  Budget cuts, reductions in staffing and a social difference toward public safety and especially law enforcement all add up to a dire situation.

So let us examine.  Bear with me, it will become clearer to all.  We introduce background from all major sources of religion first in a simplistic format.

Lex Talionis (Latin for "law of retaliation") is the principle of retributive justice expressed in the phrase "an eye for an eye," (Hebrew: עין תחת עין) from Exodus 21:2327.

The basis of this form of law is the principle of proportionate punishment, often expressed under the motto "Let the punishment fit the crime," which particularly applies to mirror punishments (which may or may not be proportional).

At the root of the non-biblical form of this principle is the belief that one of the purposes of the law is to provide equitable retaliation for an offended party. It defined and restricted the extent of retaliation. This early belief is reflected in the Code of Hammurabi and in the laws of the Old Testament (such as Exodus 21:23–25, Leviticus 24:18–20, and Deuteronomy 19:21). 

In reference to torts, the Old Testament prescription "an eye for an eye" has often been interpreted, notably in Judaism, to mean equivalent monetary compensation, even to the exclusion of mirror punishment. In other cultures, notably Islam, the code has been taken more literally; a thief may lose his left hand in punishment.

In the New Testament, Jesus corrected the literal interpretation of the passages on the law of retaliation. Matthew 5:38-39 says:

You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and a tooth for tooth’; But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. (cf. Luke 6:29)

Talmud is ostensibly the corpus juris of the Jews from about the first century before the Christian era to about the fourth century C.E. But Talmud was always much more than this. The very word "Law" in Hebrew, Torah, means more than its translation would imply.

In the Talmud or Torah, the Jew interpreted his whole religion in terms of the law. To explain what the Talmud is we must first understand the theory of its growth, more remarkable perhaps than the work itself.

The Divine Law was revealed to Moses, not only through the Commandments that were found written in the Torah but also through all the later rules and regulations of post-exilic days. These additional laws it was presumed were handed down orally from Moses to Joshua, thence to the Prophets, and later still transmitted to the Scribes, and eventually to the Rabbis. The reason why the Rabbis ascribed to Moses the laws that they later evolved was due to their intense reverence for Scriptures.

The Qur’an regarding the historical context of Sura 5: 45 (Hilali and Khan, 2002) is discussed since the sura was received from on high when Muhammad has established his authority in Medina and in many regions in the Arabian Peninsula, so he lays down various laws for his community. Thus, judging personal injury is one of them.

The literary context finds Muhammad rebuking and exhorting the Jews “to listen to their own sacred Torah and to judge wisely, and they must not sell verses in it for a paltry price.”

Which verses? One includes the law of retaliation, Lex Talionis. Sura 5:45 speaks of the Jews ("them") and their Torah ("therein"). The law of retaliation is carried over to Islam:

And We ordained therein for them: Life for life, eye for an eye, nose for nose, and ear for ear, tooth for tooth and wounds equal for equal. But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, it shall be for him an expiation. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers). (Hilali and Khan, 2002)

Three considerations are involved in interpreting the Lex Talionis:

First, considering the Arabic rewording and transliteration the sura means literal retaliation: a physical eye for a physical eye, and so on.

Second, the injured party has the option to remit or forego retaliation and take blood-wit or an indemnity or compensation in money or in goods or livestock in an agrarian economy. This option is known as "diya."

Third, later jurists combine this verse with other verses and the hadith and see a third option: forgiveness. This means that the injured party forgoes retaliation and monetary compensation. However, it is difficult to find this option actually being taken in the hadith and into classical legal opinions at all.

Phew… that is a lot to read I know!

Why am looking at Lex Talionis?

Simple it is about illegal retaliation which is happening across the world against law enforcement agencies and the officers and deputies that serve their communities.

The uniform is a symbol of authority which is having more disrespect thrown, stabbed and shot at than ever before!

Legal retaliation is perfectly alright when someone has broken the laws of the land, not God’s law’s, the human law of the nation whence the person resides, then you have the approved right to challenge, arrest and allow the courts to dispense justice for all.

‘The People Are The Police and The Police Are The People’! 

Why are you attacking them? You are both on the same side for goodness sake!

Public Safety employees are working for the betterment of society. Sure, there are bad apples and they eventually are found out, just like in the work environment you are employed in, even within your own family. Human failings have been there since the beginning of time.

It is time to utilize the pent-up emotions with the understanding between all and fight the criminals and let the courts do the work they were charged with.

To achieve the goal we must have the tools to complete the actions in the most communicative manner. That is us!

CommSmart Global Group is a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner and delivers the needed information be proactive in all community actions with data and information at the fingertips that demand and require to solve the crime, predict issues and map the criminal actions, all by socially communicating.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No Good Biting the Bullet, Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

No Good Biting the Bullet
Actions Speak Louder Than Words...
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group

The public, sadly demand the impossible, not seeing the overall picture of what it takes to keep us safe.  It is a world of nutcases and the single solitary loner that sneaks through and plies their awful deadly deed.

Who Is NEXT?

With every day that passes since this terrible event, we move into a complacent state, taking for granted that someone is watching over us.  Yes, they are, but each safe day that passes, we as humans, and relax our guard.  That you cannot and must not do, we must stay on guard at all times.

Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher said it best, “we have to be lucky, (safe), all of the time, the terrorist only has to be lucky once.”  Somehow our ring of steel was broken, as it is a circle we can reconnect and become more vigilant once more.

I have been involved in protection from bombings since my days in the 1970’s, learning and creating the counter-terrorism techniques.  Being front line in the mass amount of Irish Republican Army’s bombing on the mainland of Britain.  The days of my Metropolitan Police training at Hendon, London, with the street level experience of the inflicted violence of the bomb. The understanding of the terrorist sick mindset has kept me in contact and on the ground with the situations worldwide.

Spending time in Iraq some twelve years ago and the terror lessons learned with the al Qaeda factions that have been causing death and destruction worldwide. We have the experience, although distasteful, it is the knowledge and understanding that keeps us safe.  We look at events and situations with different eyes, from the dark side, so to speak.

Right now, we must reduce the Fear Factor and Increase the Comfort Zone of the public.  That can only be achieved when you maintain your vigilance, increase your normal awareness and challenge anything out of the ordinary.  

It was with a business partner, in the development of Bomb Blast Window Film, in the early 1970’s, which is attached to the inside of the glass and holds it together in the event of an explosion.  Flying glass is the cause of most injuries and deaths in a bomb blast.  

It is the technology side of crime and terrorism that we continue to today.

It is the technology we have brought under one roof with  that has made the difference. 

Over the decades we have worked for hand in hand with law enforcement to assist them to understand all the data that is generated and collected each single day.

Humans cannot cope any longer in today’s world without the analysis of information in a timely fashion.  

Public Safety has information flowing in from so many conduits and being able to be working on the information immediately, saves resources, gives intelligence information to make arrests and maintains a flow of success. 

Predictive capabilities are second to none!  Next Event Predictability is so needed today in the repetitive crimes, like, bank robbery, car thefts, rape, assault, murder, and arson, to name just a few.  Real time information that can be accessed by all security cleared staff is vital to successful policing.

Public gatherings are now top of our priority list, in knowing all surrounding the events is of the most utmost importance.  They must all continue and not allow the terrorist win over, it is the reduction of the fear factor by not being complacent of the situations. 

Public Safety departments are working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible and it is with your help, this will be achieved.  Vigilance, keeping your eyes open and reporting anything strange, report it immediately.

Time is of the essence, we must use every single tool in the crime fighting toolbox to succeed for us all.

This is not just on the physical terror front it as important in cyber as well!

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Any Given Day, Fear & Scaredness Surface

Any Given Day, 
Fear & Scaredness Surface
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Today and all days forward are not the days of our Great Grand Parents and most of our Grand Parents.  Times have more than changed in this morbid anti-social world.

Waking up and checking the newspaper's obit column to see if you made it through the night, is not a laughing matter.  That is if you can find that column in a newspaper or online.

Fear and Scaredness is not something new.  It is up front and personal in varying degrees in us all.  

Even if we are supposedly far better communicators with the radical inventions:
  • radio
  • telephone
  • over the air television
  • cable and satellite television
  • analog pager
  • facsimile machine
  • personal computer
  • mobile phone
  • social media
  • smartphone 
Then what has happened?

We have declined into a degenerative mire and cesspit of failure to each other! 
As communities, governments and corporately, thinking that no-one else matters!  This "I could careless attitude" is biting us in the ass and killing each other.

Civility, morality and the respect of and for life are gone! 

The expectation of someone dying in a public place or in the neighborhood is out of control.  No one knows whether they will be a target for no apparent reason is now top of the mind.

Law enforcement is not the law enforcement envisaged by our leadership of centuries ago, the Forefathers or leaders of other nations.

Society is built on trust, respect, and believability.  Find it?

This morning, Chicago, Baltimore, Akron, Cleveland, Burlington, North Carolina, Tulsa, New York, San Diego,  and even your city has murder, drugs, trafficking, and this disconnected continuum for life and survival.  

The sun might rise and go down and that maybe the only guarantee you can expect!

There is a group of experienced ex-law enforcement businessmen who are passionate about getting society back on the right track.  Using the well tried and trusted principles, the Nine Peelian Principles when utilized with proven digital policing make the difference.

This is not some concocted marketing plan, it is a reality!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis, Risks Solutions Partner is an international group that has the answers through being Street Smart and know the issues having been there.

Invite them in!  

How Do You Know They Are Not RIGHT? 


YOU Cannot Afford Not To!

Do not let this just be Any Other Day!

This will change the street smart information of a community and enhance officer and public safety.

Yes, this is a Change, a change that is for the betterment of all.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What Does Lloyd’s of London, Sinking Ships and CommSmart Global Group, Have in Common?

What Does Lloyd’s of London, Sinking Ships
CommSmart Global Group, Have in Common?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group 

It is something about 326 years of business, the growth from simplistic beginnings to the world’s leading market.  Insurance!  Lloyd’s of London is not a company, it is a marketplace for effective syndicated risk takers.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner works on the same proven principles of Edward Lloyd and John Julius Angerstein.  Which by the way, never met.  Lloyd opened a coffee house on Tower Street around 1688 and began attracting all those concerned with shipping. The place became a favorite haunt of ship’s captains, merchants and ship owners.

Angerstein was a driving force behind the modernization of Lloyd’s and the continuing road map in this ever changing world.  In 1795, Angerstein became Chairman of Lloyd’s

This is only part of the connection between Lloyd’s of London and CommSmart Global Group, it is the secondary connection that is “making the difference”. 

It was to do with the buoyancy of ships, which we correlate to the stability of corporate computer data.  The vulnerability of all information that is treasured, both company and personal.

The arguments against the security of ships is being rung out today in the corporate world in regard to the security of computer data from Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.

Samuel Plimsoll was majorly concerned regarding the seaworthiness of the British Fleet.  Over the next couple of hundred years, the term ‘coffin ship’ became used in a wider context as more and more ship owners realized that their ships were worth more on the seabed than they were afloat. Sometimes
quite unseaworthy vessels were given a lick of paint’ and completely overloaded in the hope that they would sink, therefore enabling the owner to claim on the insurance, normally with little or no regard for the fate of the crew.

Accordingly, on the Plimsoll motion in 1873, a Royal Commission was appointed. A year later the Merchant Shipping Act was introduced which included a ‘Plimsoll line’, showing the buoyancy on a ship’s hull, which in 1930 became universally accepted as the International Load Line.

CommSmart Global Group, Lloyd’s of London and the passing of the International Load Line are as relevant today insomuch, as ships or computer data, as in corporations and the public, are being sunk (stolen) by those that do not feel they have to be responsible.  Namely, IT departments, Board members and Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Secretaries and their hires.

It is about true responsibility and the failure from those that are in charge of companies, large and small, who are foolishly negating the responsibility.

IT management and those that are working within these departments have to fess up that their communication skills in normal language, lack.  A corporation is a dumb entity, it can only work when run by people, and it can do nothing for itself.

The attitude of “you can’t do without usis over!  No more talking behind people’s backs, trying to pull apart proven technology, as it was not your idea in the first place.  The facts are on the table, being shown on the large screens and due to the likes of Lloyd’s of London, CommSmart US, the negation of Duty of Care/Corporate Governance is front and center with the full liability of knowing the issues, ignoring and then doing nothing is in view. 

This will now stop!

Suggestion, re-read the Terms and Conditions of all your Insurance Policies covering the following:
  •          Directors & Executives insurance
  •          IT Policy
Because, if you are not following the conditions - then any claim you may think you had will not be covered.  The liability and adjoined costs will be fairly and square resting on your own wallet.

It is just the same as ignoring the Plimsoll Line!  In the Corporate Ocean, it could also mean, on top of the Company’s liability, to confirm that you will have personal/individual liability as well.

CommSmart Global Group has proven answers and understands we must not waste any more time, whilst computer terrorists steal and plunder all that so many have worked hard for.  Companies large and small have responsibility to their shareholders, clients and customers for the vast amount of information stored in these data or coffin silos, which are under attack. 

Computer security and the necessary change is but one example of what we do to improve the overall, security, connectivity, collection of evidence in visual and paperless data forms to the demands of today and importantly, tomorrow.

Passwords are human, outdated, lost, found, forgotten and shared and when signing-in on an application or system, the database has no earthly notion if it is you signing in or a computer terrorist!

DEVICE DNA is the CommSmart Global Group, The Trusted Device Way.  The device becomes the authorized object with its selected components as the key. 

Just like the Plimsoll Line, we are the standard to stop the sinking of companies and the public by theft of their information, failure to obtain information on-time, true end to end data in motion Internet connections and drive to a far more corporate understanding of what is expected, in our day to day business ethics. Like ships that travel between ports, so does our vital information. 

The major difference with Trusted Device is that you are shielded from the stormy weathers and overloads.  Our port to port journey is not open to prying eyes!

The Cybergeddon can be stopped!

The latest report from Lloyd’s of London states:

“Increasing reliance on the Internet and the explosive growth in devices that are connected to it has intensified the risk of massive systemic failure or “cybergeddon”, according to the report. At the same time, revelations about government surveillance have weakened the international community’s willingness to cooperate on building governance models - potentially resulting in the balkanisation of the Internet.

Axel Lehmann, chief risk officer of Zurich Insurance Group warned that trust in the internet is disappearing as a result of data misuse, hacking and privacy breaches. “A fragmentation of the Internet itself is the wrong way to solve this issue, as it would destroy the benefits the web provides to all of us. Rather than building walled gardens, it is time to act by setting up security standards and regaining trust.”

The report’s authors argue that while the failure of critical online infrastructure is a systemic risk that could impact global growth, so is a large-scale loss of trust in the Internet. “Stakeholders may need to move beyond traditional solutions, with fresher ideas that can scale and move away from a national security mindset,” the report suggests.”

You have just read above, why CommSmart US is here.  It is the passion to succeed for all and to bring to market precise solutions.

As said, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.  The phrase originated on propaganda posters during World War II and is as relevant today regarding computer security and the precious information held therein.  “Loose Computer Security Sinks Companies and the Public”.  

Protect what you have and be certain no unauthorized individuals are allowed near your treasures…

For more precise information:

Telephone: +1 (330) 366.6860

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Internet Attack - This Is Not the Venue to Discuss Cyber Security Solutions!

This Is Not the Venue to Discuss Cyber Security Solutions!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Examples every day of hacks, attacks and so call fixes!

Stop talking and just bloody well do the job of cybersecurity right in the first place!

The hacks are coming like we have never seen before and this is just a test!  

A test to see how we handle the situation and of course, we place all our thoughts and actions on the Internet for the Hackers to see!

Stop discussing in open forums the cyber security issues of the world. 

Having the perfect solution or the workarounds should never see the light of day in a forum, discussion panel or on social media.

Stop assisting the Hacker and Cyber Terrorist attacking you and making their diabolic job easier.

We have all been guilty of voicing opinions, challenging the written solution and downright idiotic comments regarding cyber issues, it must cease NOW!

The Hacker, (Cyber Terrorist), is our enemy and we must stop feeding them our thought patterns and ideas.  They are criminals and cover all information spectrums!

Social media could not be more antisocial in nature, Blogs and comment forums should not contain supposed security solutions.  I know, you are wondering how we can discuss this in public securely, you cannot!

Protection, Privacy, and secretive ploys have no use whatsoever in this day and age.  Silence is the key, but that will never allow for the information to be shared and assist in protecting us all.

The problems are not the computer, software or the programming.  It is YOU, the human element and our natural need in sharing the details.  it is an ego driven phenomenon. 

Shhhh... is a protective signal that is ignored by us all.

It is going to take collective groups of intelligent individuals who are passionate to stop the cyber issues.  Only discussing with TRUSTED individuals, if there is still that sort of person living and breathing today.

Who would have thought this would be so difficult?

As we do in our group of companies, we only discuss cyber issues in a completely secure created environment.  Never outside of the Trusted Circle. We know it is slower, but the results are what we want and need to achieve.

Humans talk too much, have deep opinions, which become more than a disagreement, it becomes deeply argumentative.  

Being a global group of companies we rely on telephone, video conferencing, emails, texts and believe it or not, rarely, but snail mail. All can be snooped on extremely easily and it will surprise you what the cyber terrorist can view on your entire life.

Overall protection is impossible and does not think for one minute others have the answer and can protect you.  They cannot completely!

It is a lifestyle and culture change that has to be enacted and the only person to do that is YOU!

YOU are Your Worst Own Enemy has never been so true.  

Before you think of replying to this Blog, think and think extremely hard on who else will be reading your thoughts, ideas and use them against you.

At long last Europe has moved in the right direction on Privacy Protection and how others must protect your shared data.  

So think about who knows what about YOU, Your Family, Business, and Friendships.  Then think on what you have said to others and how it comes back to you and see the circle of deception regarding communications.

If you are Catholic, does your Priest really keep your confessions secret?

The web does not contain full truth, the lies that have been posted, people who have been smeared and daily information that can be found relatively easily, should never be believed unless verified.

Just some woven thoughts...

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Another Monday, Another Cop Shooting - The War on COPS...

Another Monday, Another Cop Shooting
Remedial Societal Change Demanded
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The reports you wake up to are horrific in more ways than one. Society is going to hell in a hand basket.  

Good news is unbelievably missing!

Another police officer shooting, in another town USA!

We must know our communities and use all the tools available to have the underlying information.  That is not snooping or being 'Big Brother', it is common sense!  Facts are facts and are required for our protection, including those who are paid to protect and serve.

The Peelian Principles state:

The people are the police and the police are the people.

Our community is us, all of us and it has radically changed and even on a daily basis, as this sickness needs more than medical help.

The information and data on all of us are there and must be used to secure our society.  That is what we, CommSmart Global Group do!

Affordable proven knowledge for predictability, crime mapping, and analytics. 

Yes, knowledge is KING!

Stop being a receiver of bad news, be part of the solution, after all, it is YOUR COMMUNITY.

Politicians, you must afford law enforcement and public safety the tools to protect you and stop shaking your head each time you hear the bad news.

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