Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Internet Attack - This Is Not the Venue to Discuss Cyber Security Solutions!

This Is Not the Venue to Discuss Cyber Security Solutions!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Examples every day of hacks, attacks and so call fixes!

Stop talking and just bloody well do the job of cybersecurity right in the first place!

The hacks are coming like we have never seen before and this is just a test!  

A test to see how we handle the situation and of course, we place all our thoughts and actions on the Internet for the Hackers to see!

Stop discussing in open forums the cyber security issues of the world. 

Having the perfect solution or the workarounds should never see the light of day in a forum, discussion panel or on social media.

Stop assisting the Hacker and Cyber Terrorist attacking you and making their diabolic job easier.

We have all been guilty of voicing opinions, challenging the written solution and downright idiotic comments regarding cyber issues, it must cease NOW!

The Hacker, (Cyber Terrorist), is our enemy and we must stop feeding them our thought patterns and ideas.  They are criminals and cover all information spectrums!

Social media could not be more antisocial in nature, Blogs and comment forums should not contain supposed security solutions.  I know, you are wondering how we can discuss this in public securely, you cannot!

Protection, Privacy, and secretive ploys have no use whatsoever in this day and age.  Silence is the key, but that will never allow for the information to be shared and assist in protecting us all.

The problems are not the computer, software or the programming.  It is YOU, the human element and our natural need in sharing the details.  it is an ego driven phenomenon. 

Shhhh... is a protective signal that is ignored by us all.

It is going to take collective groups of intelligent individuals who are passionate to stop the cyber issues.  Only discussing with TRUSTED individuals, if there is still that sort of person living and breathing today.

Who would have thought this would be so difficult?

As we do in our group of companies, we only discuss cyber issues in a completely secure created environment.  Never outside of the Trusted Circle. We know it is slower, but the results are what we want and need to achieve.

Humans talk too much, have deep opinions, which become more than a disagreement, it becomes deeply argumentative.  

Being a global group of companies we rely on telephone, video conferencing, emails, texts and believe it or not, rarely, but snail mail. All can be snooped on extremely easily and it will surprise you what the cyber terrorist can view on your entire life.

Overall protection is impossible and does not think for one minute others have the answer and can protect you.  They cannot completely!

It is a lifestyle and culture change that has to be enacted and the only person to do that is YOU!

YOU are Your Worst Own Enemy has never been so true.  

Before you think of replying to this Blog, think and think extremely hard on who else will be reading your thoughts, ideas and use them against you.

At long last Europe has moved in the right direction on Privacy Protection and how others must protect your shared data.  

So think about who knows what about YOU, Your Family, Business, and Friendships.  Then think on what you have said to others and how it comes back to you and see the circle of deception regarding communications.

If you are Catholic, does your Priest really keep your confessions secret?

The web does not contain full truth, the lies that have been posted, people who have been smeared and daily information that can be found relatively easily, should never be believed unless verified.

Just some woven thoughts...

copyright 2017