Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Any Given Day, Fear & Scaredness Surface

Any Given Day, 
Fear & Scaredness Surface
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Today and all days forward are not the days of our Great Grand Parents and most of our Grand Parents.  Times have more than changed in this morbid anti-social world.

Waking up and checking the newspaper's obit column to see if you made it through the night, is not a laughing matter.  That is if you can find that column in a newspaper or online.

Fear and Scaredness is not something new.  It is up front and personal in varying degrees in us all.  

Even if we are supposedly far better communicators with the radical inventions:
  • radio
  • telephone
  • over the air television
  • cable and satellite television
  • analog pager
  • facsimile machine
  • personal computer
  • mobile phone
  • social media
  • smartphone 
Then what has happened?

We have declined into a degenerative mire and cesspit of failure to each other! 
As communities, governments and corporately, thinking that no-one else matters!  This "I could careless attitude" is biting us in the ass and killing each other.

Civility, morality and the respect of and for life are gone! 

The expectation of someone dying in a public place or in the neighborhood is out of control.  No one knows whether they will be a target for no apparent reason is now top of the mind.

Law enforcement is not the law enforcement envisaged by our leadership of centuries ago, the Forefathers or leaders of other nations.

Society is built on trust, respect, and believability.  Find it?

This morning, Chicago, Baltimore, Akron, Cleveland, Burlington, North Carolina, Tulsa, New York, San Diego,  and even your city has murder, drugs, trafficking, and this disconnected continuum for life and survival.  

The sun might rise and go down and that maybe the only guarantee you can expect!

There is a group of experienced ex-law enforcement businessmen who are passionate about getting society back on the right track.  Using the well tried and trusted principles, the Nine Peelian Principles when utilized with proven digital policing make the difference.

This is not some concocted marketing plan, it is a reality!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis, Risks Solutions Partner is an international group that has the answers through being Street Smart and know the issues having been there.

Invite them in!  

How Do You Know They Are Not RIGHT? 


YOU Cannot Afford Not To!

Do not let this just be Any Other Day!

This will change the street smart information of a community and enhance officer and public safety.

Yes, this is a Change, a change that is for the betterment of all.

copyright 2017