Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bank Robbers Should Know, We Have Next Event Predictability, WE CATCH 'EM!

Bank Robbers Should Know,
We Have Next Event Predictability,
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Let us revisit why we need to use all data collected!  Yes, Big Data and Predictive Analysis!

Carmel, Zionsville, Avon PD and the FBI have caught the bank robbers, congratulations. Taking criminals off the street makes us very happy that the streets are safer for all.

Catching Serial Bank Robbers is an important part of our business.  Indiana State, Indianapolis, cities of Carmel, Zionsville and others, nationwide, are having a slew of bank robberies, the dye packs and GPS are helpful, but the CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner goes way beyond those base and fine technologies, we use, Proven Next Event Predictability.

This the same crime analytic technology that we use in our counter-terrorism activity.

Wait a minute!  Is this some sort of movie promo? 

Didn't Tom Cruise do all that in "Minority Reports"?  That was a movie and this is now and yes, we catch the criminals by predicting their next actions.

Police work is always reactionary and if you like, with no fault, a little late, as we are focusing on the event after the fact. CommSmart Global Group has first class Crime Analytics, Tracking, Calls for Service Data and Next Event Predictability, powered by Accurint Virtual Crime Center.

Allowing an agency to utilize proven a proprietary technology to collect the data, analyze using algorithmic sequences, we save the excessive use of time and resources, thus now being proactive in the capture of criminals, allowing the police department to police.

We are in over 800 agencies globally.  Exclusive DOD (Department of Defense) Single Source Contractors in Afghanistan and saving thousands of lives in a terroristic landscape.  This same technology, in fact, is used in your local Big Box Retail Outlet on Retail Theft Analysis.

We, from the information, in this case, bank robbery, which can be extracted from just news media stories and police reports, analyzes and predicts the next hit by a serial bank robber or criminal.

We have been doing this since 1998. Our overall employees are law enforcement with analytic overtones and importantly street smart attributes. Our leadership is not sitting in ivory towers, they too, work the streets for the cause.  Changing the vista and removing the criminal blight that is at epidemic proportions. 

We are a full circle solution, why a circle? 
  • Because a square has 4 ends 
  • A triangle has 3 ends 
  • A line has two ends 
  • But a circle has no end!

We are a circle of fire and those that break the law will be burned in the end!

From the digital collection of data from street level, the analytics, and next event predictability, to rejuvenating communities with the Pied Piper Project and final, assisting municipalities in the usage of the information economically.  Yes, a full circle of services that serve the citizens to the fullest extent. I can allow you to see a couple of graphics from our presentation on the "Bearded Bandit" who we caught in Arizona.  

This is just simple sample of a complex technology that police can use with minimum training.

Available data gathered in this case, via the news media only!

Predicted one of four locations, date variances of two days.  he struck, law enforce was not prepared, as they did not believe we could do this, understandably, when you first hear it, it sounds far-fetched.

Now we had the attention with the next robbery, we predicted just two locations and not even in the same original area, this was a robber who was crossing seven jurisdictions.  They caught him at one of the locations between the dates specified that we predicted.

WE are in the NOW
and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...

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