Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No, No, No, No...

What Do You Do 
When Someone Tells You No?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Life is so funny that it can make you cry.  I think I have said that statement a few hundred times in my life and only yesterday I really thought hard about it, due to phone call.

As a businessman who comes from a family of marketing and management, I have to look at what aspect of business I dislike and most detest. People saying No and saying it through fear of losing what they think should be their original idea.  It is just they never thought of it or by slight changes will be a success.

I have been in this world of business over forty two years and in my early days was aggressive in my development and marketing skills.  Have I mellowed?  Sure, not much, but I have vastly more experience and success today that I ever did.  Was I back then making deals that where risky and on the edge?  Yes, back then we had no new technology to assist us, so to speak.  This was the early 1970’s, when I with partners developed major solutions in both bomb blast protection and counter terrorism techniques.  With a great team, created the Oriel 2000 micro-computer and changed the way of life for accountants, companies and the safety of the world. 

This is where the fanfare comes in and the curtains open and I bow and thank you all with a speech…     Humor… 

We have to laugh and shrug our shoulders at what goes on as the clock turns and the seconds to end, tick by.

As you age, like a fine wine, your characteristics blossom and take over your overall temperament.  The enjoyment of the chase and final capture or gratification becomes a significant delight and when working with a team, the celebration of the fact you succeed in all you stated.  That is the be all and end all of life.

The Rule of Three:

1. Tell the folks what you are going to do

2. Then do it

3. Then tell them that you have done it!

Some never get it and there is no rule four, as there are only three chances in life.

Sadly, those that say no, will never get that chance to understand or participate in it all.  It is not I or the team that is being rejected, it is those that spake the word and opinion of NO, that have lost the opportunity for themselves and those that would have been greatly affected by the success of the project.

It is not about us, you, me and ownership, it is about listening with open ears, minds and seeing the bigger picture in all we do, say and hear.  Get off your high horse and come to a street level and see for yourselves what No really means!

No, to solving community problems, stopping teens killing teens, to teaching Trust, Respect and Pride, to society, is not the road we must be travelling.  Without roads or paths it is difficult to get from A to B, thank goodness the Romans, pure planners, giving us that opportunity find our way.  Why be a road block to success? When you know full well what has happened before and continue to do it the same way today, which is not working and then reject commonsense and assistance? 

Why cut of your nose to spite your face?  Why?

When working in business development or implementing a proven project, even a partnership, or the integration of a far reaching solution, you are always looking to the next step, idea or improvement of someone’s original plan. Thank goodness we don’t see the same picture or solution, it would be boring. 

Edison saw it one way and Tesla saw it another, they worked as a team. Edison was the head of the team and was awarded thousands of patents, others assisted.  It was people listening to each other to resolve the issues.  I think a light bulb just went on!

There is never time to rest. You typically have an API (Application Programming Interface) that is in computer terms.  In general, it is the same for any business minded venture.  You have the means to train, implement and execute for the success.  You need to hand hold the next partner or project to get their integration up, running and a success for all concerned.

This is not to say you can’t enjoy the wins as they come. Yes, enjoy them. But remember with every new deal the expectations get higher, the numbers need to continue to go up, etc.

For all the glamour and sexiness that comes with working on the business side of a project, the reality is that you are only good as your last project and there is very little time to rest and enjoy current success.


This is a big vast world with problems, alone, we cannot do it all, and it is the partnerships that make the difference.

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