Friday, March 15, 2013

Thumbs Up Or Down?

So How Social Do You Want To Be?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

I mean, you can get cozy with many people with one Tweet, then on the other hand, you can enrage them beyond committing murder through the Internet connection.  In fact they want to reach out and throttle right through their screen.  Isn’t that nice that we are surround by happy social people.

Twitter and Facebook are excellent social tools when you know how to use the system.  Too Much Information (TMI) Syndrome is prevalent among all users and it is only after something awful happens they realize, said too much and the wrong picture.  If only I had been thinking!

Anti-social behavior is driving criminal problems.  Social media is a part of the conduit with communicating to create public acts of violence that these individuals think is cool and only a prank.  We were only having fun, as they damage store fronts, overturn clothing racks, push young children to the floor, flashing loaded guns and firing shots in malls and thinking nothing of it, as it was all a prank!

Cities are suffering with increased crime, which include murder, violent flash mobs, community street violence and a total loss of respect for each other.

The listening ear reveals much. There is a strain on our society balloon that is being pressured from so many angles it will burst and that loud noise is not what we want to hear.

It is an all hands on deck situation to weather this storm and seek calmer waters, which we all deserve.

Think before you thumb…

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No, No, No, No...

What Do You Do 
When Someone Tells You No?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Life is so funny that it can make you cry.  I think I have said that statement a few hundred times in my life and only yesterday I really thought hard about it, due to phone call.

As a businessman who comes from a family of marketing and management, I have to look at what aspect of business I dislike and most detest. People saying No and saying it through fear of losing what they think should be their original idea.  It is just they never thought of it or by slight changes will be a success.

I have been in this world of business over forty two years and in my early days was aggressive in my development and marketing skills.  Have I mellowed?  Sure, not much, but I have vastly more experience and success today that I ever did.  Was I back then making deals that where risky and on the edge?  Yes, back then we had no new technology to assist us, so to speak.  This was the early 1970’s, when I with partners developed major solutions in both bomb blast protection and counter terrorism techniques.  With a great team, created the Oriel 2000 micro-computer and changed the way of life for accountants, companies and the safety of the world. 

This is where the fanfare comes in and the curtains open and I bow and thank you all with a speech…     Humor… 

We have to laugh and shrug our shoulders at what goes on as the clock turns and the seconds to end, tick by.

As you age, like a fine wine, your characteristics blossom and take over your overall temperament.  The enjoyment of the chase and final capture or gratification becomes a significant delight and when working with a team, the celebration of the fact you succeed in all you stated.  That is the be all and end all of life.

The Rule of Three:

1. Tell the folks what you are going to do

2. Then do it

3. Then tell them that you have done it!

Some never get it and there is no rule four, as there are only three chances in life.

Sadly, those that say no, will never get that chance to understand or participate in it all.  It is not I or the team that is being rejected, it is those that spake the word and opinion of NO, that have lost the opportunity for themselves and those that would have been greatly affected by the success of the project.

It is not about us, you, me and ownership, it is about listening with open ears, minds and seeing the bigger picture in all we do, say and hear.  Get off your high horse and come to a street level and see for yourselves what No really means!

No, to solving community problems, stopping teens killing teens, to teaching Trust, Respect and Pride, to society, is not the road we must be travelling.  Without roads or paths it is difficult to get from A to B, thank goodness the Romans, pure planners, giving us that opportunity find our way.  Why be a road block to success? When you know full well what has happened before and continue to do it the same way today, which is not working and then reject commonsense and assistance? 

Why cut of your nose to spite your face?  Why?

When working in business development or implementing a proven project, even a partnership, or the integration of a far reaching solution, you are always looking to the next step, idea or improvement of someone’s original plan. Thank goodness we don’t see the same picture or solution, it would be boring. 

Edison saw it one way and Tesla saw it another, they worked as a team. Edison was the head of the team and was awarded thousands of patents, others assisted.  It was people listening to each other to resolve the issues.  I think a light bulb just went on!

There is never time to rest. You typically have an API (Application Programming Interface) that is in computer terms.  In general, it is the same for any business minded venture.  You have the means to train, implement and execute for the success.  You need to hand hold the next partner or project to get their integration up, running and a success for all concerned.

This is not to say you can’t enjoy the wins as they come. Yes, enjoy them. But remember with every new deal the expectations get higher, the numbers need to continue to go up, etc.

For all the glamour and sexiness that comes with working on the business side of a project, the reality is that you are only good as your last project and there is very little time to rest and enjoy current success.


This is a big vast world with problems, alone, we cannot do it all, and it is the partnerships that make the difference.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Within the DNA of teens, black, white, Asian, African is the fact they all want to be men and women, now, they emulate the behavior of the adults that distantly surround them. Wrongfully of course, as they are being misled into a den of iniquity.

Behavior? More like social anarchy which is leading them down a path of nothingness and destruction.  These are not role models, heroes or even in good taste.  Mind you, the understanding of social acceptance is so low on their totem pole, it is buried in dirt.

If we are to wind the clock back to the days when children, teens,had respect for their elders for the right reasons, it is going to take more than curfews, restricting places they can visit, such as the malls, cinemas and food joints.  It is going to take much more than the effort that is being thought of today.

Today, we are all being reactionary and that will only incense the so called KiDULTS to puff out their chests and do damage to society the only way they know how. It is the I want it now generation, showing their underdeveloped, untrained, bought muscles, who they think by intimidation, group threats and going to the places only civil people go with their families, is the way they make their mark.  Like a dog urinates on its territory, they show their pathetic manhood which will be removed surgically, precisely without anesthetic in front of us all. 

There is no more time left to soft pedal these dirt bags who believe the lefty liberals will protect their rights of free speech and racial oppression.  Downright violent intimidation has nothing to do with race, color, class or creed, it has all to do with RESPECT of all, which includes, black, brown, white, tan, yellow, pink and even rainbow!

The answer cannot and will not just come from the city public safety department, businesses, mall owners, city councils.  The community has to work together to eradicate the senseless drive of these low life’s. They have to be taught to sing to a different tune and stop that abusive crap rap stuff, which they think is cool and hip. 

Remember what the Pied Piper did, we removed the rats and the story goes, that he was not paid for his work and he removed the children as well.  In this case, the children are being removed by your own hands, by not taking the bull by the horns and enacting discipline in the home, school and saying no more than once in a while and meaning it.

My mother disciplined me, my brothers and sisters harshly and deservedly, we have turned out pretty good.

It is a concerted effort in the circle of life that has to be enacted and not next week, but now!  We might have just sprung forward for Daylight Savings Time, it is now to be Community and Individual Savings Time that is before we have street wars which will lead to more deaths on our streets and filling our morgue. Now that is a good place to take these so called KiDULTS to see the other side of life, DEATH, which is final. 

More Mayors are asking why this is happening and how the streets do not belong to the gang bangers.  Guns don’t kill, people using them does.  Criminals will use anything at hand to inflict hurt, death and pain, in any which way they can and we are going to stop them in their tracks.

Gangs are organizations defined by crime and violence. When gang members habitually visit a mall, that mall is at significant risk for increased crime, hazards to its visitors and highly negative public relations in the local community. Only a community security-led effort will effectively prevent gangs from gaining a foothold at a mall, or deter gangs from continuing to visit if they are already in the habit of doing so. Dealing with gangs takes special skill and first-hand experience.  In fact it starts at home, school and the community in how we are taught and how people recognize the possible problems and are proactive in their efforts.

A partnership between public safety, and an understanding with general management of the malls, focused security and often community groups can and will help deter these unwanted neighbors. Tracometry Group of Companies through the Pied Piper Project’s experience has multiple systems for assessing gang activity, through its crime analytics, tracking, next event predictability, formulating strategies, coordinating with police and enlisting community support.  It is about knowledge and acceptance that in today’s society there are a breed of individuals that know no difference and object to ownership of property and family activities.  Both of which they personally do not have and terrorize others that do.  These individuals are nothing more than Street Terrorists and must be treated as such.

Officers and the community are taught about gang identifiers, the effects of a gang's presence on a shopping center, the use of Gang Profiles and how to monitor individuals suspected of gang involvement while they're on the property. Tracometry Group of Companies works with shopping mall management to develop Code of Conduct policies that prevent the wearing of apparel intended to indicate gang membership or to communicate gang behavior.  Even to the point of security on all entrances and exits monitored during all operating hours.  Police officers completing Field Interrogation Reports with photographs of the individuals, their clothing and tattoos, which is collected and stored on a database for verification purposes.

Gang Identification and Deterrence
One mall was literally surrounded by gang turf. As such, the mall became a central location for gang members to collect and cause trouble. The effect was shoppers stayed away, tenants were unhappy and mall management became frustrated. It is affecting business and everyone’s livelihood. Yes, it is about the money! 

You must first reached out to the community and individuals who are involved and use hard hitting intervention proactively on them. To the local community police for intelligence on the gang community to better understand the landscape. The city transportation system installed an alert to central office of large groups travelling to one location.  Equipped with that insight, the mall management can develop a strategy, process and training procedure aimed at identifying gang members, monitoring their behavior and tactics for engaging the gang members proactively. A key ingredient to the operation included continually liaising and partnering with local community and police, who, will be dealing with the gang members on a local community level.

In this malls case, once the strategy was deployed, gang members were quickly identified and engaged as they entered mall property. This interaction reinforced to them that their activity was being actively monitored and allowed security to quickly intervene should a disruption occur. Ultimately through this strategy, it became less convenient for gang members to interrupt normal mall activity. As such, gang presence was significantly reduced. The outcome; shoppers returned, tenants were happier and mall management was able to improve tenant retention and occupancy.

Importantly at the grassroots change that occurred as well. Education is a priority, Trust, Respect and Pride in the home, employment, start-up local companies in the neighborhood, all are part of the package to deal, solve and introduce solutions to those that want to come out of their hell hole.

The Pied Piper Project makes that difference… at the root, the community, the home and the schools…

Do You Want Change Or Will We See 
Your Teen In The Morgue Next?

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Monday, March 11, 2013


Is He Right?  If So, We Have Work To Do...
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

The Power Of Knowing The Truth
and Fixing It Together... 

Walk Beside Us...

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Am So Forward...

I Just Lost an Hour!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

I was up working, writing a new overview to save the world and noticed it was 1:59 a.m., I just happen to look toward the television and the cable box displayed time caught my eye.  Suddenly, the clock changed to 3:00 a.m.!

I had, for a moment, forgotten the clocks changed and this was weird and a thought rushed through my mind.  What just happened, where did that hour go?  In an instant I was robbed of an hour of my life…

I am the lucky one, I have my life!  People are robbed of many things, money, gold rings, cars, mobile phones and oh, their lives.  Our society is hell bent on doing damage to each other in this, “I want it now” society.  It is their right to take what they feel is theirs, without working for it.  The “entitlement” generation, so to speak.  In some cases they know nothing else.  They grew up this way, it is a passed down lifestyle which is about to cease.  The brakes are being applied and accountability will be the responsibility of all.

This early morning, the clocks changed and sprung forward.  When you arrive at church or the family get together, you might be a little late if you forgot to spring forward and change the clocks.  It is not the only thing that is changing in people’s lives, education, community spirit and concerns have risen to the surface and are being reinvigorated to the point of being achievable and can be a success for all.

It first starts with recognizing and accepting the problems, but for some, they are among the problems and cannot see the wood for the trees.  It has become a daily rigmarole of habitual concerns. Poverty, no money, food, heat or seemingly that no one cares.  Teens due to boredom are lethargic and trying to get work, failing and turning to selling drugs, using a little on the side is common and getting more and more in our daily lives.  The downward spiral that has got to be stopped!

It is sick and I, and others, are tired of it!  In fact more than tired of it, we are working to rid our streets of the problems, improve the education of our children and teenagers, bringing back Trust, Respect and Pride into the neighborhoods so we can rebuild the community to what life should and deservedly be.  

It is not too late if we act NOW!

Remember when children went to school in their own neighborhoods by walking or riding their bikes, taking only minutes to get to school and home again?  As kids ourselves, we were so much better-off in own environments.  Educated, playing, working and living with friends.  Building those relationships without the traveling hassle of having to leave home nearly before dawn to get to school, getting home after sitting on a bus among people who you really have no relationship with you, except the same traffic jams and delays to contend with.

They say “home is where the heart is” and the more time spent in the community builds ties, connections and harmony.  That is why the Pied Piper Project encompasses schooling (education) improvements, ridding the neighborhood of the crime and criminals with use of the laws already on the books, changing attitudes of tenants and landlords, encouraging commerce to return and even have start-up businesses for the youth to work in and even own. 

Not a lot to ask for, I was once told that you work with 
the Rule of Three (3):

1) Tell the Folks What You Are About To Do

2) Then Do It!

3) Then Tell Them You Have Done It!

We need your help to implement HELP!  

It is that simple and straight forward.  The Tracometry Group of Companies has the full circle of services, options and solutions to nip these age old, ignored, problems in the bud.

It takes our following items:

  • Digital Data Collection from the streets and neighborhoods
  • Crime analytics, including tracking, calls for service data, next event predictability
  • Pied Piper Project, changing neighborhoods, bringing back Trust, Respect and Pride. Retraining and introducing a cohesive plan for the residents, public safety departments and commerce
  • recoupeit, reuniting revenues. Collecting the monies owed to municipalities and allowing to pay for services without increased taxation

So, the lost hour was not that bad was it? 

We have the opportunity to spend the rest of lives wisely. 

Join us…
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