Sunday, March 12, 2017

Just What Are You Thinking?

Just What Are You Thinking?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group

Can you honestly say that your life, social and business wise, is really on track?

What is leading you and are you sure it is for your best interest? In fact, as a collective nation where the heck are we going and is anyone listening?

Yes, there is a new administration, who are certainly listening.  You though must be active in your own day to day and not rely on others to solve for you.

Think, are we all just winging the daily tasks that are placed in front of us? What happened to all of us in our lifetimes that affects our future? 

Questions and more questions that it seems we deny we have to answer. I thought we all had a learning cycle that we retained the experiences too? 

See, more questions!

Education, knowing right from wrong is the basis of society, but you would never know it. Collectively, we have responsibilities up front and center. It starts with parenting when children have no idea about life and must be taught the basics. From potty training to tying shoelaces, writing cursive to where babies come from.

The real basics of life… What went wrong?


Man and woman have been killing each other since time began. With fists, rocks, club, knife and gun, in fact, anything that will stop the person breathing.

Why? Simply that we cannot get along with each other, as humans it seems socially we are incompatible.

War, both foreign and domestic continues in more places in the world that would care to know about. They say 33 wars are being fought in 32 countries as we speak. This does not include the civil disobedience in your local town.

As I am writing this morning, as I have just witnessed audibly a domestic confrontation of cursing, doors slamming, objects being thrown, not for just a few minutes, but for a good hour or so.

So do you call immediately or give them time to settle their differences?
Every weekend there is proof that any time you can do something that circumvents the law, you are taking the chance of being stopped, questioned or arrested. From pot smoking to celebrity DUI’s, all anti-social events are front page news.

With the cohesive commitment over the last week in Baltimore to hold a city together, people work tirelessly in solving these issues. They listened, complied and came through with a much better attitude. When asked to assist police with information, they came through once more and new communications have been established.

The potential for more incidents of terrorism is right in front of our eyes. Those that hate the Western world, will do anything, in any way, to kill us, inflict harm and terrorize us, they are among us and we must be stringently aware.

Concerns should not just be on this subject, parenting or non-parenting is killing our children. Parents must be parents, not friends, parenting is a stern hold on a child to teach them about life and what they face. Friends play basketball and converse, parents can do that too, but control is needed to build a future for us all.

Neighborhoods are falling apart socially and physically. Sure, rebuilding can and will occur, but do we have time? 

Public safety is a major concern and law enforcement is but part of the picture, it takes everyone to rebuild our social infrastructure, including YOU!

Are you willing to roll your sleeves up and assist in your future? 

CommSmart Global Group is! Our successful Pied Piper Project rejuvenates a neighborhood and rebuilds all aspects of a community. 

Bringing back Trust & Respect to all!

From clearing out the social blight, assisting parents to parent again, give the children a purpose in their future and look at the importance of employment and entrepreneurship.

Stop denying there is a problem, it is time be a person of positive action. 

It is the proactive approach that works and so must you!

WE are in the NOW and
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