Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Am So Forward...

I Just Lost an Hour!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

I was up working, writing a new overview to save the world and noticed it was 1:59 a.m., I just happen to look toward the television and the cable box displayed time caught my eye.  Suddenly, the clock changed to 3:00 a.m.!

I had, for a moment, forgotten the clocks changed and this was weird and a thought rushed through my mind.  What just happened, where did that hour go?  In an instant I was robbed of an hour of my life…

I am the lucky one, I have my life!  People are robbed of many things, money, gold rings, cars, mobile phones and oh, their lives.  Our society is hell bent on doing damage to each other in this, “I want it now” society.  It is their right to take what they feel is theirs, without working for it.  The “entitlement” generation, so to speak.  In some cases they know nothing else.  They grew up this way, it is a passed down lifestyle which is about to cease.  The brakes are being applied and accountability will be the responsibility of all.

This early morning, the clocks changed and sprung forward.  When you arrive at church or the family get together, you might be a little late if you forgot to spring forward and change the clocks.  It is not the only thing that is changing in people’s lives, education, community spirit and concerns have risen to the surface and are being reinvigorated to the point of being achievable and can be a success for all.

It first starts with recognizing and accepting the problems, but for some, they are among the problems and cannot see the wood for the trees.  It has become a daily rigmarole of habitual concerns. Poverty, no money, food, heat or seemingly that no one cares.  Teens due to boredom are lethargic and trying to get work, failing and turning to selling drugs, using a little on the side is common and getting more and more in our daily lives.  The downward spiral that has got to be stopped!

It is sick and I, and others, are tired of it!  In fact more than tired of it, we are working to rid our streets of the problems, improve the education of our children and teenagers, bringing back Trust, Respect and Pride into the neighborhoods so we can rebuild the community to what life should and deservedly be.  

It is not too late if we act NOW!

Remember when children went to school in their own neighborhoods by walking or riding their bikes, taking only minutes to get to school and home again?  As kids ourselves, we were so much better-off in own environments.  Educated, playing, working and living with friends.  Building those relationships without the traveling hassle of having to leave home nearly before dawn to get to school, getting home after sitting on a bus among people who you really have no relationship with you, except the same traffic jams and delays to contend with.

They say “home is where the heart is” and the more time spent in the community builds ties, connections and harmony.  That is why the Pied Piper Project encompasses schooling (education) improvements, ridding the neighborhood of the crime and criminals with use of the laws already on the books, changing attitudes of tenants and landlords, encouraging commerce to return and even have start-up businesses for the youth to work in and even own. 

Not a lot to ask for, I was once told that you work with 
the Rule of Three (3):

1) Tell the Folks What You Are About To Do

2) Then Do It!

3) Then Tell Them You Have Done It!

We need your help to implement HELP!  

It is that simple and straight forward.  The Tracometry Group of Companies has the full circle of services, options and solutions to nip these age old, ignored, problems in the bud.

It takes our following items:

  • Digital Data Collection from the streets and neighborhoods
  • Crime analytics, including tracking, calls for service data, next event predictability
  • Pied Piper Project, changing neighborhoods, bringing back Trust, Respect and Pride. Retraining and introducing a cohesive plan for the residents, public safety departments and commerce
  • recoupeit, reuniting revenues. Collecting the monies owed to municipalities and allowing to pay for services without increased taxation

So, the lost hour was not that bad was it? 

We have the opportunity to spend the rest of lives wisely. 

Join us…
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